This episode begins with Miss Sloan celebrating the holiday back at the dorm when Judy comes running back home in tears, she won’t tell Miss Sloan anything. Next next morning, Judy gets a phone call from Jervis but she refuses to get out of bed to take the call. When Miss Sloan goes to get Judy she finds her in tears, and Judy begs her to tell Jervis not to call her again. Back in New York, Jervis, Sallie, and Julia are worried about Judy, and Jervis confronts his sister in law about what she said to drive Judy off, she just laughs about it and says that a well brought up lady wouldn’t have run off like that.




       Then Jervis’s sister in law tries to convince him to get together with Cathrine, the banker’s daughter, but he tells his sister to butt out and to mind her own business. Back at school, Judy tries to rationalise the situation by saying that a orphan like her could have never married someone from a family like the Pendletons, Judy tells herself that she has to forget about him and when she thinks about it she’ll pretend that it was just a happy dream.


      The next day, Judy receives a letter from Jervis but she can’t bring herself to read it, and Jervis tries to send Judy another letter but she refuses to read that one also. Then right before the New Years holiday Sallie and Julia return from New York so the can spend their last holiday together with Judy before they graduate. Then Judy receives a wedding invitation from Lock Willow Farm and it asks her to attend the wedding of Amasai and Carrie, but Judy’s afraid to go since she might run into Jervis there, but she soon gets a phone call from Walter Griggs asking her to attend the wedding on behalf of her guardian Mr Smith.



       The girls arrive at Lock Willow Farm by carriage, and along the way Judy resolves to not run from Jervis, she tells herself  that they must talk it over like adults, but she decides that she must not hurt Jervis. Once at the farm, Judy receives a warm welcome from the Semples, and they also give a nice welcome to the other girls. Inside the house the girls get to meet Carrie, and then Judy runs into Jervis but her reaction to him is cool and distant.



          Later, Judy is busy helping Carrie with her wedding dress, and Mrs Semple sends Jervis and her husband out to catch some fish so they can get out of the way of the wedding preparations. As Judy is adjusting Carrie’s wedding dress Carrie tells Judy that she might be wearing one soon, but to Carrie’s dismay Judy tells her that a wedding dress isn’t in the cards anytime soon. After dinner Mr Semple takes Sallie and Julia to another room to talk, and Jervis asks Judy if they can speak alone for a minute.  In the hallway Judy tells Jervis that she’s sorry that she couldn’t return his letters or his phone calls, Jervis then asks Judy if she’ll step outside with him? But Judy tells him that she’ll have a talk with him tomorrow and Jervis agrees that they’ll talk tomorrow.


       Carrie and Amasai wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch, Jervis keeps glancing at Judy during the ceremony trying to get some read on her mood. After the wedding ceremony, Jervis tells Judy that he wants to support her in every way then he asks Judy to marry him and he offers her an engagement ring. Judy asks Jervis why he’s joking with her, and Jervis demands to know if his sister in law said anything to Judy? Jervis tells Judy that he loves her and he asks her if she feels that same way? Judy says that they live in two different worlds and that she couldn’t make him happy and she also wouldn’t be happy, she also tells him that she never loved him and that he can’t be her friend anymore.




        Just after Judy tells Jervis that they can’t be friends anymore a group of wedding guests barge between Jervis and Judy and they knock the ring from Jervis’s hand and it gets trampled into the ground. As Jervis is searching the ground for the ring Judy walks aways leaving Jervis by himself. Later, as Jervis is saying his goodbyes to the Semples, Judy is in tears as she watches Jervis from upstairs because she just might be seeing Jervis for the last time. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, this episode should have been the perfect Cinderella ending to Judy’s story. But, because of Judy’s lack of self confidence and her not properly valuing her own worth she let Jervis’s sister in law poison her thinking. Judy has always been so worried about concealing her orphan past that she never considered the possibility that after spending three with the girls at the school that they would be willing to accept her as a friend even though she comes from a lower class. Judy should have considered  the fact that If her classmates reject her after three years of friendship then they weren’t real friends to begin with.

        Judy also displayed surprisingly little faith in the man she loves, if Jervis truly loves her like he says he does then she should have had faith in the fact that he would still love her even after she reveals that fact that she’s an orphan. So, in the end Judy must come to terms with who she really is to be happy. What is Judy?  Is she just a low class orphan girl, or is she now a properly educated young lady, or is she a combination of both, when Judy can accept and transcend her past she’ll be able to live a full and happy life without being afraid of her ghosts from the past.