This episode begins with Kana returning home from school and finding that Haruka has made snacks for everyone. When Kana walks into the living room she sees Touma is over and that she is eating a snack, and Kana just sticks her finger in Touma’s food, causing Touma to head butt her. Later, at dinner Kana tells the others that Akira thanked Kana and her sisters for looking after Touma, because he and his brother feel that it’s good for Touma to have girlfriends so she can become more ladylike.


      A few minutes later, Kana tells her sisters that she’s decided to raise Touma as a guy. Then we get a skit about how Chiaki compares their household, including Touma as a animal pack, with Haruka being the leader, and Chiaki and Kana vying for the next position, with Touma watching the outcome.



     Just as Kana and Chiaki are about to battle it out during dinner, with the fried chicken going to the winner, Touma walks into the room to witness Haruka using her iron claw technique on Kana and Chiaka for fighting during dinner.


     Later, when Touma gets home, Natsuki chews her out for being late for dinner, and Toumatries a flying headbutt on him but it doesn’t work on him like it did on Kana. Then at the Minami-ke household Touma complains about Natsuki become more strict with her, and she tells them about how she tried to attack Natsuki again. Haruka tells them that Natsuki told her at school that if Touma wants to act likea boy, no problem, he’ll just treat her like a boy. Kana comes up with a plan to have Touma show Natsuki that’s she really is a girl by showing Natsuki a picture of Touma waking up from a nap, but Chiaki wonders why Touma just doesn’t stop pissing Natsuki off? So, when Touma arrives home late again, Natsuki gets angry with her again. But this time Touma shows Natsuki the picture Kana give her, and it works, but not for the reasons Kana and Touma think, it seems that the picture also includes Haruka.




     Then the three brothers discuss what they are going to get Touma for her upcoming birthday, and they talk about previous gifts they’ve gotten her. I find it pretty funny watching them trying to guess what Touma wants since she’s sitting in the same room as them, and they just kind of act like she’s the invisible girl.


      Then at school, Hitomi notices that Natsuki has forgotten his wallet so she tries to offer him some of her bento. But, Natsuki just borrows some money from her, Hitomi tells Natsuki that if he can hit her his lunch is on her, but Natsuki tells her that men don’t hit women. When Natsuki spots Haruka in the hallway he gets a dreamy look in his eyes which Hitomi takes as affection towards her. Hitomi is soon overwhelmed by his affectionate gaze, and she starts blushing and runs off in embarrassment and excitement.



      Then we see Hitomi asking Maki how to become more mature,  and Maki assumes she means likeher, but it turns out that she means mature like Haruka. Then Hosaka shows up drenched from the rain even though he has an umbrella, and it turns out to be all part of another elaborate Hosaka plan to hookup with Haruka. After hearing Hosaka’s plan, Hitomigets the idea that maturity equals giving up your umbrella to someone you like. Later in class, Hitomi sees that Natsuki has forgotten his umbrella and she tries to force him to take her umbrella which is colored pink and covered with bunnies.



       Back at the other Minami-ke household, Natsuki gives Touma her birthday gift that the brothers got her, a umbrella, and this one is not even as cute as Hitomi’s, it clearly looks like a guy’s umbrella. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, this episode was very funny and enjoyable for several reasons. Anytime I get to see more of Hosaka’s silliness, it’s usually a good thing, and getting another dose of the other Minami-ke household is also a good thing. I don’t know what was funnier, watching Akira and Natsuki being thankful to the Minami-ke sisters for being a positive female influence on Touma, or watching the brothers wondering what to get Touma for her birthday when they could ask her since she was in the same room as them.

      I also enjoyed watching more of the students at Haruka’s school, it looks like Hitomi’s methods of trying to capture Natsuki’s affections will be as affective as Hosaka’s methods of trying to capture Haruka’s affection, but at least she has the guts to actually try and get his attention. One thing I’ve always tried to figure out is why Kana is so insistent on trying to create traps, and reverse traps. It would make a great storyline for a H-dojin, oh wait, I do have a dojin with just that storyline buried away somewhere. Overall, I’m enjoying this third series much more than I enjoyed the second series.