This episode begins with Rina finishing the first part of her recording session, and everyone says it went flawlessly. Eiji tells Touya that there’s really no reason for him to be there if Rina’s recording, but with Yuki it’s another matter. A short while later, Touya rushes past Rina to exit the studio, Rina walks in to see that Eiji played some of Yuki’s raw vocals for Touya. Rina goes outside to see Touya and asks him if Yuki really sounded that bad? Touya can’t really say whats good or bad, but he tells Rina that he understands why Yayoi and Eiji don’t think that Yuki has time to waste on him. Rina’s only real reply is that she’s no longer her brother’s favorite plaything, Yuki is.


       Then we see Haruka being harassed by two low life’s, she seems too out of it to put up a fight, and then at the last moment Mana (Touya’s student) rushes to her aid. Mana starts to scream and yell that perverts and molesters are attacking them, soon the guys rush off, and Haruka passes out after they leave.


      later, Rina tells Touya about her relationship with her brother, Eiji quit singing because he felt that he reached his peak and he didn’t like the idea of not being able to change, so she became his project, he could watch her change and improve. But Rina tells Touya that Eiji now feels that she is complete and she as reached her level of perfection, so now he needs another project (Yuki) to excite him. Rina also tells Touya that no matter what he thinks Yuki is still with-in his reach. She also asks Touya to nolonger consider her a goddess, because tomorrow she might be a devil, and she also hands Touya a copy of her work schedule and tells him to stop by and watch her anytime he feels like doing so.



         Then we flash over to Mana and Haruka, as Haruka walks home Mana tries to get her to talk, but has very little success. In  the end, Haruka mentions Touya’s name but when Haruka looks back she sees that Mana has disappeared. Then we see Touya helping Misaki helping with her costumes, and Misaki asks if the women she saw Touya with was Yuki’s senior, is she really famous? Then we see Yayoi getting a call at her office, and we see Yuki not being able to reach Touya and wondering what happened to him?



       The next morning, when Touya returns home, he finds Haruka sleeping in his bed, she says she’s OK and lets herself out when he leaves. As the days go by, Touya continues to help Misaki with her costumes, and Yuki keeps trying to reach Touya with no success. It gets so bad for Yuki that she calls Touya’s father’s house and Misaki answers the phone, Misaki doesn’t help clarify the situation by telling Yuki what’s going on. Later, Mana starts following Touya and Misaki around as Touya is searching for a gift for Rina-chan’s upcoming birthday, she still thinks that Misaki is Yuki.



       Then on Rina’s birthday Touya shows up at the studio, Yuki sees Touya there and she wants to know why? Eiji says that it’s a complete coincidence and Yayoi, Rina, and Eiji leave Touya and Yuki alone to talk. They don’t say much to each other, Yuki tries to get Touya to do something on Saturday but he’s says he’ll be at his school’s festival. Yuki takes Touya inside the recording studio to watch her work on her song, Touya is confused as to why Yuki’s singing the song that he saw Rina working on. After a while, Yayoi asks if Touya is going to stay for the whole thing, if not, she’ll drive him home.




      So, Touya accepts Yayoi’s offer of a ride home. While parked at his apartment, Yayoi starts to ask Touya about his actions, Touya says that she can say anything she wants to about him. Yayoi says that it must have been like punishment for him, and she moves over to his side of the car and begins to kiss him. Unlike the previous time she embraced him, Touya doesn’t push her away, he embraces her back with passion, and he says a silent apology to Misaki because he’s going to be late. Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, I found this episode enjoyable and enlightening for several reasons. First, Rina’s talk with Touya cleared up many questions I’ve been having about the whole Eiji/Rina/Yuki relationship like; what does Eiji see in Yuki, what’s the deal between Eiji and Rina? When Rina explained to Touya that Eiji quit performing because he knew he reached his peak and could not see any further growth he then decided to perfect Rina, and it made me understand why he now wants the flawed Yuki. When Rina performed in the studio, both Touya and Eiji understood that her execution of the song was flawless, Eiji said that there was no reason for him to be there. So, without having a untrained product (Yuki) to work with, Eiji has no purpose or meaning to his life. If only Yuki could see her future, she’s nothing but a pet project for Eiji, nothing more, when he gets her to where he wants her, she’ll be put aside just like Rina.

       It was also very interesting that when Touya decided to cheat he chose Yayoi, the woman who he said had the lips of a lifeless doll. Well, since this is a harem anime I give my +’s and -‘s for each woman/girl and rate them in the order that I would have chose them.

#1 choice. Rina.


Pluses– self-assured and self-confidant, sexy and mature

Minuses– her career might just cause a problem with available alone time just like Touya has with Yuki, and her weird relationship with her brother could be a pain.

Availability– above average, despite her self-assured demeanor she seems a little lonely, so she just might be open to a little after work action to spice up her nights.

Intangibles– when Rina said not to consider her a goddess anymore because she just might be a devil next time, really got me wanting to she her demonic side, in my bedroom, of course.

#2 choice. Misaki.


Pluses– has a calm and gentle personality, educated and refined, very attractive in a understated way, possibly the best wife material.

Minuses– seems to become frazzled when put under pressure, need to speak up for herself when other people try to take advantage of her.

Availability– above average, doesn’t seem overly lonely but she seems like the type that was born to have a boyfriend walking next to her.

Intangibles– after learning Misaki’s interests, she would be the perfect girl to curl up with in front of a warm fireplace while sharing a nice bottle of wine with some classical music playing in the background.

#3 choice. Yuki.


Pluses– the pure and virginal girl next door, the girl that you’ll remember fondly when you get older and look back at the past.

Minuses– at her point in her career it would be very difficult to have a fulfilling adult relationship with, Eiji’s and Yayoi’s constant surveillance would drive any guy nuts.

Availability– extremely high, she’s all but said that she wants to knock boots, but see above.

Intangibles– Yuki has that eternal cute girl next door look, she’ll probably look just as good at 40 as she does now, plus with Yuki it’s possible to have that whole high school sweethearts to husband and wife story.

#4 choice. Yayoi.


Pluses– when Yayoi wants something she just comes out and goes for it, she has the best body in the whole group.

Minuses– if your with Yayoi you really don’t know if you mean anything to her other than a booty call.

Availability– extremely high, while she says that she’ll take Yuki’s place when needed, she seems like she has no life outside work so what might seem like a job duty might turn into something more.

Intangibles– while she might seem to “have the lips of a lifeless doll” there’s something to be said for just giving in to raw desire for desires sake, as the old saying goes; “the only bad sex is having no sex”.

#5 choice. Mana.


Pluses– the ever popular schoolgirl, cute and sassy, self-assured with a touch of vulnerability.

Minuses– as she’s shown in previousepisodes Mana tends to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts, and if your with her be prepared to ride the emotional roller coaster of youth.

Availability– above average, parents work all the time, and you spend more time with her as her tutor than her parents do

Intangibles– see the pluses entry. Also this famous quote from Dazed and Confused  says it all ~ That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older and they stay the same age.~

#6 choice. Haruka.


Pluses– athletic and sightly tomboyish, you’ve been friends forever, she’s always stopping by your apartment.

Minuses– Haruka’s a emotional train wreck since her brothers death, she needs counselling more than a boyfriend. If you did start sleeping with her you wouldn’t know whether your really her guy or just some weird brother substitute. But, if things went wrong with your relationship with Haruka you wouldn’t know if she’d just up and kill herself inside your apartment or jump in front of a train.

Availability– the highest possible level, she’s at your apartment almost everyday, sometimes she sleeps in your bed when your not home, if your were a dog, getting with Haruka would take about 1 minute. 

Intangibles– if Haruka managed to get her head on straight, she’d make the perfect girlfriend for a guy who likes doing outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, tennis, camping, and so forth.