This episode starts off with Midori waking in tears from having a dream about how badly her mother treated her when she found out about Midori’s powers. Then at school the class has to decide what they’ll do for their school festival, after the votes are taken, running a cafe and a haunted house end up tied, so the class president casts his vote for running a haunted cafe.



        So, for the rest of the day the kids spend time making things and preparing the classroom for the haunted cafe. After School, Ran invites Midori and Rui to have dinner with her family, Midori is really happy since she can help Rin with the cooking.



         After sharing a nice meal together everyone sits down for some coffee and Ran’s mother and father share their experiences of a school festival from twenty years ago. Ran’s mother became separated from her friends and she wandered into the pickle research club where she meet Ran’s father for the first time, and it was love at first sight. They then tell how they were married and how happy they were when Rin and Ran were born, this embarrasses Rin and Ran, Midori seems to enjoy watching Rin and Ran’s reaction but it also makes her a little sad.




          As Ran’s parents talk about more happy family memories Midori asks them how would they feel if they found out that one of their children was completely different from normal people, would they still call them precious? Ran’s father asks Midori what she’s means by different, and he tells her that it would be worrying. After hearing this, Midori thanks them for the meal and she gets up and leaves abruptly.


         Back at her apartment Midori is still upset about her bad dreams and Ran’s parents reaction to her question. At the start of the school festival Midori’s classmates vote to have her wear a Medusa costume for the haunted cafe. The kids look really cute in their haunted cafe costumes and they seem to be having a good time running the cafe. Later, Rin shows up and he tells Midori how cute she looks then she takes him to a table and waits on him. The cafe turns out to be a big success because of all the guys that are drawn inside to see the beautiful Midori.





           later that day Ran’s parents show up to see the cafe and they tell Ran and Midori how cute they both look. Then Ran and Midori are forced to use their powers in front of Ran’s parents to save a mother and child from serious injury. After the Cafe closes, Ran’s parents tells the girls that even if their children were different the would still care for them, because Ran is still Ran, and Midori is still Midori.



         At the festival’s closing ceremony it’s announced that the haunted cafe won the contest by getting the most customers, and that Midori was voted MVP for her Medusa costume. Back at home, Midori gets a letter from home and it causes her to place a phone call to her mother. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, while this episode features a school festival it was really about Midori’s feeling towards her mother and the differences between her family and Ran’s family. As we have seen in previous episodes Midori’s mother rejected her from an early age while Ran gets along with her family, but Ran’s parents don’t know about Ran’s telepathic abilities. Midori leaves Ran’s house in frustration when she hears Ran’s parents answer to the different question, but I don’t think that it was a fair question she asked them. Different could have meant anything; disabled, chronic illness, mentally disturbed, perversion, or anything else under the sun. So, I felt that Ran’s father’s response of I would be concerned was pretty reasonable with their lack of knowledge about what her “being different” question meant.

       What I really liked about this episode was how Ran’s parents found out about Midori’s and Ran’s powers, too often in anime series do the kids have tremendous powers that they use all the time but no one ever finds out. I also liked how her parents reacted to discovering that the girls had special powers, they tell the girls that it doesn’t matter, you are still are who you are (they probably thought, thank god at least their not pregnant).

          Now, this brings me to what separates this series from most current anime in a good way. Most current anime uses the idea/plot-line of a dysfunctional/absent family to make possible all the crazy stuff that occurs in most series; kids living alone, dead parents, MILF mothers, lolicon dads, big brother complexes, little sister complexes. Telepathy Shojo Ran uses none of these tropes, while the story might be a little less interesting because of this it feels a little more real and honest. As this series nears it’s end I look forward to seeing if Midori will come to some understanding with her mother, and I look forward to how the Ran/Rui and Midori/Rin pairings will work out. Overall, this is a nice series featuring nice kids having interesting adventures while experiencing the process of growing up and learning about life.