This episode begins with Touma stopping by the Minami household with a box of sweets that her brother gave her, Kana wants to dig in now but Chiaki wants to wait for Haruka to return from shopping. In the meantime, Fujioka also shows up, and Kana tries to play to Chiaki’s greedy side by asking her what would be sweeter, one third the sweets, or one half the sweets? Chiaki goes into a trance with her angelic side battling her demonic side for guidance and Touma has to shake her out of it, Fujioka comments to himself on how open and casual that Touma is for a guy is with Chiaki. He comments that he never been on those sort of terms with any girls. Then Fujioka watches Kana and Touma mess around and he thinks to himself that if Touma is that close to Kana then he’s done, but he has a Chiaki type internal debate on whether he still has a chance or not. So, Fujioka decides that he still has a chance and decides to jump into the fray and only succeeds in looking strange.





       Next we get a skit involving Chiaki, angel and demon Chiaki, Kana, and a possible forged shopping list. Then at Haruka’s school we see Hayami planning something that involves Maki, Haruka, and Hosaka. She suggests that if Hosaka could become more friendly with Haruka’s friends it would be easier for him to get get close to Haruka, and this suggestion sets Hosaka attentions on Maki. After Maki goes running off in terror Hosaka decides to get closer to Atsuko and he gets basically the same reaction from her, but after that he decides to turn his attentions to Hayami.






     Later on, Chiaki sees Haruka making up a shopping list and she tells Haruka that she’ll do the shopping, Haruka has her doubts but Chiaki tells her that she can handle it. Inside the supermarket, Chiaki gets confused and starts wandering around, and as she walks by Hosaka who is also shopping, her words trigger a Hosaka fantasy. While Hosaka is in his dream world he starts singing a song about making curry and curry spices, his actions causes Chiaki to figure out that the stuff on the shopping list is spices for curry, and Chiaki comes to call Hosaka the curry fairy. Later, Haruka tells Kana that she gave Chiaki the wrong shopping list, oh well. But, in the end it turns out all right, because Haruka makes a great dish with the spices that Chiaki bought, and when they inquire about it Chiaki says that it’s thanks to the curry fairy. Well, that’s all for this episode.



      Well, this was a pretty enjoyable episode of Minami-ke, as the third season gets into full swing it seems that nothing much has changed, and that’s a good thing. Fujioka is still longing for the clueless Kana, and he still hasn’t figured out that Touma is really a girl. His misconception about Touma’s relationship with Kana and Chiaki confuses his opinion of where he stands with Kana, but the way Touma also acts doesn’t help his misconception, whenever he sees her, she acts and dresses like a guy.

       Hosaka is still acting like Hosaka, he does everything to try and get Haruka to notice him except actually trying to talk with her or give her one of those bentos he’s always making for her, and Hayami is still getting her kicks from playing Hosaka on Maki. In my opinion, I think that while Maki says that she finds Hosaka disgusting I think that’s she just might be strangely attracted to him in a “train wreck” sort of way.

      I also found the angelic and demonic theme kind of amusing, the angelic Chiaki was very cute, and the demonic Chiaki was smoking hot. Fujioka’s angelic and demonic sides were also interesting, but I didn’t understand why his demonic side was so negative, telling him that you don’t have a chance with Kana, that side should have said that if the little boy Touma can get that close to Kana than a man like you should be able to get closer unless she’s a shotacon. Well, the only characters left to be introduced into this new series is every one’s favorite cross dresser Mako-chan, and the serious Yoshino.