This episode begins with the group enjoying themselves at the beach, doing fun things such as Suikawari (watermelon splitting) and so forth. Then the next day, Haruka, Kana, Yoshino, Uchida, and Chiaki sit around taking about all the stuff that happened yesterday, but the biggest issue turns out to be where Chiaki’s favorite stuffed animal (Fujioka) is? She might have left it at the beach.





      One of the funniest things in this episode was when Yoshino mentions how Chiaki and Fujioka looked like a brother and sister when they were together, and Uchida starts cracking up, saying basically give me a break, Chiaki likes Fujioka as a big brother, ha-ha.



      Well, after a while, Haruka remembers that Fujioka was looking at Fujioka, and as they are trying to figure out where Fujioka is, Kana tries to get Chiaki all worked up. The doorbell rings and Fujioka shows up with the other Fujioka, he returns it to Chiaki then they all try to figure out how the bear got into Fujioka’s stuff. As everyone remembers their part in the Fujioka case, Kana figures out that she was the one who put it in Fujioka’s bag, she caused the problem just like Chiaki original accusation, so she tries to dodge the blame.



      The next day, Fujioka shows up at the Minami household bearing a watermelon, Kana is overjoyed at seeing another watermelon. This time the group includes Haruka, Maki, Kana, Touma, and Chiaki. It takes Maki only seconds to figure out that Fujioka really likes Kana and that he’s trying to win her affections through food. Maki lets him know that she knows about his attraction. A ongoing thing throughout this skit is that Maki keeps telling Fujioka that the spoon he’s about to use is Kana’s spoon, so he too embarrassed to use the spoon in front of Maki because he knows that she knows that he has the hots for Kana.




      After they eat the watermelon everyone gets invited to stay for dinner which Kana volunteers to cook, and Maki again teases Fujioka about eating with the spoon.


       Later, Mako-chan show up at the apartment to find Uchida doing home work while Touma and Chiaki are sleeping. Mako-chan like Uchida put off doing his assigned homework. He asks Uchida if he can get Chiaki to let her copy her homework can he copy it too? Uchida agrees. Mako-chan asks Chiaki to help Uchida, but Chiaki says that during this break Uchida hung-out at their house the whole time and never even acted like she was going to do any homework. But, Chiaki calls Mako-chan over and whispers in her ear that if Uchida repents, she’ll help Uchida. When Uchida asks what Chiaki said, Mako-chan was so distracted by Chiaki’s breath on his/her ear that he can’t remember what Chiaki said.



      A little while later Chiaki hands Uchida her homework and tells her not to get everything right, put a few wrong answers in. Touma wakes up and sees Uchida copying the work and asks Mako-chan if she and copy the work later? But Uchida says no way, Touma made no effort to do her own work.


      Later, Haruka notices that Kana seems a little bit down, and she finds out that Kana is disappointed that summer is almost over and Autumn is here. Then Chiaki tells Kana that this was the worse summer ever because of all the pranks that Kana pulled on her over the summer. Just as Haruka is wondering what to do for dinner, Uchida, Yoshino, and Touma all show up with different food items and Haruka uses them to make dinner for everyone. While Kana is distracted, Chiaki swipes the best food items from Kana’s dinner plate in retaliation for all the pranks that she pulled on her over the summer. Well, that’s all for this episode.




      Well, I found this episode to be very enjoyable, anytime the Minami sisters go to the beach or a Onsen it’s a good thing. Three things struck me as quite interesting and amusing about this latest instalment. Firstly, after reviewing episode five I made the comment about how Chiaki seemed to be experiencing reverse chest growth when compared to Uchida and Yoshino, and now I’m feeling that Kana has experienced some remarkable growth in said category compared to the first two season, is she it her destiny to reach Haruka proportions?


      Secondly, Uchida is becoming quite a little naughty minded girl, she’s almost like a clone of Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro, only cuter. Uchida almost blew Makoto cover as Mako-chan twice in this episode by calling him Makoto, could it be that her subconscious mind really wants to blow his cover? Sometimes I wonder if Chiaki does know that Mako-chan is really Makoto, she’s not stupid, could she be going along with the whole thing for some reason of her own?

     Thirdly, Maki is starting to show a devious side like Hayami, she really played with Fujioka’s mind over his attraction to Kana. But, I think the difference is that Maki doesn’t find Fujioka disgusting like she does Hosaka. I also think that Maki plays with Fujioka’s mind because she realizes that no matter what Fujioka does, it’s all in vain, Kana is like a kid, all she wants to do is play and eat, so she finds the whole thing quite funny.