After a hellish couple of days at work, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do, I’m going to give a quick impression of the Ichigo Mashimaro Encore OAV RAW. Usually I don’t review RAWs because my Japanese language skills aren’t good enough for a in-depth review but I’m so tired that I don’t have the energy for a full episode review of something else. So, I’ll just list the skits, and show a few screen caps, then I’ll join Ayu and dream of taiyaki with her.


       The first skit involves Chika getting some prank phone calls, whenever she answers the phone no one says anything to her, then Miu gets pranked too.



       Now some caps from the opening.




      The next skit is about Miu dying after trying to pull off a standing back flip, Miu ends up being judged by Nobue and sent to hell.



      After managing to get past the devil Chika, Miu takes a elevator to heaven where she meets the angel Ana, Miu manages to trick Ana into giving her a set of boobs and wings. Miu then uses her wings in a escape attempt, only to be foiled by Nobue.



       Once Miu finally wakes up from her fall, she’s back in the room with the other girls, and she discovers to her disappointment that everything is back to normal. Then the girls end up at a school field trip where Chika discovered that she forgot some of her school supplies, and Miu calls Nobue, forcing Nobue to make a trip to bring the supplies.



      Once Nobue gets to the location, Miu proceeds to piss off Nobue with her usual antics, and she suffers Nobue wrath. Then the girls just kind of wander around the place looking cute, and doing cute things. Then the girls finally settle down to do their sketching and painting assignments, while Ana, Matsuri, and Chika try to be serious, Miu just sketches silly and ecchi drawings.






        Here’s some caps from the ending.



       Well, here’s my quick impression of the RAW. I feel that the animation style for this OAV is a little different from the previous iterations, while the girls are still drawn very cute I feel that the four younger girls are drawn looking younger than before. I also feel that Miu’s face looks a little chunkier that usual. The girls all still have their usual personality traits; Miu is still Miu, dense and silly; Ana is extremely cute; Matsuri is cute and vulnerable; Chika is still kind of the foil to Miu’s silliness; and Nobue still gets her moe enjoyment from the girls,and she still favors Matsuri. Oh, I also found the devil Chika and angel Ana to be over the top in cuteness. Overall, I found this OAV to be quite enjoyable and relaxing, so I hope that this OAV will either be released on DVD or get a official online release.