This episode begins with Nagisa and Tomoya telling her parents about their marriage, and when asked about a wedding, Tomoya tells them that they are saving money. Then we get a little skit about Akio’s reaction to Tomoya calling him dad, and Tomoya’s reaction to Akio calling him son. Then we see Nagisa and Tomoya entering “their” apartment as a married couple for the first time and the vows they make to each other. Then we get to see how nervous Tomoya gets with having Nagisa living with him for the first time, looks like he’s has the “wedding night” jitters. Later that night, Nagisa tells Tomoya that she’ll start looking for work, but Tomoya worries about her health, Nagisa tells him that she doesn’t want to be weak all the time, and they agree to always be with each other and to support each other.

your-my-father-in-law akio-being-called-dadtomoya-being-called-sontheir-new-apartment



      Then Tomoya tells us that they have begun their journey as a married couple, it’s a joy to him, and he heads straight home after work everyday because that’s where Nagisa waits for him. We then get a look inside at how well Nagisa and Tomoya seem to be getting along as a young married couple, it looks like Nagisa might have found a waitress job with a friend from high school. Tomoya talks to Nagisa about the legend of the lights, he tells her that he wonders if their happiness caused a light to form, and if so, what would Nagisa wish for? After a long pause, Nagisa tells Tomoya that she would like a baby.


       A few days later, Tomoya finishes work early and goes to visit Akio. Akio wants to go visit the restaurant where Nagisa is working at, he asks Tomoya if he wants to see want his wife looks like as a waitress? Akio tells Tomoya if he tried to take some pictures of his daughter working he would be made fun of, but if he went in disguise, as Tomoya’s friend, it would be OK. When they get to the restaurant, Tomoya and Akio notice that the restaurant was built where a grove of trees was located, and Akio tells Tomoya that the city is changing. Inside the restaurant, both Tomoya and Akio are a bit shocked by how good looking Nagisa is in her waitress outfit. To Tomoya’s amazement, Nagisa doesn’t figure out that Tomoya’s friend is really her father, and Tomoya makes the comment “like father, like daughter”. Then Tomoya and Akio see some punks harassing Nagisa, and they have to take care of some business, causing a bit of trouble, and he has to go see the manager. The manager tells Tomoya that his wife is good worker and he values her, and he tells Tomoya to take care of her when she gets down.




       Back at home, Tomoya tells Nagisa that she seems to be getting along well at work, and that his friend thinks that she’s cute, Nagisa blushes and tries to deny it. Nagisa tells Tomoya that she heard that their old school will be knocked down and replaced within two years, Nagisa thinks it a good thing, but Tomoya is upset because he feels that the old building contained all the good memories and feelings that they had there. Later that night, Tomoya can’t sleep, he lies awake thinking that the city is changing, and that something will happen because of the changes.


     A few days later, Tomoya and Nagisa pay a visit to her parents where Akio shows Tomoya all the pictures her took of Nagisa in her waitress outfit. Tomoya tells Akio that Nagisa wanted to talk to Sanae about something, then they hear a noise and rush in to see that Nagisa is ill, Akio makes a casual comment asking if they have a baby? Tomoya tells him that he’s going to far, and Akio says that maybe they already could have a baby, and then Sanae says that’s exactly what happening, Nagisa’s going to have Tomoya’s baby. Akio is in kind of a state of shock, Nagisa tells her parents that since she married that she and Tomoya have slept together, Sanae and Akio then congratulate Tomoya on the upcoming baby. Well, that’s all for this episode.


These shots of Nagisa telling her parents that since she’s married, she and Tomoya slept together and did ecchi things are just precious.




       Well, in this episode we see how Nagisa and Tomoya begin their married life together, no wedding reception as they are trying to save money, it’s almost like it should be, two young people who love each other. It was kind of cute seeing how nervous Tomoya was on their first night together, he was more uneasy than Nagisa seemed. As a new married couple this episode was like the getting their lives in order episode, they are learning how to fall into pleasant rhythm of a shared life; eating together, doing the dishes, chit chat at the dinner table and at the bedside, and talking about serious things like work and maybe having a baby. Overall, this episode left me feeling very warm and relaxed from watching Nagisa and Tomoya going about their new life together.

Tomoya’s uneasiness, and his and Nagisa’s differing prospectives on the prospect of change.

        Everything went very well for the main characters except for the fact that Tomoya started to become upset and unsettledwhen he discovered that the city is starting to change and he feels that it doesn’t bode well, and that’s because Nagisa and Tomoya view change and the flow of time very differently. Nagisa views her time at school very differently than Tomoya did, as she said in the last episode she felt that while everybody was moving forward she felt frozen in place, so when she met Tomoya and the others at school they served as a impulse to move her forward towards her desired future, friendship, love, graduation, marriage, and children. But, I think that Tomoya views his time at school as the source of all his happiness and he really can’t get a proper vision of what comes next, he hasn’t really decided what his future really is, even though he’s happily married to Nagisa he’s still tied to the past and not living for tomorrow. Tomoya sees the flow of the river of time changing and instead of being the flow, he’s views himself /or sees himself as pebble trying trying to hold back the changing river. For good or bad, Tomoya and Nagisa must move forward towards their hopefully bright future, for the arrow of time only moves in one direction, forward.