This episode begins with Rin deciding that since Ran has super powers he must also have some hidden power, so he spends most of the day bothering Ran with his attempts to unlock his powers. Rin keeps trying until Ran reminds him that Midori will be watching his next match so he should be practicing Judo or he’ll look like a fool if he loses.



         The next day Ran, Rui, and Midori arrive at Rin’s school to watch is judo match where Midori proceeds to fawn and swoon all over Rin. Rin shows them the inside of the clubroom, then he has to get something from his locker where something that looks like a love letter falls from his locker. Rin reacts with shock at seeing the love letter, Ran tells him that he’s deluded that someone would send him a love letter. But, Rin shows everyone that the letter is addressed to my beloved, when Midori sees this she is sent into a state of shock.



        Ran tries to get Rin to read the contents of the letter before the match but he refuses saying that he’ll read it later in private, Midori becomes very worried about not being able to keep Rin for herself. As the matches are about to begin Ran notices that Rin might be in trouble because he’s so spaced out about getting the love letter. So as the judo matches progress the two teams end up tied at 2-2 with everything to be decided in a captain’s match with Rin representing his team as captain facing the other team’s captain.


        As Rin’s match is about to begin Ran is very nervous and Midori does a cheer leading act to motivate Rin’s fighting spirit. As the match begins, Rin is still goofy and almost loses the match on the first pass but he recovers his senses and manages to beat the other captain on the next pass. After the match Rin, Rui, and Midori go the locker room to meet Rin and all his teammates think that Ran and Midori are really cute. As Rin is getting his stuff from his locker he finds that someone stole the love letter. Rin is very upset, but Rui says that this is a case that they can investigate.



       So, Rin decides to solve the crime, after first searching everyone else’s bags Rin tries to use his powers to read their minds but that doesn’t work, so he has Midori and Ran do it but they find nothing. Rui then takes over by using logic instead of special powers to solve the mystery. But Rin chimes in saying that since none of his team members stole the letter it has to be either Ran, Rui, or Midori. He says that he can exclude Ran and Rui because why would they steal his love letter, so it has to be Midori. Rin reaches into Midori’s pocket and pulls out the letter, then Midori falls to the floor in tears.



         After being caught Midori has the fantasy of throwing herself off a cliff like the heroines from the mystery and suspense novels. Back at home, Rin finally opens the letter and reads it out loud in front of everyone, but it turns out to Midori’s great satisfaction that the letter was meant for a sumo wrestler instead of Rin. Rin is all depressed, but Midori tells him not to worry she’s here to comfort him. Later, Ran walks into Rin’s room and finds him bummed out, but she tells him to cheer up he has his good points, he’s strong, he’s a good cook, he’s great at judo, even though he’s bad at studying and bad with girls. Rin’s asks Ran if she’s really trying to praise him or what? Well, that’s all for this episode.



       It was really nice seeing a Rin centered episode, after seeing several Ran centered episodes and a two part Rui adventure I guess it had to be Rin or Midori, so I guess that Midori’s up next. Watching a normal family (normal as far as anime families go) operate is pretty nice, Rin and Ran’s playful sibling banter was very amusing, no big brother or little sister attraction complexes here.

     When Rin found the lover letter in his locker and refused to read it I felt that he was going to be disappointed, and that’s exactly what happened. It was pretty funny seeing how giddy he got when he thought that he had gotten his first love letter, and his giddiness almost cost him the judo match.

       But to me, Midori’s situation was even more amusing to watch. I felt pretty bad for Midori when she thought that someone else had captured Rin’s affection before her, but If someone had snatched Rin from her it would have been her own fault. Rin most likely views Midori as a cute friend of his younger sister and he treats her as such, so Midori should have sent him a letter telling him that she likes him and asking him if there’s a possibility he might feel the same way about her, oh well.

        I thank the writers for not introducing any form of a love triangle into the series. The series feels pretty comfortable with the Ran/Rui pairing and the suspense/tension of a possible Midori/Rin pairing, so the introduction of another girl or guy into the mix would probably ruin the light hearted chemistry. The only character development left to do for the last several episodes would be to resolve the family issues remaining between Midori and her mother, I for one look forward to seeing if Midori and her mother can makeup.