Winter has come to the campus and Christmas vacation is fast approaching, Judy and Sallie have been invited to a party at Julia’s house in New York. Sallie worries about whether her custom dress will be nice enough for the New York elite, and Judy worries about whether John Smith will let her attend the party or he will force her to stay at the school. Julia tells Sallie and Judy not to worry, and that her guardian will let her attend the party and besides Jervis will be attending the party.


       Judy’s worries are soon dispelled when she gets a package from Walter Griggs, it contains a designer dress, a pearl necklace, and other accessories, plus a letter telling her to attend the party and see how polite society functions.


     Once the girls arrive at Julia’s house they quickly change into their dresses and head out to the party, Judy becomes separated from Julia and Sallie while looking for Jervis. She becomes confused and nervous about being separated from her friends and about being surrounded by strangers. Later, Julia’s mother sets up a situation where Judy will be embarrassed in front of the whole party while she tries to explain her family situation. But, Jervis shows up at the last minute and takes the attention away from Judy, Jervis and Judy try to talk outside but he’s drawn away from her by his brother in law (Julia’s dad).



       Later, some of the women at the party corner Judy and they ask her about her background and Judy quickly excuses herself. Jervis and Judy finally run into each other again, so Jervis takes her to the dance floor where they start dancing. Julia’s mother seems shocked to see Jervis and Judy dancing so closely, and soon Jervis is pulled away about a business matter, he tells Judy that he’ll be back soon.


      Once Julia’s mother sees that Judy is alone she tells her that she wants to talk with her about her background. She tells Judy that just having her around Jervis would start rumors about him and his family, like Judy’s is just after his money, plus he really doesn’t love her anyways. She also tells Judy that she had her investigated and she knows about Judy’s pitiful past, so if Judy just goes away she won’t tell anyone about it even her daughter, continue to attend school and graduate, nobody has to know anything.


        The pressure is too much for Judy and her confidence collapses around her, and she thinks that she was silly and stupid for thinking that she could be with Jervis. In tears, Judy flees from the party and Julia’s house. Jervis seeing what happened from a distance runs after Judy but his sister blocks his way, he demands to know what his sister told Judy and she just laughs at him saying that he wishes he knew. Jervis rushes past her to search for Judy but it’s too late, Judy has already left the property in a car heading back to the school. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, as Walter Griggs suggested Judy really learned how “polite society” functions, it seems that Judy got to close to the sun and got burnt. While it was alright for Judy to be friends with Julia, but once her mother found out how close her brother was getting to Judy she decided to act. In the past, Julia’s mother has stated that feelings shouldn’t a factor in relationships, you have to consider the business implications before all else.

       But the real issue is not whether Julia’s mother discovered Judy’s past and will spill the beans or not, but when will Judy finally come to a understanding and acceptance of who she is. Once Judy can come to grips with who she really is than she can let those around her know about it. Then it’s up to them to accept or reject Judy, they will have to weigh and value the Judy they have known for the past three years versus the orphan girl Judy. If they chose to reject Judy’s friendship because of who she was in the past then it’s shame on them for placing more value on where she came from over who she is.