This episode begins with Tomoya describing his life since Nagisa’s death, he lives in a mono-color world where all he does is eat, work, and kill time so he doesn’t have to face the reality of his life. He tells us that he now hates this city, and that he regrets ever meeting, dating, and even having his child with Nagisa.




      The in the other world we see the junk doll continuing to work on building the escape craft for him and the girl, but he says it fails to work because he’s not human. Then the girl tells him that when it gets cold again she will have to sleep, leaving him alone, and she asks him if this is a sad world.


      One morning Tomoya is woken up by a visit from Sanae, his place is so messy that he has to have her wait outside while he cleans it up. When they finally talk, Sanae tells him that he hasn’t been out for a while so she invites him on a date. While they’re at what I think is Nagisa’s old restaurant, Sanae tells Tomoya that she wants him to take a vacation with them, Tomoya tells her that he’ll think about it. As soon as Tomoya gets back to his apartment Sanae calls him asking if he thought it over yet? Tomoya puts her off for a while. But, she soon calls back, and Tomoya gives in and tells her that he’ll take four days vacation.


      When Tomoya gets to the bakery, he finds that Sanae has left him a note saying that she and Akio had something important come up and they had to leave. Also, the note has two tickets attached to it, and the note tells Tomoya to take care of everything. After hearing some footsteps, Tomoya finds that Sanae and Akio have left Ushio for him to care for. When Tomoya asks Ushio what she wants to do, she tells him that she wants to go on a trip with Sanae and Akio, but Tomoya tells her that they can’t. We now learn from Tomoya that he gave Ushio to Sanae and Akio over five years ago, and that whenever something important in his daughter’s life came up he made excuses and worked instead. He hardly even knows what his daughter looks like.




       While spending time with Ushio, Tomoya talks with his daughter, fixes one of her toys, and decides to cook a meal for her. After their meal together, Tomoya realizes that Sanae and Akio won’t be coming back today, so Tomoya has to spend the night with his daughter. The next day, Tomoya asks Ushio if she wants to go on a trip? Yes. Even if it’s with someone like him? Yes. So, they pack up and head off, while they’re walking down the street Tomoya says that this is the first time they’ve been alone together in five years, and Tomoya wonders to himself where this journey of theirs will take them. Well, that’s all for this episode.




     When I first started watching this episode I felt anger but that feeling soon turned to a growing sense of overwhelming sadness; Sadness for what Tomoya was becoming, sadness for his betrayal of everything Nagisa’s love stood for, and sadness for his failure to live up to his promise to protect Nagisa and his daughter.

      Watching Tomoya sleepwalk through his life with indifference to the world around and to his daughter showed me that Tomoya was becoming the man he hated most in life, his father. It really hurt when Tomoya said that it would have been better if he and Nagisa had never met and so forth, because that was a betrayal of everything that Nagisa’s life stood for. Nagisa stood for compassion, love, and wanting to give birth to something greater than herself, she never would have cursed life, and cursed the city, she would have cherished the love she had for Tomoya.

      One of my greatest disappointments concerning Tomoya is the difference between him and Akio, Tomoya told Akio that he would care for and protect Nagisa. While Tomoya couldn’t save Nagisa’s life, he’s failed to care for and protect the legacy of Nagisa’s life, his daughter, Ushio.

      Tomoya has been walking down a dark path for the past five years becoming what he most despised, but Sanae’s attempt to reconnect Tomoya with his daughter is just the medicine he needs to save his soul. You can definitely see a part of Nagisa shining inside of Ushio, so if Tomoya can learn to love his daughter maybe he can relearn to love, cherish, and be grateful for the time he had with Nagisa.

My vision of Nagisa watching over Ushio.