This episode begins with starts with Yoshino and Uchida buying some sweet potatoes from a vendor then heading to the Minami apartment where Kana starts going over the “laws’ of getting a boyfriend. Kana has them begin their training by acting weak, pretending to be unable to open a soda can. When put into practice, Uchida really sucks at it, but Yoshino does a great job at acting weak.


     Soon, Haruka returns from school with Maki and Atsuko, and soon the girls get Maki and Atsuko involved in their weakness exercise. For Maki it brings back memories of this method failing for her. When Atsuko gives it a try she does a tremendous job, but soon both Maki and Kana figure start calling Atsuko a witch and a bad woman because of her acting skills, Atsuko flees to Haruka in embarrassment because she really can’t open the can. Both Kana and Maki still thinks that Atsuko just a witch, she could really open the can if she wanted to.  




       Soon, Chiaki returns home with Touma and when she sees Kana with one of her sodas she grabs it from Kana. As soon as Chiaki open the can it sprays soda in her face, and when she asks who did this? Kana points to Atsuko and says the witch did it.



      The next skit involves Kana telling Uchida that they are fortunate to have experts on guys here to teach them, she points to Maki and tells her to begin teaching them on how to handle guys. As Maki starts to get into her role, Haruka forces her to help her cook dinner, that leaves Atsuko in the teacher role. Kana tells the girls to ask Atsuko any questions they have, so the girls want her to pick up on the night portion that Maki left off at. Atsuko starts to get all flustered and embarrassed as Kana pushes her , Touma chimes in and tells Kana to leave her alone, can’t she see that Atsuko is embarrassed, and Touma then calls Kana a dumb-ass. Kana and Touma start a wrestling match and Kana shoves Touma into Atsuko’s boobs, Touma falls asleep on Atsuko’s breasts, and Atsuko can’t remember if Touma is a girl or a guy.




       The next day at school, Makoto accidentally runs into Touma on his way to the bathroom, and he gets punched in the face even though he apologizes. Then out of the blue, Kana asks Keiko how to get a boyfriend? Keiko looks over to Fujioka and tells her that she might get one pretty soon. In typical Kana fashion, she tells Keiko that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, she just wanted to hear something interesting, and she got the most boring answer possible from Keiko. A little while later, Riko comes up to Keiko and asks her what she thinks if girl A got hugged from behind by her crush, boy B, as Keiko is going through situation in her mind where Fujioka might have hugged Riko, Riko walks off. Then Keiko asks Kana the same question that Riko asked her. As Kana goes through her convoluted logic, Riko pushes her just like Kana does to her, and when Kana melts down Riko jumps all over her.



       Then at Haruka’s school, we see Atsuko delivering a great volleyball serve, Hosaka walks over to her and speaks to her for a while, Atsuko comes to the conclusion that when Hosaka’s being quite he’s not that bad. Maki rushes up and asks her if she’s OK, did he say anything bad to her? No. Atsuko asks Maki if she hates Hosaka? No, she just finds him disgusting, then Maki asks Atsuko if she likes Hosaka? She replies, no, you have to be joking.



      When Hayami shows up, she tries to get the other two girls to tell her what they were talking about, but soon Hosaka sees her and walks over to discuss club stuff with Hayami. As he approaches the girls he overhears Haruka’s name mentioned along with the club, and he goes into Hosaka dream world mode, and Hayami has to go over and slap him back to reality. Maki makes her typical, how disgusting comment, but Atsuko makes the observation that Hosaka is really cool when he’s in quite mode. Well, that’s all for this episode.



     Well, I found this episode to be quite funny, this is the what, the third, fourth, or fifth episode about boys and girls and how to get a boyfriend or how to attract a guy? I find these episodes to be quite amusing, because no matter how serious the discussion gets, Kana logic always seems to screw it up, you could almost do the exact opposite of Kana’s advice and be perfectly OK. It also seems that the writers are bringing Maki and Atsuko more into the everyday storyline, while Hayami doesn’t come over as often, it really doesn’t matter because Maki is almost a Hayami in training.

       One thing that I’m finding quite silly is that Touma sex is more in question than ever, I don’t know how both Fujioka and Atsuko keep thinking she’s a guy, haven’t we’ve seen her showing boobs when she was wearing street clothes? Also, I find it amusing that everyone one of the girls except Kana has in one way or another discovered boys or at least the affect boys can have on them, it’s like Kana’s less mature than the primary school girls. I also don’t mind them integrating Maki, Atsuko, and Natsuki more into the show because both Hayami and Hosaka are seniors and will be graduating at the end of the school year, so if Minami-ke is going to continue beyond this season it going to need some more plot-linesto work with. Another thing I find quite amusing about this season is that Kana is most certainly getting the better of Chiaki than ever before, Kana owns Chiaki.