This episode begins with Naoko watching a TV debate about the consequences of the possible introduction of sex droids, her only comment is that the birthrate will decline even further. Then we see Rikuo and Masaki eating lunch in the time of eve cafe when Nagi tells them that there are other people that they can talk with inside the cafe. Masaki doesn’t care about the people that hangout there, he only wants to know what the deal is with the cafe.



         As Rikuo is scanning the cafe he seems drawn to the breasts of a woman who is hanging out at the there with a man, and immediately Masaki starts ragging on him for checking her out. Nagi comes over and tells them that four hanging out together is more fun than only two, so she calls over the couple that Rikuo was staring at. After an awkward moment of silence the woman introduces her companion (Koji) and herself as Rina. Every time Rina moves, Rikuo’s gaze is drawn to Rina’s sexy features and Masaki keeps having to slapping Rikuo around to keep his eyes to himself.


         After a few minutes, Rikuo notices that Koji has a super new camera phone and he asks to see it and as he’s playing around with it he triggers a holographic wall of pictures to appear. Upon seeing the pictures Rina stands up and asks Koji what this is? As Koji is at a loss for words Rina seems to have a problem with her leg and she excuses herself, Rikuo follows her and watches her as she is checking out her leg. To Rikuo’s surprise he finds out that she is an android and he’s still quite drawn to her sexy features.



         Rina eventually notices that Rikuo is watching her and they start talking, Rina is a protection android and got injured on the job. Rikuo asks her if she’s here at the request of her master, and she says that she her to see Koji. He then asks her if she can get repaired by her manufacturer, she tells him that she can’t have any contact with the manufacturer or else it would cause trouble for her master. She tells him that she’s with Koji because he makes her feel like a human even though she not one, Rikuo tells her she should tell Koji how she feels, but she feels that she should leave things the same. Meanwhile, Masaki is trying to convince Koji that it’s best that humans stay with humans and androids with androids so he should leave his fake lover (Rina), and to Masaki’s surprise he discovers that Koji is a android who has a female for a master and she is also his lover.


        After Masaki and Koji talk a little more, Masaki agrees to keep his knowledge of Koji’s secret from Rina, and once Rina and Rikuo return to the table Rikuo and Masaki excuses themselves leaving the couple to work out their problems. Both Masaki and Koji are shocked to learn that both Rina and Koji are both androids and that neither Rina or Koji know that the other is a android, as they are talking about the android love triangle Nagi comes over and tells them not to meddle too much. Rikuo then tells Masaki that if humans and androids can’t tell the diffrence between each other than they have to be the same and that their love has to be the same.



        When Rikuo arrives home he finds out that his mother and sister stepped out and only Sammy is at home. He notices that Sammy has done something to her hair and he asks her about it, Sammy ask him if he’s not please by it? Rikuo doesn’t answer Sammy because he’s too embarrassed by the thought of whether or not he finds it attractive on her. Well, that’s all for this episode.



        This was an interesting installment of Eve no Jikan but it did feel a little choppy at times to me. Rikuo and Masaki’s encounter with Koji and Rina left more questions unanswered than it answered, Rikuo tried to make the point to Masaki that if the androids and humans can’t tell who is human and who is an android then aren’t they the same?

           I would have to agree with Rikuo’s point, if I was at a cafe and started talking with a cute woman who I was attracted to and I asked her out on a date would my feelings of attraction still be valid if I found out that she was a android later on? I don’t know what my answer would be, and I’ll probably never know because of my age, but if your under 18 you’ll probably live long enough to have to deal with the issue.

        Now to the idea that started this episode off, sex, or the idea of sex between androids and humans. If you thought that the issues of abortion or pornography are controversial in America wait to the issue of real sex droids crops up, I can just see the god fearing masses chanting and protesting in front of the capital asking for a ban on physical relationships between humans and androids, call it “the defense of human relationship act” or some other nonsense.

       I can actually see how humans would benefit and even welcome the possibility of sex with androids, if you had a very lonely person and a sexually attractive android that acts totally human in every way, sex would be a natural progression in a friendship/companionship relationship. But, I fail to see what the android would get out of this type of relationship other than fulfilling a programing rule to satisfy their human owners, unless some programmer manages to be able to write code enabling the android to fall in love and feel pleasure.

         If you think that this is far fetched then you haven’t seen what some of the Japanese love dolls look like, so picture the below doll bodies covering a functioning robot, below are a couple of work safe pictures of the dolls. While they are clearly not good enough to pass as human but think about what they’ll look like 20-30 years from now, click on image to view at full size.