This episode begins with Candy waking up after spending her first night at the Leagan’s house, she goes to the kitchen and finds that the servants are now her friends because she gave Neil and Eliza hell the other day. Later, Candy tries to be nice to Eliza but it seems to have no effect on her. Neil and Eliza end up getting Candy in trouble again, and Candy is told that she is to do nothing but be Eliza’s playmate.


       Neil and Eliza also cause Kurin to get in trouble, and Candy is told to get rid of Kurin right now. Candy takes Kurin outside and tells him to head back to Pony Home but Kurin doesn’t want to leave Candy alone, so Candy is forced to tie Kurin up, and she hopes that Kurin will head back to Pony Home after he frees himself.  But Candy can’t leave Kurin behind, so she hides Kurin inside the horse barn and tells him to come to her room once it gets dark.



        later, Dorothy brings Candy a letter from Pony Home, and Candy rushes outside to read her letter. Kurin leaves the barn to follow Candy and gets spotted by Neil and Eliza, but Neil tells Eliza that they can use that info against her later. The envelope contains letters from Sister Lane, Sister Pony, and John. They all wish Candy the best, and John tells Candy to come back home if anything bad happens, this triggers memories inside Candy of all the good times she had at Pony Home.


        Neil and Eliza follow Candy and when she’s lost in thought they take her letters and grab her locket, Neil threatens to toss it into the lake. Neil wants Candy to get on her knees and beg for forgiveness, and he wants her to also swear to obey everything that they say. Candy can’t take it any longer and she attacks Neil taking her charm back from him. Candy rushes off into the woods swearing that she’ll never return to that horrible place.


        When Candy is on the ground crying, she hears a voice telling her to stop crying, and when Candy looks up she sees a young boy that looks like her prince. Once Candy stops crying the boy tells her she really is cute when she smiles, and when Candy finishes wiping the tears from her eyes she finds the boy has disappeared. As Candy is looking for the boy she sees a gate in front of her that has a emblem on it that looks just like the locket that her prince gave to her. Candy then vows to not cry again, and that she’ll be much stronger than before.



         When Candy returns to the house she finds Neil and Eliza hoping that she went back to Pony Home, and when they think that Candy’s not listening they vow to drive Candy out of their house. Back in her room Candy vows to be ready for any trouble that Neil and Eliza will cause her, and she also hopes to meet her prince again, could he be the boy from earlier in the day? Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve covered a episode of Candy, so after finishing up Daddy Long Legs I’ll be getting back to Candy Candy.

       First of all, let me just give Candy one bit of advice, “get the hell out of that house as quickly as possible” , it’s only going to be a source of unhappiness and painful memories.

      OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest, on to the episode review. In this episode Candy tries to become a member of the Leagan household, and she even tries to be nice to Eliza. Since both Neil and Eliza are both spoiled brats they try to make Candy’s life so miserable that she’ll leave of her of her own accord. But, Candy’s got such a tough never quit attitude that she’ll end up taking abuse that no one else would.

         After Candy’s horrific run in with Neil and Eliza she ends up meeting a boy that has a close resemblance to her “prince on the hill”. I think that up until that point Candy might have just returned to Pony Home where she was well loved, but because the boy looks like her prince she’ll end up staying with the Leagan’s to only take more abuse.

         But what I really love about Candy Candy is that it’s classic shojo melodrama of the highest order. Candy is the perfect shojo heroine, full of love and kindness, she cares more about others than she cares about herself, and when people attack her it only makes them look more ugly. When you watch Candy’s reactions to adversity you’ll notice that her character type is the model for many of the heroines of current shojo anime.