This episode begins with Chiaki getting bummed out because a swimming class will be taking place later in the day (if you remember, Chiaki can’t swim) . While the other kids work at cleaning the pool, Chiaki tries to delay the completion of the pool cleaning by taking control of the water hose, and Yoshino, Uchida, and Makoto try to come up with a plan to regain control of the hose. While the group is initially successful at getting the hose back, everyone ends up wet, Makoto then notices that the girls are revealing more than they bargained for, and like the dumb-ass he is, he points it out to them instead of just enjoying it.




     Then the next skit we get is about how hot it is in the classroom with Uchida going on and on about how hot it is. Chiaki tells Uchida to stop with the hot thing, but Yoshino says it’s OK because the pool will feel even better if they feel really hot. This whole line of thought leads to Uchida having a Hosaka like dream about being in the desert and finding a pool.



     Then Chiaki walks over to a water faucet with the idea that if she raises her body’s water content it would go better for her in the pool, but after drinking a lot of water she soon gives up on the idea. Chiaki drinks so much water that her stomach sticks out so she goes to the nurses office to get her some bandages so people won’t notice her stomach, but it doesn’t work.



        When Uchida and Yoshino notice Chiaki’s bandaged finger they tell her that she shouldn’t go in the pool, so Chiaki sits at the side of the pool sweltering in the sun while everyone else has a blast in the pool. Then at Kana’s school, after Kana’s class uses their pool’ Kana suggests that she, Keiko, and Riko go to the pool tomorrow. Riko thinks it’s a great idea and asks Kana about inviting other people hoping Kana will invite Fujioka, when Fujioka hears talk of the pool he mentions that he wants to go to the pool hoping Kana will invite him, and Keiko thinks to herself that this approach won’t work with Kana. But since Kana’s brain doesn’t work properly, she decides to invite some of her younger sister’s friends, causing much distress to Riko and Fujioka.




     So, the next morning when Chiaki is awaken by her alarm clock she discover that Kana is already awake (that must be one or the signs of the apocalypse), but Haruka reminds Chiaki that Kana can get up early when she is heading off to play. At the pool, Kana notices Fujioka hanging out with Riko and Keiko and she yells to them about why aren’t they coming over. On the way back from the pool, Kana is walking in front of the other three, not speaking to them, and when Fujioka tries to talk to her, she stops and kicks him, then she walks off.



      Back at the Minami household a pale of silence has settled over the Kotatsu, everyone can tell that something has happened between Kana and Fujioka. Touma asks Fujioka what happened, and Fujioka tells her/him that when they were playing tag he didn’t want to touch the girls when he was “it”, Touma calls him chicken and touches Chiaki showing him how to do it. Soon Chiaki tags Kana, then she tags Mako-chan, she tags Fujioka, then he tags Touma, who backs away, and then Fujioka tells Touma that in about three years he’ll understand the difficulty in touching girls.




     Soon the game of tag is going around the table, and Touma decides to start evading Fujioka, Touma tells Fujioka that it won’t be that easy to tag him. Fujioka tells him that now he gets it, and that when boys play tag it gets more serious, Touma runs off with Fujioka in hot pursuit, when Haruka asks whats going on? Chiaki tells her it’s just boys playing tag.



      Well, it was nice seeing a episode featuring Chiaki and her friends at their school, getting Yoshino, Uchida, and Makoto back into the mix brings back some of the silly magic that I liked from the first two series. It was pretty funny seeing the intelligent and over analyzing Chiaki have a breakdown in logic when it comes to something she can’t do well, like swimming, it makes her seem more human. I also have to admit that anytime I get to see more of Uchida it makes me smile, to me Uchida provides plenty of good natured comic relief. I feel that she’s like Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro but cuter and not quite as dense.

     One thing that bothered me about this episode, and the same thing bothered me a couple of times during the last season is that Kana at times is just plain mean. While Kana’s personality trends towards being selfish at times, lazy at other times, and she only thinks about how things will affect her at other times, I’ve always felt that she’s basically a nice girl, maybe a little dense when it comes to relationships. But there have been several times in the last season, along with her kicking Fujioka in this episode where her actions were just plain mean, and this is striking when compared to her sisters’ personality traits.

      Now, to the boys. At times I don’t know who’s dumber, Makoto or Fujioka? Makoto should have just kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the show when he noticed the wet t-shirt display taking place. Fujioka, where to begin? OK, when the girl you like invites you to play a game of tag in a swimming pool, not only with her, but with two other cute girls, you stifle your “embarrassment” and enjoy your opportunity.

      Now to a observation about Chiaki. I don’t know, or is it just me, but has Chiaki experienced some reverse growth when compared to Yoshino and Uchida? She seems to be flatter than Mako-chan. See, below pics for comparison.