This episode begins with the continuation of Misaki’s tearful phone call to Touya, she explains her situation to him, and his first reaction is to tell her not to do it. But, she tells him that she wants to do this play, so after hearing her tearful plea Touya reluctantly agrees to help her. After the call is over we see Touya making his way to Yuki’s apartment, and we also see Yuki getting ready for Touya’s visit, making tea or coffee for two and so forth. When Touya makes it to Yuki’s building we see him stop and stare because Yayoi’s car is parked in front of the entrance.




      After standing there and watching Yayoi’s car for a while, Touya loses his balls and turns around and walks away. The next day at school, Akira and Touya discuss Misaki’s problems, Akira tells him about her trouble with  Tamaru. A year or two earlier,  Tamaru came on to Misaki but she rejected him, and a professor had to get involved in the situation, now Tamaru is paying Misaki back with trouble. As all this is going on, Yuki continues to practice for her debut, and Rina keeps trying to contact Touya, but he’s busy helping Misaki.



      Then as time passes we get a loop of Rina trying to call Touya but he’s never home, Touya stopping by Yuki’s apartment but she’s always at rehearsal, and Yuki trying to reach Touya with no luck. Then one night we see Rina walking towards Echoes in disguise, but she stops when she sees Yayoi’s car pull up. Inside the cafe, as closing time nears, Yayoi asks Touya what he’s doing later? “I’m going to rock Yuki’s world and keep her awake all night!” As if; Touya had the balls to say that, he actually says, “nothing”. She offers him a ride home, and he tries to refuse, but gives in quickly. As she’s driving him home, she says she knows he hasn’t been seeing Yuki and it must be tough. When the finally arrive in front of his apartment, Yayoi tells him it’s time for his reward, she leans over and starts kissing him, Touya pushes her off him, and he tells her to stop because this is meaningless.


      Yayoi gets a phone call as Touya is leaving her car, and she drives off. When Touya gets to his door he finds Misaki waiting for him, she wants him to look at her costume designs, as Touya is opening his door Misaki collapses from exhaustion. Once inside, Touya makes her some coffee, Misaki notices that Touya’s table is covered with pictures of Yuki. Touya has to leave his apartment to buy some cream, and when he returns he finds Misaki asleep on his bed.


      As Misaki is sleeping, Touya looks over her costume designs making written comments and notes for her use. Touya then gets a phone call from Yuki, and Yuki tells him she’s sorry for falling asleep and leaving the note with Haruka. Then they both sort of apologize for not being able to connect with each other lately, and Yuki has to soon hang the phone up when she sees Yayoi walking towards her.


        After Touya puts the phone down we notice that Misaki was awake and overheard the whole conversation. Inside the recording studio, we see that Yuki has a mini meltdown over her call to Touya, she goes on and one about how she just talked with him and didn’t agree to meet with him, when she realizes how silly she sounded she apologizes to them and asks to continue the session. When Touya awakens he finds that Misaki has left him a note saying thanks for the advise on the designs. Then next day Yuki continues to work on her release, and Touya starts helping Misaki buy the supplies she needs to make her costumes.


       As Touya and Misaki continue their shopping, Yuki is having a very bad time in the recording studio, all her stuff is bad but the director insists that they complete the final session, and when things seem the darkest for Yuki, Rina shows up at the studio. While Touya and Misaki are doing their shopping we see the high school girl from a few episodes back following them around, she makes the incorrect assumption that Misaki is Yuki.


      After Misaki and Touya finish their shopping they head back to school to begin work on making the costumes, but everywhere they go they get turned away; sorry but all the requests have been turned in already, no space available, no equipment available. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, like I said in the title it’s hard writing with clumps of bloody hair in my hands, as I’ve watched the last couple of episodes of White Album my frustration level with this series has risen greatly. All the problems and emo longings that the main characters experience are caused by zero real communication of their feelings towards each other. Touya has no man card or balls, in fact, the only two characters with any balls in this series are both women, Rina-chan and Yayoi. Both those women know what they want  and make no bones about doing whatever it takes to do it.

       In a perverse way I feel that this series would have been better off as ecchi anime with Touya being a dog and taking advantage of Misaki, Haruka, Yayoi, Rina-chan, and the high school girl behind Yuki’s back. And when it seems like all hope is lost for the virginal and pure Yuki, she can have a transformation changing her from a good girl to a bad girl like what happened to Sandy from Grease, then she could replace Rina as the #1 idol at the studio, oh-well, I can only dream. I guess I’ll just have to keep watching White Album in frustration, and a ever decreasing amount of hair on my head.

Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere.