This episode of Candy begins with Candy baking bread in the kitchen, some of the workers worry about Candy getting in trouble for hanging out with them. Candy takes her bread to the barn for Kurin to eat, and Neil and Eliza see her heading to the barn, and they use this information to get Candy in trouble. When Neil, Eliza, and their mother enter the barn, Candy gets accused of stealing food and sent back to her room. At this point, Candy begins to wonder what is she supposed be in the Leagan household, and why they want her to be here?


        When Neil, Eliza, and their mother return from a carriage ride, the father notices that Candy isn’t with them and he asks his wife why? She tells him that Candy’s no good, but he says that the children need someone like Candy. In the meantime, Candy has decided that if she is to become like a Leagan “lady” that her prince might stay awhile and not disappear. Candy then gets summoned to see Mr. Leagan, he tells Candy that he’ll be going on a long business trip, and he wants her to get along with Eliza and Neil. He also brings up the “stolen” bread, and wants to know the truth. Candy takes him to the barn and shows him the bread, and that she’s keeping Kurin there, and he gives Candy permission to keep Kurin in the barn if she doesn’t let him in the house. Neil, Eliza, and their mother are very upset when he tells them that Candy can keep Kurin in the barn.



      As the days pass, Candy continues to work on becoming a lady, and she writes a letter to Pony Home telling them about her quest to become a Leagan. The mother notices that Candy is trying to act better, but Neil and Eliza continue to make fun out of her saying that even their cat has more elegance then Candy. Then Candy gets in trouble for stepping on the cat’s tale by “accident”, and the mother calls Candy a violent girl. Since none of the Leagans are teaching Candy anything, she begins to try and learn stuff from the household staff, but when the mother sees this, she just gets angry.



      When Eliza sees Candy having fun with the workers she runs to her mother and tells her that Candy refuses to be her friend and playmate.  Then Eliza and her mother follow Candy to a party being held by the workers where Eliza tells her mother that they should turn Candy into house staff. Later, Candy tells Kurin that soon she’ll be elegant Candy, and won’t be able to climb trees and do the same old stuff, so she decides to climb a tree for the last time. While up in the tree, Candy overhears Neil and Eliza talking about how Candy will now be their personal servant.



     After Neil and Eliza leave, Candy wanders around wondering if Annie is happy where she’s living at, and soon Candy finds that she’s ended up at the gate where she meet the boy. Candy walks around until she finds herself at a set of very impressive marble gates bearing her “prince’s” sign. When Candy sees the sign, she’s cheered by the fact that this property has to have something to do with her missing prince, and as Candy continues to wander around and she keeps seeing her prince’s sign in different places, and Candy concludes that this other piece of property is much larger than the Leagan’s.


       Later, Candy runs into young man, and she has to use some rope to help bring his boat back to shore, and they begin talking. While they are talking, the boy tells Candy that she’s good with a lasso and he starts calling Candy “Miss Tomboy”, and as his ride approaches he tells Candy that his name is Archibald. As Archibald leaves, Candy gets flustered because he winked at her, kissed her hand, and the blew her a kiss. Candy wonders if Archibald knows who her prince is? After Archibald leaves, Candy returns to her old cheerful self again. Well, that’s all for this episode.



        Well, in this episode Candy continues to try and fit in at the Leagan’s household, but her troubles continue. Even Though Candy tries to fit in, and the Leagan’s notice this, it seems that Neil, Eliza, and their mother won’t be satisfied until Candy’s spirit is broken. Mr. Leagan looks like he’s really not a bad guy, but he’s not around enough to be in control of that house.

       Candy really wants to learn how to be a proper lady but none of the Leagans give Candy anything but trouble, so she starts hanging around with the servants. She’ll do anything to be around people who are kind to her, and this leads to her getting in further trouble. But, Candy has found another bright spot, she met another nice young boy/man near the estate that has her “prince’s” sign all over the place. Will these boys lead Candy to her prince, or will they become her prince? Only time will tell.