December 2008


            This episode starts off with a high school aged (?) boy named Keita waking up in bed and finding his arms have gone numb because his sisters, Riko and Ako decided to use them as pillows.  As soon as Ako wakes up, she takes advantage of Keita’s numb body to give him a good morning kiss, and as she’s leaving Keita’s room she tells her sister Riko to quit faking sleep or Keita will be late for school. As soon as Ako is gone, Riko also takes advantage of Keita’s lack of mobility and she gives him a  good morning kiss plus some extra morning stimulation.


How Ako says good morning.



How Riko says good morning.


         Once the whole family is together for breakfast we find out that Ako, and Riko are really Keita’s step-sisters. Keita’s father remarried and Keita got a step-mother and two smoking hot twin step-sisters in the bargain, Riko and Ako are both open about their antics with Keita and his father is OK with it as long as his studies don’t slip. We also find out that Keita is in his last year of junior high school, and he has to choose between studying to take a test to enter the same school that his sisters attend or entering another high school without testing because he can get an athletic recommendation, and he’s decided much to his sisters’ chagrin to take the easy path.


        When Keita gets to school he finds out that all his buddies are going to apply to the same school that his sisters attend, and his friends call him lazy and unmotivated for taking a recommendation. Later that night Riko comes over to Keita and lets him have a panty shot and he tells her not to do that in public and she says it’s only for him to see. Soon Ako runs Riko off and before Keita can leave for his room she also gives Keita a panty flash. On his way to his room, Keita speculates that he’s just a toy to his step-sisters and that the only reason they are doing this is so one won’t lose to the other.

we-want-your-sisterstake-a-look keita-says-wtf1

        The next morning Ako tries to make a bento for Keita and Riko also shows up trying to do the same thing then Ako notices that Riko is wearing Keita’s shorts, and soon both girls end brawling over the shorts. Keita soon walks in on the sisterly brawl, and Keita walks off as Ako strips the shorts off her sister. The girls then find out form their mother and father that Keita went to school without eating breakfast so they both show up at his school to bringing him bento. Soon his sisters draw a crowd of boys fawning over them, and Keita gets very embarrassed by his sisters’ actions, and he yells at his sisters telling them to stop playing games with him, and he also tells them to stop making a fool out of him. Ako and Riko leave the classroom, but they soon return and apologise to him before finally leaving.



        After the sisters leave, Keita is soon bombarded by gossip from the girls in his class about incest and so forth. He goes off on them telling all the girls that he’s not related to his sisters by blood, and nobody should care is he fucks them. Keita leaves the classroom and catches up with his sisters and apologizes to them for being so harsh with them. But his sisters tell him that they only acted that way because they were just lonely because he’s going to attend a school so far away from them. So, Keita tells them that he’ll forget the recommendation and study for admission to their school. In a fit of joy the sisters attack him in the hallway and cause quite a commotion with their hentai actions, and as Keita is laying on the floor watching his sisters fight, his feeling towards them seems to change form annoyance to affection. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.





      Well, after reading a couple of chapters of the Kiss x Sis manga series I’ve decided review the Kiss x Sis OAV. First let me start off by saying that since this is a OAV release I thought that normal anime TV content rules wouldn’t apply so I thought that the fanservice would be much higher than normal. But to my surprise, other than the two incidents of “morning wood”, the fanservice was a lot lower than I thought it would be, many current TV anime series have a greater level of fanservice than this OAV did. I really don’t mind fanservice in anime as long as it makes sense in the context of the story and it makes sense to be there (unlike in the H2O series where a girl falls on top of a blind guy with her panty’s in his face).

       Overall, I found Kiss x Sis to be pretty standard fare for this genre. Generally, in the sis-con or brother-con genre, the stories in this genre usually has the out that the brothers and sisters are really not related by blood so they avoid the incest taboo (a true incest anime/manga would be Koikaze or Angel Sanctuary). Even in a true hentai anime series such as Cream Lemon where  Hiroshi, and sister, Ami actually have sex it’s later found out that they are not really related by blood, but it’s still pretty creepy since they grew up together defying the Westermark Effect. Where Kiss x Sis differs from the norm is that the sisters are older than the brother (it’s usually the reverse), and that the sisters are open to their parents about their “affections” towards their brother. What’s also pretty unrealistic that the father would tell his son that it’s OK to “hook up” with his “sisters” because they’re still girls after all.

       So, if your interested in a unrealistic but funny sexual tension farce geared towards high school aged guys then go ahead and watch this OAV series and get a good laugh out of it, because it’s really pretty harmless. But, if your looking for something much more serious dealing with the consequences of a brother sister relationship then watch Koikaze, and if your looking for something in the hentai genre (only for those older than 18) then watch the Ami episodes from the Cream Lemon series if you can find them.


         This episode begins with Candy waking up after spending her first night at the Leagan’s house, she goes to the kitchen and finds that the servants are now her friends because she gave Neil and Eliza hell the other day. Later, Candy tries to be nice to Eliza but it seems to have no effect on her. Neil and Eliza end up getting Candy in trouble again, and Candy is told that she is to do nothing but be Eliza’s playmate.


       Neil and Eliza also cause Kurin to get in trouble, and Candy is told to get rid of Kurin right now. Candy takes Kurin outside and tells him to head back to Pony Home but Kurin doesn’t want to leave Candy alone, so Candy is forced to tie Kurin up, and she hopes that Kurin will head back to Pony Home after he frees himself.  But Candy can’t leave Kurin behind, so she hides Kurin inside the horse barn and tells him to come to her room once it gets dark.



        later, Dorothy brings Candy a letter from Pony Home, and Candy rushes outside to read her letter. Kurin leaves the barn to follow Candy and gets spotted by Neil and Eliza, but Neil tells Eliza that they can use that info against her later. The envelope contains letters from Sister Lane, Sister Pony, and John. They all wish Candy the best, and John tells Candy to come back home if anything bad happens, this triggers memories inside Candy of all the good times she had at Pony Home.


        Neil and Eliza follow Candy and when she’s lost in thought they take her letters and grab her locket, Neil threatens to toss it into the lake. Neil wants Candy to get on her knees and beg for forgiveness, and he wants her to also swear to obey everything that they say. Candy can’t take it any longer and she attacks Neil taking her charm back from him. Candy rushes off into the woods swearing that she’ll never return to that horrible place.


        When Candy is on the ground crying, she hears a voice telling her to stop crying, and when Candy looks up she sees a young boy that looks like her prince. Once Candy stops crying the boy tells her she really is cute when she smiles, and when Candy finishes wiping the tears from her eyes she finds the boy has disappeared. As Candy is looking for the boy she sees a gate in front of her that has a emblem on it that looks just like the locket that her prince gave to her. Candy then vows to not cry again, and that she’ll be much stronger than before.



         When Candy returns to the house she finds Neil and Eliza hoping that she went back to Pony Home, and when they think that Candy’s not listening they vow to drive Candy out of their house. Back in her room Candy vows to be ready for any trouble that Neil and Eliza will cause her, and she also hopes to meet her prince again, could he be the boy from earlier in the day? Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve covered a episode of Candy, so after finishing up Daddy Long Legs I’ll be getting back to Candy Candy.

       First of all, let me just give Candy one bit of advice, “get the hell out of that house as quickly as possible” , it’s only going to be a source of unhappiness and painful memories.

      OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest, on to the episode review. In this episode Candy tries to become a member of the Leagan household, and she even tries to be nice to Eliza. Since both Neil and Eliza are both spoiled brats they try to make Candy’s life so miserable that she’ll leave of her of her own accord. But, Candy’s got such a tough never quit attitude that she’ll end up taking abuse that no one else would.

         After Candy’s horrific run in with Neil and Eliza she ends up meeting a boy that has a close resemblance to her “prince on the hill”. I think that up until that point Candy might have just returned to Pony Home where she was well loved, but because the boy looks like her prince she’ll end up staying with the Leagan’s to only take more abuse.

         But what I really love about Candy Candy is that it’s classic shojo melodrama of the highest order. Candy is the perfect shojo heroine, full of love and kindness, she cares more about others than she cares about herself, and when people attack her it only makes them look more ugly. When you watch Candy’s reactions to adversity you’ll notice that her character type is the model for many of the heroines of current shojo anime.


        This OAV starts off in the year 19 of a new era with a thirteen year old girl named Arumi traveling by space shuttle to a space station (Pink Corral), when the space station comes under attack from an unknown force, and the attack destroys the space station and the shuttle, ejecting Arumi into space. Arumi does not die because she is an adapter (a special child born with the ability to repel physical contact and the environment) she floats in space thinking about how her abilities have keep her from touching family and friends.



        While Arumi is floating in space, a ground crew starts organizing a rescue mission to look for survivors, while the adapters can’t be killed by physical damage they can still die from lack of air eventually. Just when Arumi thinks that she’ll bounce around forever she she comes in contact with an object that she doesn’t bounce off of, she floats inside the object an encounters a girl that she sort of passes through without being repelled. Inside the object she’s told by a computer/bunny that she’s a very special adapter and that she has a repulsion allergy. Arumi finds out that the computer/bunny is called UKATAN 09023 and that they are inside a medical recovery capsule, and just as Arumi is about to start talking to the girl, the recovery capsule is attacked by an enemy ship.



        It turns out that the UFOs aren’t attacking the capsule but retrieving the debris from the destroyed space station and taking it back to a giant satellite constructed out of garbage. The other girl tells Arumi that she’s scared, and at that very moment the Earth based group sends a rescue squad after the survivors of the attack. The rescue squad arrives just in time to stop the capsule from being destroyed but in turn the rescue squad is destroyed trying to get the capsule off the satellite. After a pitched battle another girl (also an adapter) ends up in the capsule with the two other girls. Arumi finds out in a most unusual way that she can have physical contact with this girl.


        Just as many missiles approach the capsule Arumi under goes a transformation into some weird version of a space magical girl, many missile are fired at her but they are all repelled back at the attackers destroying them. It turns out that a custom spacesuit was constructed from Arumi’s DNA/powers, and just as everyone thinks that the battle is over a giant mother ship shows up and begins attacking Arumi. Arumi is constantly bombarded with attacks, even though the attacks are repelled back at the enemy the enemy uses reflectors to send the power back at Arumi. As she is under continuous attack, she thinks back to all the things that have happened to her, her mother was killed giving birth to her, she never could touch her grandmother and now she dead, and she never could do anything about the situation.




             After a while, Arumi calls on her other self to come to her aid, she asks her other self to do something that she only can do. Arumi’s spacesuit transforms again and begins to repel all the attack directed towards her, and soon she begins to overwhelm the attacking force. After Arumi destroys the mother ship she returns to the capsule to learn that it has been damaged and that their air supple is nearly zero, and without a air supple they’ll soon die. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.



         This is a hard anime for me to review because it seems that some knowledge of the manga series is necessary to fully enjoy or understand the story. Star Ocean is based on a manga series of the same name but since the manga only got a OAV release and not a full series release, generally OAVs are targeted at the hardcore fans of the manga. So, many of the plot points that were just very briefly covered in the first OAV release would be known to the fans who brought this OAV, but I’ll give it a shot anyways.

          The first OAV of Star Ocean was a mildly interesting entry in the genre of science fiction anime. Many questions the viewers might have had about the story are not covered or very weakly covered such as; why did the sun started acting up in the first place, if Arumi repels everything how is she able to eat or wear clothes, who are the aliens attacking the Earth and what do they want, and how did a spacesuit get made from Arumi’s DNA without her knowing it, and many other minor questions?

        But the one saving grace to this show was that the adapters (Arumi, and the other girl) triggered a moe reaction in me. Poor Arumi, the girl who’s mother died giving birth to her, and who could never touch anyone,  I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be alright. As the last two OAVs are released I hope the writers spend more time on plot and story because just having a moe feeling for the main character won’t be enough to carry the show.


        This episode begins with Ran, Rui, and Midori selecting book from  the school’s library with Midori complaining about have to carry Ran’s mother’s reference material, but Ran reminds poor “fragile” Midori of the time she battled a bull and won, so quit complaining. Just as they are getting ready to leave the library and head home to Rin’s cooking (Midori’s strength is renewed) Ran hears a telepathic voice and Midori comments about here we go again. So, the group puts back the books and heads off in the direction of Ran’s mysterious voice, and they soon find themselves inside the local records archive. Ran soon leads them to the source of the voice, a Haniwa (a Terracotta clay figure).


       Cultural Note: The Haniwa (terracotta figure) date back to the end of the Yayoi period (500BCE-300CE) but newer dating methods have dated some pottery as much as 500 years older than previously thought. At first the Haniwa were simple in design and got much more elaborate in design as time went on. The Haniwa were thought to have been placed around the perimeter of a burial mound, and it is also thought that the spirit of the dead person would inhabit the Haniwa protecting the buried body from evil spirits and so forth.


       Once Midori seems the Haniwa, she immediately begins to make fun out of Ran saying that Ran has fallen from the voices of people to animals, and now to the level of a Haniwa. As Midori is continuing to make fun out of Ran, the Haniwa speaks to both of the girls asking them to help it fulfill a promise from long ago. The Haniwa tells the girls that it’s name is Wakatakeru and they must help him take the Miko to the promised land so she can become the next queen. The Haniwa tells the girls that they must return him to the promised land so he can find the next queen to end a raging war. Ran wants to get right to it but Midori tells her how are they going to find the right place only knowing that he’s from the Yayoi period (500BCE-300CE) and he needs to be near a large ceder tree?


       Besides, Midori asks Ran if she’s just going to take the Haniwa out of the building? Midori thinks to herself that she could sneak in at night and take the Haniwa, but Rui asks the attendant if they could borrow the Haniwa it for a school project, and she says yes. The next day the group takes the Haniwa to the library to do some research with no luck until Rui says they should visit the site where the Haniwa was dug up. When they get there the Haniwa tells them that he remembered the sounds of waves, so they soon locate a stone tablet near the sea talking about a Miko from the area. The tablet also mentions a large sacred tree but it says that it was cut down long ago. But they still decide to go to the tree’s former location and Ran and Midori get a vision of a very old tree from the past.


       Midori soon gets a bad feeling about the whole thing and soon the group is transported to a battle occurring in the past and one of the arrows from the battle injures Rui’s leg. Midori and Ran then realize that the stuff from the past can injure them and they have to throw up a barrier to protect themselves, the Haniwa reacts to the girl’s use of power. The Haniwa tells the girls to quickly take him to the tree where he transform into his original form, and Ran and Midori have to protect themselves from another attack. During a pause in the battle, Wakatakeru declares himself to the warriors and he tells them that Ran is the Miko and must be crowned the queen. Wakatakeru brings Ran forward and declares her the queen and he asks her to use her powers to end the war. When Ran touches his hand her powers are activated and she transforms into period costume and her power envelop the area. Once Ran’s power fades the group finds themselves on top of the barren hill with the Haniwa back to a normal Haniwa, Midori says that since his promise was fulfilled his job is done.




      Back at home, Rui wonders if Ran might have been related to the Miko from the past, and Midori wonders if their powers where really able to transcend time? Rin’s says that it’s too far in the past and too confusing to say for sure what really happened. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, this was another interesting but standard TSR episode so my review will be really short. This story followed the usual TSR formula, Ran or Midori hears a voice, then the group follows it to the source where someone from the past needs their powers to fix something that has gone wrong or to correct a injustice.

      But, what I find enjoyable about this series is the good natured bickering that always occurs between Ran and Midori, and I like how Midori plays the “fragile pretty flower” card when she’s really as tough as a nail. I also like how Midori always imagines herself as a staring character in movies that exist only in her imagination. See the below pics to see Midori defeating a bull one on one, Midori as a master thief, and Midori as a magic girl.


      Also, maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the Haniwa from this episode closely resemble Gumby? Compare the two pictures below and tell me if there isn’t a near match between the Haniwa and Gumby.



        I would like to wish all the readers of my blog a Merry Christmas, and may you find all the presents that you were hoping for under your tree tonight. Have a safe and loving holiday!



      In keeping with the Christmas tradition nothing seems to say the holidays like hearing Christmas music. So, I have decided to post the link for two Sailor Moon Christmas albums, the first album is Christmas For You, and the second album is Merry Christmas.



01 Akahana no tonakai (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer)

02 Jingle Bells

03 Seija ga machi ni yatte-kuru (When the saints go marching in)

04 Omedetou Christmas (We wish you a merry Christmas)

05 Santa Claus ga yatte-kuru (Here comes Santa Claus)

06 Santa ga machi ni yatte-kuru (Santa Claus is coming to town)

07 White Christmas

08 Christmas no uta (The Christmas song)

09 Ave Maria

10 Kiyoshi kono yoru (Silent night)


01 Sailormoon Christmas

02 Akahana no tonakai (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer)

03 Seija ga machi ni yatte-kuru (When the saints go Marching in)

04 Jingle Bells

05 Christmas no uta (The Christmas song)

06 Arano no hate ni (Angels we have heard on high)

07 Mama ga Santa ni kissu shite (I was mommy kissing Santa Claus)

08 Hoshi ni negai o (When you wish upon a star)

09 Kiyoshi kono yoru (Silent night)

10 Koibito ga Santa Claus

11 Last Christmas


Feel free to click on the below link to download the albums in .ogg format.

Sailor Moon Christmas Albums.


         For my next stocking stuffer I’m including three manga that I consider to be diamonds in the rough. The first manga is Mysterious Girlfriend X, and it’s the story of a boy, a mysterious female transfer student, and some strange saliva. The second manga is My Lovely Ghost Kana, and it’s a sweet slightly naughty romance story about a young man, a haunted apartment, a sexy ghost, and whether the boundaries between life and death can stop the power of love. The third manga is Love Story Killed, and it’s a brutal tale about the price that war extracts from a young soldier and a girl he meets on the battlefield.


Mysterious Girlfriend X by Kotonoha


My Lovely Ghost Kana by Solaris-SVU


Love Story Killed by Snoopycool

Click on this link to download all three manga; give me Christmas manga

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