This episode begins with Touya talking on the phone Rina while Yuki tries to call Touya only to get a busy signal, after a short interruption by Haruka, Rina offers Touya a part time job helping her manager. At first Touya is hesitant, but Rina mentions the fact that she’ll be working together with Yuki, and then it looks like he accepted the job. As soon as Rina hangs up, Yuki’s call to Touya goes through, they talk for a while and Yuki tells him that she managed to get this Saturday off, but it looks like this might conflict with something Touya has at school, but he manages to get Haruka to take care of the school matter for him. But, before he can tell Yuki about Rina’s job offer, Yuki’s time on the phone runs out, so she has to hang up.


      On Thursday, Touya begins his new part time as Rina assistant manager, as he arrives at the building he finds out that Rina’s brother Eiji (a company president) has fired her main manager, so Touya has to fill in as the full time manager. When Rina sees him entering the building she waves him into a room where he meets a shocked Yuki.


        As Rina is filming a take for her upcoming show, her brother talks with another company president about how Yuki isn’t ready for prime time yet, she’s too nervous. Then Touya waves to Yuki from across the stage, this causes Rina to stop the taping and she slaps Touya for the interruption. She calls Yuki and Touya into a private room, where she proceeds to loudly chew them out. But, this is just a front, while she is supposedly yelling at them, she really arraigned a meeting between Yuki and Touya on the roof.


     On the roof, Yuki tells Touya about how Rina arraigned this for their benefit, Yuki then hugs Touya from behind, and he tells her that that’s her place. He then asks her about the secret she mentioned before, she only tells him on half of the secret (they are going to visit their old high school) and she tells him that he’ll have to wait for their date on Saturday to find out the other half. Before Yuki and Touya finish their meeting on the roof, it looks like someone has spotted them while they were up there.


           Later, we see Yuki calling Touya and breaking their date for Saturday, it seems that president Eiji has something for Yuki to do on Saturday. As soon as Yuki finishes her call, Touya gets a phone call  telling him he’s been fired from both jobs(?). Touya then goes to his father for help, all his father does is give him some food, but when he goes back to the university office he’s told that a tutoring job is available at twice the normal rate if it’s him. When he’s shows up at the tutoring  job someone throws a note down to him telling him to go away for today, so he decides to stop at Echoes to visit Akira.


       While Touya is talking with Akira, Rina bursts in and goes to see her brother, we see that’s she pissed at him for firing Touya, and he tells her to talk it over with him and he quickly leaves the building. As she rushes after her brother, Rina tells Touya that she’ll make it up to him, and Touya wonders to himself if meeting Rina was good luck or bad luck? Well, that’s all for this episode.


     Well, this episode was low key and filled with mystery, it obvious that Yuki and Touya are in the middle of some one’s game, but who’s game is it exactly? It seems to me that Rina’s call and job offer to Touya was her just trying to help out Yuki with her boyfriend, not really flirting or I could be wrong, and it could also be Rina that setup the tutoring job for Touya. I wondering who exactly saw Touya and Yuki on the roof, was it Yuki’s manager, or was president Eiji? If it was the manager did she tell Eiji to fire Touya, or if it was Eiji does he feel that Touya is a distraction keeping Yuki from becoming a “robot/machine” like his sister Rina. I blame a lot of this stuff on Touya’s inaction, I’m sure that when Yuki gets off work and heads back to her apartment, it’s not a prison camp. So, Touya should just head over there and tell Yuki how much he loves her and misses being with her, then they can rock the futon and make some noise, problem solved, angst and longing gone.