This episode picks up with Touya getting out of Yuki’s shower to find her sleeping, Touya just stay by her bedside for the rest of the night. Once morning comes, Touya leaves Yuki’s apartment to find Yayoi waiting outside, at first she is worried that Yuki and Touya might have been photographed together and so forth, but once Touya eases her fears she offers him a ride home.



     While in the car Touya asks why Yayoi is so worried about Yuki, she’s a new unknown singer and he thinks that no one would really care what she does? But, Yayoi recounts a scandal that Rina went through when she was branching out on her own, and because of that scandal Rina has had to never show weakness or faults again. Then Yayoi asks Touya to take a walk with her, she tells Touya that Yuki must stand on her own and if she gets into a scandal she doubts she could protect Yuki. Touya asks Yayoi if she’s telling him to not see Yuki? She asks Touya not to be a hindrance to Yuki’s career, she also says that if they break up it should their decision. Touya then gets the impression that Yayoi is offering a fee for breaking up with Yuki, and he laughs at the idea of getting a breakup fee for leaving Yuki.



     Yayoi tells Touya that she’s not asking him to breakup with Yuki for free, and Yayoi takes Touya’s hand and places it on her chest and basically offers herself up if he and Yuki breakup. Touya jumps back in shock at Yayoi’s bold gesture. After Yayoi drives Touya home she asks what he has planned for the rest of the day, and he tells her sleep as he walks away. Later, Touya is woken by his doorbell to find Yayoi at his front door, she asks him where they should go, and after Touya offers nothing, Yayoi asks Touya to go to the movies with her.




      While taking the train, Yayoi tells Touya that Yuki greatly regrets falling asleep on Touya and that he should expect a phone call from her. He again asks Yayoi if she thinks that they should breakup, but she tells him that anything they decide should be their decision not hers. After the movie is over, Yayoi takes Touya to dinner, and after their cab ride back to Touya’s apartment he accuses her of trying to bribe him into breaking up with Yuki. Yayoi then asks Touya if she can become a replacement for Yuki as she starts kissing him, she then tells him to let her know if he has a need for her and she tries to offer him money, Touya rushes out of the cab in shock.



     When Touya is back at his apartment he finds that Masaki has left a script of a play she wrote, she asks him for his opinion on the content. While Touya is reading the script he gets a phone call from Rina, she knows about his date and she wants to meet with him tomorrow, but Touya can’t make it because he has to do something at school tomorrow. Yuki tries to call Touya but this time when he hears the phone ring he just ignores it.


      The next day at school, Haruka questions Touya about where he was the other night, maybe with Yuki? Later, Touya runs into Akira and they talk for a while, and Akira asks Touya to stop trying to force him and Masaki together. As Akira is leaving he gets Touya to take his next shift a Echoes for him. Then we see Masaki’s script getting accepted by the theater club, but they dump off all the prop and costume production off on her as they head off to drink.


      Then we see Yuki doing rehearsals for her upcoming single, and she’s having a hard time getting it right. Later that evening we see Yuki handing Haruka a note, she tells her to please give it to Touya. At Echoes, we see Touya reading Yuki’s note, it says that she won’t sleep tonight and she’ll be waiting for him. Later, Touya lies in bed trying to figure out what to do, he keeps rehashing in his mind what Yayoi told him about not standing in Yuki’s way. Just as Touya’s about to go see Yuki he gets a phone call from Masaki asking him for his help. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, five episodes of White Album down and eight more to go, and with each episode my dislike of Touya grows. After watching the first two episodes I was hoping that this series would have been a nice romance with the two leads struggling to overcome the obstacles hindering their relationship, and eventually their love and commitment to each other grows stronger for all their troubles. While I have no problem with Yuki, she knows what she wants, and she makes it as clear as day. I have a problem with Touya, I can deal with a certain amount of emo longing, but Touya is turning into the typical weak willed male harem lead; wishy washy, uncertain, insecure, uncommunicative of his feelings, and a total lack of a man card.

      In the 4th episode Yuki made it clear that she wanted to take their relationship to the next level (she doesn’t only want dreams), but when she fell asleep all Touya could do is sit by her bedside and stare at her. Hell, at least he could have snuggled up with her for a good night’s sleep, imagine how nice it would have been for Yuki to wake up in the morning to find the man she loves sleeping next to her. I won’t get into the whole Yayoi offering herself to Touya in place of Yuki, I found that plot point just plain silly. If Touya somehow manages to be stupid enough to pass up on going to Yuki’s place after she sends him the note telling him that she won’t fall asleep this time and that she’s waiting for him then the only companionship he deserves is a bottle of lotion and a box of tissue.