We start off by seeing the schoolgirl who was following Touya and Masaki around head home, she returns to find a empty house, and a note from her mother telling her to eat the food she left for her and to expect a new tutor tomorrow. Then we see Yuki getting very emotional after she finally finishes the recording of her single to the Eiji’s satisfaction.



      Then it seems that Rina and Eiji has some sort of plan that she’s putting in place involving Yuki and her relationship with Touya. Then the scene switches to Touya’s father’s house, it seems that Touya has gotten his father to let them use his late wife’s sewing machine and a spare room to complete the costume manufacturing. As Misaki and Touya work on making the costumes, the phone in Touya’s apartment continues to go unanswered.


      When morning comes, Touya awakens to find that Misaki is gone, and he’s running late for something, so he has to rush off. We then see that Touya is starting his new tutoring job, and his student turns out to be the schoolgirl from earlier (Mana Mizuki) . Touya’s tutoring job starts off roughly, as he tries to get the Mana to tell him what she needs to work on, but all she wants to talk about is Touya’s relationship with Yuki. She asks him if the girl from last night was Yuki, and when he says it was a friend she calls him unfaithful for seeing another girl. During Touya’s whole session with Mana no actual studying gets done, she just sort of insults Touya and keeps telling him that he’s making up the whole idol as his girlfriend thing.


      Later that evening, Touya and Misaki are having dinner at Echoes when Rina-chan walks in on them, she sees Touya with Misaki and walks off. Touya follows her, reminding her that she wanted to speak with him, so she takes him to the “inner chamber” of Echoes, where he also finds Eiji waiting there. Touya starts to get pissed because Rina assumes that Touya is dating other girls, and when Eiji and Rina start discussing Yuki and his relationship, he says that every one’s meddling is messing everything up. But before anything can get cleared up, Eiji says that he’s running late so can they continue this at the recording studio? Well, they all pack into his car and head off to the recording studio, and Rina and Eiji continue on about Yuki’s relationship with Touya.


       Then the scene changes to Yayoi and Yuki at a television station, Yuki again has some problems with that idol group, and when Yayoi is about to intervene it seems like Yuki stops her.


      Then we see Haruka standing outside Touya’s apartment door, she keeps ringing and ringing his doorbell until a neighbor tells her to cut it out, can’t she tell he’s not home? Haruka then sits outside his door and begins to cry, she starts begging for him to open the door, and she cries for her dead brother. Then we see Haruka walking her bike home in a daze, she bumps into people and take no notice to anything or anyone around her.



      Then we shift to a recording studio where we see Touya watching Rina-chan doing a recording session with Eiji doing the production. This episode ends with Rina-chan recording her song.


     Well, another slow paced episode filled with lonely people, nothing new here unless you consider that a new girl was added to the harem that Touya doesn’t deserve. OK, so the high schoolgirl from the other episode is back as Touya’s tutoring student, and it’s quite obvious that she’s another lonely girl. Mana returns from her night of following Touya and Misaki around to a empty house with no prospect of her parents showing up anytime soon, so it’s only natural for a series of this type to have her fall for Touya (plus what harem anime worth it’s salt doesn’t have at least one high schoolgirl for the guy to choose from?).

     The only character I really feel sorry for is Haruka, she clearly needs some grief counseling for her unresolved issues about her brother’s death. To me, it seems like every time Haruka feels depressed over her brother’s death she heads off to see Touya, I don’t think she’s attracted to him in a romantic way, he’s just a brother substitute for her. The only question I have about this series is that since Rina-chan, Eiji-san, and Yayoi all think that they are acting in Yuki’s best interest, will they will do her more harm than good by trying to manage Yuki’s love life?