This episode begins with Ran, Midori, and Rui walking home from school when they encounter an old lady (Tome-san) that almost gets hit by a bicyclist, they go to her aid, but she’s very rough and not very polite. Even though she says she doesn’t need help getting home they decide to follow her to make sure she has no further problems. After a while she leads them to her house (she lives in a hospital) where they find out from a nurse that Tome had snuck up to view rape flowers.


      This information triggers memories of Midori’s grandmother who also spent the end of life in a hospital, Midori would go and visit her all the time. Midori was learning to play a song on her violin for her grandmother. When Midori had finally learned how to play the song she went to the hospital to play it for her, but her mother was there telling Midori’s grandmother that Midori was a monster, when Midori hears this she runs away from the hospital. When Midori finally returns to the hospital her grandmother is dying and she requests to hear Midori play the song before she dies, but Midori keeps her back turned to her grandmother as she dies, it seems that this has been an unresolved issue for Midori ever since that day.


         The next day Ran asks Midori about how she thinks the old lady is doing, and Midori says how should she know? Later, Ran and Rui tell Midori that some club stuff came up at the last minute so she should go to Ran’s house alone and eat with Rin. But, Midori says that she can’t go there alone (idiot, take you chance) so she’ll just heads home. Midori decides to stop at the river to eat when she sees the old lady from the other day, she decides that it’s none of her business but she changes her mind saying that she’s gotten soft hanging around with Ran, so she begins to follow the old lady.


       When Midori catches up with the old lady they start talking, and it seems that Midori and Tome are kind of alike, Tome’s a little bit of a cocky smart ass like Midori. Tome keeps coming to see if the rape blossoms are blooming but Midori tells her that they haven’t bloomed yet. Midori tells the lady that she should get back to the hospital or she won’t get better, but the lady just frowns and sits down besides the river, and Midori decides to join her.


        Midori thinks that the old lady might be getting cold so she places her scarf around the old lady’s neck. When Midori touches the woman she gets a telepathic impression from the woman, the woman had a granddaughter who was like Midori and the old woman rejected her as a freak just like Midori’s mother did. Later, Midori gets an additional impression from the old lady that she regretted her words to her granddaughter. Midori also finds out that the doctors don’t think that the lady will live to the spring.


       Back at home, Midori is conflicted about her feelings for the old lady and her experiences as a child so Midori decides to visit the hospital to see the old lady. Once Midori gets to the hospital she sees the old lady trying to sneak out of the hospital, so she helps the old lady sneak outside and they go to a park bench were the rape flowers bloom. The old lady tells Midori that she hopes that her granddaughter will forgive her for what she did, and Midori tells the old lady about her grandmother. Midori asks the lady why she doesn’t she just go see her granddaughter? But, Midori reveals by accident that she is telepathic, and the old lady tells Midori that it is fate that she runs into someone with the same powers that her granddaughter had at the end of her life.



     As Midori is talking to the old lady she begins to get very ill and she begins to hallucinate that Midori is her granddaughter, she apologises to her for hurting her when she was little and she asks for her forgiveness before she dies. Then the old lady begins to sing a song about the rape flowers and Midori uses her violin to accompany her with music, Midori uses her powers to create a vision of a field of rape blossoms for the lady.



       The next day, Midori tells Ran and Rui about her encounter with the old lady, then Midori tells them that she wishes that she could use her powers to speak with the dead. Rui tells Midori that Ran that she’s spoken to the dead many times, and Midori agrees that Ran has spoken with the dead many times. Ran asks Midori who she wants to speak with, but Midori won’t tell her who, and it pisses Ran off. At the very end of the episode Midori hears the old lady thanking her for the other night. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, the issue of Midori’s relationship with her family has been a matter of speculation for practically the entire series. From the beginning we knew that Midori had issues with trust and secrecy, we had seen from flashbacks that Midori’s family had treated her as a freak and rejected her. This was the reason that Midori had no problems with lying to and using normal people because she had been treated so badly by people who had found out about her telepathic abilities.

       But, in this episode we saw how badly the words of her adult family members hurt her, to be called a freak and a monster at that young age still causes her pain to this very day. Midori’s encounter with the old woman gave both of them the opportunity to heal a little bit from past wounds and past sins. It would be nice to see if Midori and her mother could repair their relationship before the end of the series.

       It was also pretty funny to watch Midori blow her chance with Rin, throughout the whole series it’s been Rin this and Rin that. When Midori was given her chance to eat dinner by herself with Rin she pulled the it’s would be improper for her to go to Ran’s house by herself. Back in the day, I wish someone would have told my friends about that rule, I don’t know how many times my friends had shown up at my house when I wasn’t there to mooch a free meal and to flirt with my sister and her friends.