This episode begins with Touma returning home from school to find the pudding that she was saving had been eaten by her brother Natsuki. So, Touma shows up at the Minami apartment asking if she can spend the night there, Haruka says OK but she calls Touma’s house to let them know that she’s there, and Haruka finds out that Natsuki ate Touma’s pudding and she gets angry at him. Later, Haruka finds out that someone ate one of the three puddings that she bought, and as the girls are staring at the two remaining puddings the doorbell rings. It seems that their uncle Takeru has stopped by for a visit, and he has brought the girls a gift of pudding. So, it turns out that Haruka ate part of the pudding, Kana saw this and also ate some, and finally Chiaki finished off what was left. But, thanks to Takeru, they now have five puddings, so they all enjoy some pudding.




      The next skit involves Uchida stopping by the Minami household with some apples she brought back from the country, when she offers the apples to the girls everyone acts strangely except Kana. But, even Kana starts acting strangely to Uchida, Kana excuses herself and points to a box and tells Uchida not to look inside. Uchida fights the urge to look inside the box, but soon her curiosity overwhelms her and she peers inside the box only to find it’s full of apples.




       Then Touma stops by and sees that Uchida is passed out, and Kana asks her if she’s prepared for baked apples? When Touma returns home she’s stuffed to the point of being sick, and she gives her brother an apple and tells him that’s it a gift from Haruka. Then the three Minami brothers sit around and try to ponder the meaning of the single apple, and they come up with the idea to make Touma a baked apple. The next day, we see that Haruka is on the phone giving some cooking advice to Natsuki, Touma says that her brother is good at cooking but not at making sweets. As the girls listen to Haruka talking on the phone, Kana asks Chiaki if  Haruka sounds so passionate on the phone does she like Natsuki, Chiaki says no way.


         As the girls talk, the discussion turns to cooking and soon Kana, Chiaki, and Touma are in the kitchen trying to finish the meal that Haruka started earlier. As they try to finish the curry dish, Haruka’s cooking instructions to Natsuki bleed into the kitchen and Kana starts adding stuff like sugar to the curry dish. The girls end up making something that was not fit for human consumption, so Touma heads home without eating any dinner.



        So, when Touma returns home her brother offers her some dinner, fried eggs that smell like curry, it seems that Natsuki also managed to screw up Haruka’s over the phone cooking instructions. The next day Touma discovers that Natsuki has again ate her pudding even though she marked her name on the lid, both the other brothers tell Natsuki to apologize to Touma but he pushes them away like fleas, he finally tells Touma that it’s his fault and he’ll get her a new one, but she pissed and tells him she won’t forgive him and heads off to the Minami household again.



       When Haruka hears whats happened she says she’ll have a talk with Natsuki, then Kana has a discussion with Touma about how she should mark her food better. Both Kana and Touma practice marking their meals, but Chiaki tells them to get Haruka’s opinion of their marking skills before they try it in real life. When Haruka sees Touma’s and Kana’s marking skills she’s confused and can’t make any sense of it, and Kana says that their foiled again. Well, that”s all for this episode.


       Well, pudding, apples, and cooking, that’s pretty much what this entire episode was about. I found the first skit to be precious, it was classic Minami-ke, when Takeru shows up with the additional pudding, everyone ends up happy, in Minami-ke, good food equals happiness. Also, it was nice seeing the reintroduction of the Minami brothers to the series, seeing their cluelessness about girls, and Touma is pretty funny especially when contrasting that with Kana’s cluelessness about guys (Fujioka). Overall, I found all the skits to be very enjoyable and funny, I don’t know or is it just me, but is Kana’s idiocy starting to affect Touma more and more?