This episode begins with Rina wanting to meet Yuki’s boyfriend, but Yuki gets called to the president’s office instead. Then as Touya is still staring at the hung up phone receiver, Haruka shows up at his door and she asks him if he wants to go for a walk, he refuses. Touya changes his mind and runs along side of Haruka while she rides her bike, they then just kind of talk about small stuff, and just hangout at a park. Meanwhile, Yuki’s manager drops her off at the president’s house for her meeting, then Rina shows up and stumbles in on Yuki’s meeting. Upon seeing Rina, Yuki breaks down in tears and runs to Rina for comfort. When Rina asks her whats wrong, Yuki tells her that she is crying because she’s happy.




       Later on, when Touya is working at Echoes, Akira shows up to visit him, and they talk about cheesecake and Misaki. Soon two female customers arrive at Echoes all bundled up, it turns out that Yuki and Rina have shown up because Rina wanted to meet Touya. So, Yuki and Rina enjoy some coffee and Akira’s cheesecake, and Akira tries to start some flirting between Rina and Touya. But after only five minutes, Yuki’s manager shows up to take her back to work, because Rina’s on a different schedule she stays to talk with the guys.



      Rina chit chats with Touya about school and Robert Browning’s poetry, when Rina hands back a poetry book to Touya she put a note inside the book asking him for his phone number. After a few slight hesitation Touya gives Rina his phone number, and a few seconds later Rina’s brother shows up and he takes her to the recording studio. Rina’s manager then shows up asking for her and Akira tells him that she hasn’t been here, and he rushes off.




        After work, Touya calls Misaki to check on her, he talks to her about her health and the poetry book, but what he really wanted to talk about is Akira and the cheesecake, but he just can’t do it. Once Yuki finally gets back to her apartment she looks over at her phone, and as Touya is walking up to his apartment he hears the phone ringing. When Touya answers the phone he finds out that it’s Rina who’s called his apartment to talk with him. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, after watching the second episode of White Album I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a whole lot of loneliness and longing going on in this show. First you have Akira who’s been hanging around with Misaki for 5+ years, he clearly cares for her, but he’s unable to come to a decision about what he wants between them. Then we have Haruka who is also lonely and still hurting from her brothers death, she comes by to visit Touya and almost acts like a substitute girlfriend for the missing Yuki. You also have Misaki who seems somewhat lonely, she willing to stay on the phone to chit chat with Touya when she’s clearly ill.

     Then you have Rina Ogata, a popular idol, who has not many friends, and goes home alone, and who seems to want to live vicariously through Yuki’s boyfriend. Then you have the main couple Yuki and Touya, who both seem to be lonely without each other, Yuki ends her day at her apartment alone even though she has a boyfriend, and Touya misses being with Yuki so much that he gives his phone number to a woman he just met.

     I like this anime so far, but I don’t really understand all this loneliness going around, if all the characters whom are all young adults did more talking about what they really think and want there would be a lot more shared futons at night and a lot less frustration going around. But, I guess if that happened right away then we wouldn’t have any romantic drama/tension in this series, oh well.