This episode begins with Touya getting a phone call at around 5am from Rina, she says she’s calling because Yuki’s too busy to call, Yuki needs to move up the time of their date. Touya suggests 10Am at the scheduled meeting place, or because he was so sleepy was it at 11Am somewhere else? So, the next day both Yuki and Touya board separate trains to travel to the their meeting place. But, it seems that Touya is uncertain about what gate he’s supposed to meet Yuki at, so he goes searching around the station. While waking around, Touya bumps into and knocks a schoolgirl down, and when he tries to help her up she calls him a pervert.



       After talking with the girl, Touya asks her if she’ll look for his girlfriend at this location while he watches another location? She says that she doesn’t know what his girlfriend looks like, and when he tells her his girlfriend is Yuki the idol, she laughs at him. While this is going on it seems that Rina has something up her sleeve, she seems to be searching for Touya for some reason of her own. After a while, the schoolgirl suggests that since Touya and Yuki were supposed to meet at the school anyways that he should just go there and wait, and with this logical suggestion Touya declares the girl to be his goddess of the day. At about this same time, Rina also gives up on waiting and jumps into a cab, also the schoolgirl decides to tag a long with Touya.



      As soon as Touya and the girl arrive at the school, the girl jumps on another bus, and as she’s leaving she tells Touya that she hopes he finds his girlfriend. Back at the train station, it’s after 11Am and Yuki is now waiting for Touya to show up. As Touya is waiting at the high school he sees some smiling kids, and he has flashbacks of him, Yuki, Akira, Haruka, and Misaki all smiling and laughing as kids. Touya then realizes that he’s in the wrong place to meet Yuki, so he goes rushing off to meet her, and in the process he runs right past her as she’s in a phone booth.




     When Touya finally makes it to where he was supposed to meet Yuki, he tries to call her office but they won’t give him her contact information. At the same time, Yuki decides to go to their old high school, and when she gets there she also has flashbacks of her high school days. As the day goes by, Yuki and Touya keep running past each other. Back at Eiji’s office Rina keeps stalling her practice session with Eiji until it gets so late that Yuki’s manager finally gives up and leaves, and Eiji asks if he’s finally free for the day?


      As Yuki’s manager is leaving the office she gets a call from Yuki, and she tells her that it’s too late, so the lesson is canceled for today. As Yuki is leaving the phone booth Touya spots her, and they embrace on the sidewalk. While they are hugging, Yuki tells Touya her secret, she will be releasing a single that Eiji wrote and composed for her. After they talk for a while, Touya asks Yuki if she wants to go back to his apartment, she says no, but she tells him that he can walk her home. As they walk home, they talk about the misunderstanding about the time and place of their meeting, and once they get to Yuki’s apartment she invites him up.



      Yuki tells Touya that she doesn’t want dreams of being with each other to be only in their dreams, so Touya goes inside the apartment building with Yuki. Once they get to her door, Yuki and Touya face each other and begin kissing. While Yuki is in the shower Touya sits on her bed thinking to himself. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, this was another episode filled with misunderstandings, miscommunications, and too much angst. First of all, I really don’t get what the deal is with why Rina has to be the go between for Yuki and Touya, can’t Yuki make a call on her own, and why doesn’t Touya just tell Yuki that he wants her apartment phone number? Also, why can’t these two young adults ever just be able make a date and actually keep to the time and place, I don’t really care if Yuki’s a idol, she should be able to meet him at cafe or at one of their apartments at 11PM or so! Now to the issue of Yuki’s and Touya’s longing for each other, give be a break, they clearly need each others company and have deep feelings for one another. So, if they don’t finally get busy, then as far as I’m concerned, they can pine away for each other and I won’t feel the least bit sorry for them. Well, for now, I’ll keep watching to see how it works out for them, and I’m also interested to see what Rina’s part in the whole story is.