This episode begins with Makoto trying to get Chiaki to practice with him for a three legged race that they have to compete in during the upcoming sports festival, but Chiaki doesn’t want to practice with Makoto. So, Makoto goes to visit Kana as Mako-chan to get some advice, Kana tells her that Chiaki hates sports, and when Chiaki walks in she makes the observation that Mako-chan is the same body type as Makoto. Chiaki asks Mako-chan to practice with her, and Kana decides to be the training coach. At first Mako-chan is slightly uncomfortable about the close physical contact with Chiaki but she soon gets into the swing of things.




    So, the next day at school, Chiaki goes to practice with Makoto, and when Makoto tries to be as casual with Chiaki as he was as Mako-chan things don’t go as well for him. Then we see Kana and Uchida talking, Uchida tells Kana that thanks to her Mako-chan doesn’t get exposed, so back at her place she notices Mako-chan and Haruka talking alone. When Mako-chan heads to the bathroom Kana barges in to give him some Tp and to protect his secret identity from Haruka, later Kana tells Uchida that she was able to save Mako-chan again.




      Then in Kana’s class, Riko brags about her new bra and how it makes her breasts look bigger, she also makes a comment about boyfriends and breasts, and this train of thought carries over to a discussion between Kana and Mako-chan about guys and breasts. When Haruka returns home with Maki, Mako-chan gets worried because Maki touched her chest and made a comment about how flat she is. Kana suggests a bra but Mako-chan asks if there’s a way to make her breasts look bigger with out a bra? When Chiaki overhears this she suggest that Mako-chan wear a dress that’s loose up top but tight around the waist. So, Chiaki has Mako-chan try on a dress, and she tells Mako-chan that the dress was Haruka’s and if she wears it she’ll grow like Haruka. While a vision of him looking like Haruka flashes through his mind he has to turn down the offer of the dress, this pisses off Chiaki. She begins to chase Mako-can and they end up in another room with Maki measuring Haruka for a new bra.



     As Kana is watching Mako-chan talking with Chiaki, she makes the observation that he’s really getting into being Mako-chan, and that she senses a friendship growing between Mako-chan and Chiaki, but she’s afraid he’ll get exposed at some point. Soon, Mako-chan spills his drink on herself and Chiaki grabs at her skit saying  thatif it’s not washed it will get sticky, but Mako-chan puts up a fight. Chiaki goes off to get some towels and Kana gets a devious look in her eyes, Mako-chan thinks he’s saved until Chiaki returns with the towel and proceeds to wipe down her crotch area. Then Kana interrupts the wipe down with a Tanuki story that  parallels Mako-chan’s experienceswith the Chiaki.


      Then the next skit starts off with Chiaki breaking the household coffee cups, so the girls have to go buy new ones. Kana picks her cup out pretty quickly, Chiaki spots one with a “Fujioka” bear on it but she thinks it’s too cute and they might make fun out of her. Haruka spots one she wants to buy but Maki tells her “no”, so she picks out another one. When the girls get home they see that they all got the same cup, Chiaki has a problem with this, so they end up going back to the store and getting the cups they really wanted.





      The next day, Kana gives Touma one of the duplicate cups as a gift, then Fujioka shows up and Kana also gives him one of the cups, oh joy. Fujioka thinks that sharing the same type of mug with Kana raises his status with her to at least the level of a lover until he sees that Touma also has the same kind of mug, oh heartbreak. In the end, Kana is disappointed that she picked such a plain mug in comparison to Chiaki and Haruka. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, this episode was very interesting and enjoyable for several reasons. Firstly, Mako-chan is back in full force, it was very funny watching him trying to carry his girl/girl relationship with Chiaki over to a boy/girl relationship with Chiaki. It seem that puberty or should I say a awareness of the existence of the other sex has struck both Makoto and Chiaki. While it was cute watching Makoto’s infatuation with Haruka, it would never happen, but in this episode and in the previous episode close proximity to Chiaki seems to be having a enlightening or should I say a arousing affect on Makoto. Could it be that out little trap is slowly falling for Chiaki? It was also quite amusing watching Makoto having a disconcerting affect on Chiaki, and watching Chiaki blush all up when Makoto put his arm around her for the three legged race was cute.

       It seems that Maki is also having a greater role in the series and at the Minami household, it would seem that she’ll play the role as a foil for Fujioka, and she’ll be used to amp up the sexual tension at the household. I don’t know how common it is in real life, but the way she just went and grabbed Mako-chan chest and made the flat chest comment was very funny, girls does this happen in real life? Well, it will interesting seeing how long Makoto can keep his secert identity as Mako-chan going as he gets into more situations where his maleness might just expose his little ruse. I think that Haruka will find it funny, but Chiaki’s reaction will be very interesting after her initial anger wears off.