This episode starts off with a high school aged (?) boy named Keita waking up in bed and finding his arms have gone numb because his sisters, Riko and Ako decided to use them as pillows.  As soon as Ako wakes up, she takes advantage of Keita’s numb body to give him a good morning kiss, and as she’s leaving Keita’s room she tells her sister Riko to quit faking sleep or Keita will be late for school. As soon as Ako is gone, Riko also takes advantage of Keita’s lack of mobility and she gives him a  good morning kiss plus some extra morning stimulation.


How Ako says good morning.



How Riko says good morning.


         Once the whole family is together for breakfast we find out that Ako, and Riko are really Keita’s step-sisters. Keita’s father remarried and Keita got a step-mother and two smoking hot twin step-sisters in the bargain, Riko and Ako are both open about their antics with Keita and his father is OK with it as long as his studies don’t slip. We also find out that Keita is in his last year of junior high school, and he has to choose between studying to take a test to enter the same school that his sisters attend or entering another high school without testing because he can get an athletic recommendation, and he’s decided much to his sisters’ chagrin to take the easy path.


        When Keita gets to school he finds out that all his buddies are going to apply to the same school that his sisters attend, and his friends call him lazy and unmotivated for taking a recommendation. Later that night Riko comes over to Keita and lets him have a panty shot and he tells her not to do that in public and she says it’s only for him to see. Soon Ako runs Riko off and before Keita can leave for his room she also gives Keita a panty flash. On his way to his room, Keita speculates that he’s just a toy to his step-sisters and that the only reason they are doing this is so one won’t lose to the other.

we-want-your-sisterstake-a-look keita-says-wtf1

        The next morning Ako tries to make a bento for Keita and Riko also shows up trying to do the same thing then Ako notices that Riko is wearing Keita’s shorts, and soon both girls end brawling over the shorts. Keita soon walks in on the sisterly brawl, and Keita walks off as Ako strips the shorts off her sister. The girls then find out form their mother and father that Keita went to school without eating breakfast so they both show up at his school to bringing him bento. Soon his sisters draw a crowd of boys fawning over them, and Keita gets very embarrassed by his sisters’ actions, and he yells at his sisters telling them to stop playing games with him, and he also tells them to stop making a fool out of him. Ako and Riko leave the classroom, but they soon return and apologise to him before finally leaving.



        After the sisters leave, Keita is soon bombarded by gossip from the girls in his class about incest and so forth. He goes off on them telling all the girls that he’s not related to his sisters by blood, and nobody should care is he fucks them. Keita leaves the classroom and catches up with his sisters and apologizes to them for being so harsh with them. But his sisters tell him that they only acted that way because they were just lonely because he’s going to attend a school so far away from them. So, Keita tells them that he’ll forget the recommendation and study for admission to their school. In a fit of joy the sisters attack him in the hallway and cause quite a commotion with their hentai actions, and as Keita is laying on the floor watching his sisters fight, his feeling towards them seems to change form annoyance to affection. Well, that’s all for this OAV episode.





      Well, after reading a couple of chapters of the Kiss x Sis manga series I’ve decided review the Kiss x Sis OAV. First let me start off by saying that since this is a OAV release I thought that normal anime TV content rules wouldn’t apply so I thought that the fanservice would be much higher than normal. But to my surprise, other than the two incidents of “morning wood”, the fanservice was a lot lower than I thought it would be, many current TV anime series have a greater level of fanservice than this OAV did. I really don’t mind fanservice in anime as long as it makes sense in the context of the story and it makes sense to be there (unlike in the H2O series where a girl falls on top of a blind guy with her panty’s in his face).

       Overall, I found Kiss x Sis to be pretty standard fare for this genre. Generally, in the sis-con or brother-con genre, the stories in this genre usually has the out that the brothers and sisters are really not related by blood so they avoid the incest taboo (a true incest anime/manga would be Koikaze or Angel Sanctuary). Even in a true hentai anime series such as Cream Lemon where  Hiroshi, and sister, Ami actually have sex it’s later found out that they are not really related by blood, but it’s still pretty creepy since they grew up together defying the Westermark Effect. Where Kiss x Sis differs from the norm is that the sisters are older than the brother (it’s usually the reverse), and that the sisters are open to their parents about their “affections” towards their brother. What’s also pretty unrealistic that the father would tell his son that it’s OK to “hook up” with his “sisters” because they’re still girls after all.

       So, if your interested in a unrealistic but funny sexual tension farce geared towards high school aged guys then go ahead and watch this OAV series and get a good laugh out of it, because it’s really pretty harmless. But, if your looking for something much more serious dealing with the consequences of a brother sister relationship then watch Koikaze, and if your looking for something in the hentai genre (only for those older than 18) then watch the Ami episodes from the Cream Lemon series if you can find them.