This episode begins with Tomoya getting a compliment from Yusuke about his job performance, and Tomoya also looks at some young men walking down the street and comments to himself about how almost everybody he studied with is in college or some other city. Tomoya also tells himself that he’s by himself, but he’s not alone and this is the path he’s chosen for himself.


        Later that night while Tomoya is eating dinner at Nagisa’s house, Akio makes some funny complaints about not seeing his daughter much, and Sanae tells Tomoya that it’s hard letting go of ones child. While Nagisa and Tomoya are walking back to his place he senses that Nagisa wants to ask him something, he asks her if it’s about a new swimsuit and goes on about how he wants his girlfriend to look good at the beach. While Nagisa wouldn’t mind a new swimsuit that’s not what she wants, she asks him if he ever informed his father about his new address or if he’s even seen him since he moved out? Tomoya tells her no, and he says he works everyday and he wants to spend his off time with her. Nagisa asks if someday they can go see him together, Tomoya says yes, someday.



       The next day Tomoya’s boss tells him that he’s considering recommending him for a trainee supervisor position at a friend’s electrical company, Tomoya is shocked at hearing what his salary might be. The boss tells Tomoya to think about it for a while, Yusuke tells Tomoya that he should seriously consider taking the position because he’ll be supporting a family someday. Tomoya asks Yusuke if he was always so serious about life, then he apologises for asking such personal a question. then Yusuke tells him that if he wants to hear a old and long story than listen up.


      So, Yusuke proceeds to tell Tomoya the story of his youth.  How he was good at music but always getting in trouble because no one would tell him to stop until one day a young female teacher told him she liked one of his love songs. When graduation day came everyone laughed at the idea that he could make a living at music, but the women cheered him on. As he was leaving for the city he asks the woman if someday he became a professional musician would she go out with him, and she said yes. Success came very fast, he felt like he was singing to tell everyone to take that, he sang what he wanted spewing words almost like an angry scream. Soon, he had made it to where he wanted to be, he had a CD release and his picture on billboards.  Then one day he had to meet his fans, sick kids, troubled kids, and others that his music affected, people who were suffering, and from that moment on he knew that his music no longer only belonged to him.





      Then he realized that he was not just writing for himself but for thousands of people he had never meet. He had become unable to write anymore because he realized how shallow and unimportant his life had become. So his agency told him to take a six month break, but a person he had meet and influenced committed a terrible crime and he blamed himself for causing the problem. He tried to return to singing but he had lost his way and his lyrics and words stopped making sense, so he began abusing drugs. He committed a crime, and when news of this spread his career was over, so he return to the only place left to him, home.


       When he returned home the only one waiting from him was the woman from before, and upon seeing her he breaks down in tears. He tells Tomoya that he had lost track of what was important to him, he should have sang those love songs that the woman had liked, and he tells Tomoya not to lose track of whats important to him.


       That night Tomoya tells Nagisa about the job offer and that he plans on accepting the offer. The next day Tomoya and Nagisa spend time in the neighborhood by the bread shop, and some of the neighbors compliment Tomoya for spending time with his girlfriend and on how cute Nagisa has become.


       While walking home, Nagisa tells Tomoya that he’s much kinder now, and that he actually smiles when he talks with other people. Once they get back to Tomoya’s place, he gets a phone call from his boss telling him to give a call to an old friend of Tomoya’s father. When Tomoya calls him he finds out that his father has been arrested by the police, and the next day Tomoya finds out from his boss that the news of his father’s arrest has spread and that he won’t be getting the new job.


        Later that night Tomoya asks Nagisa if she wants to leave the city with him because he feels that he’s cursed by his father and he wants to get away. She tells him “no” because that would be like running away and that she wants him to make her happy here. She says that if they where to leave it would have to be on a happy note or they couldn’t return to the city where they were born.


      The next day they go to the police station to see his father and Tomoya goes off because his father won’t say anything to him. Once outside, Tomoya is so angry that he punches a wall, and Nagisa struggles with him to keep him from hurting himself again. She presses him against the wall and as he slumps to the ground his anger has left him. As Nagisa is holding him, Tomoya asks her to marry him, and Nagisa says “yes”. Tomoya is surprised, he asks her if she really would marry someone as pathetic as him, and she says that she’s pathetic too and that together they’ll be stronger. Tomoya tells Nagisa to stay with him forever, and she tells him that she will always be with him. Well, that’s all for this episode.





       Well, there was a hell of a lot of stuff crammed into this episode, earlier in the ~After Story~ I accused the writers of not having enough stuff to fill 26 episodes properly. But, with the last three episodes we are really getting to the meat of this series.

      I think the whole point to this episode is as Yusuke says, don’t forget about what’s important to you. The Yusuke storyline was about losing sight about what’s important in life, he went off to the city to become a professional musician/singer, at first it was for the right reason “to win the heart of a girl”. But, along the way he became arrogant and confused about his importance, and when he fell he fell hard and fast.

      When he tells Tomoya to never forget whats important, he’s giving Tomoya advice that he should have gotten earlier in life. So, when parts of Tomoya’s new life comes crashing down around him because of his father’s indiscretions, he sees whats most important to him. I found the scene outside the police station very touching, Nagisa’s gentle and kind embrace seemed to draw the anger and hatred out of Tomoya like a person sucking the venom out of a snakebite. At that moment he takes Yusuke advice to heart and knows that Nagisa is the most important thing in his life, so when he proposed to her at that moment I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Also, when Nagisa accepted his proposal I wasn’t the least bit shocked, everyone knew it was going to happen, Nagisa’s parents have been preparing to let go for the past several months. The only note of warning was seeing the gathering storm clouds in the background as Nagisa was pledging to stay with Tomoya forever.