This episode begins with Misaki and Touya finishing up with the costumes and props, Touya helps Misaki load them into a van, and then he heads off to Mana’s house for her lessons. Misaki continues to have problems with the head of the drama club, he rejects her costumes and props even though he approved the sketches, he tells Misaki to make them mono-color or they won’t use them. Meanwhile, at Mana’ house, Touya sleeps while Mana studies. For some reason Mana goes over to Touya and appears to give him a kiss, but it seems that she might have pulled back at the last moment.



       That night, Misaki and Touya are back at his father’s house, they seem at a loss about what to do with the costumes and props until Touya’s father gets Misaki going and together they complete the costume work. At the school festival, we see Mana running into Haruka at a promotional appearance for Yuki’s new single. The crowd wants Yuki to sing them a song but she puts them off by telling them she has a big announcement of them instead(?).


       Touya wakes to find himself alone, he asks his father why he didn’t wake him, and his father tells him that Misaki asked him to let Touya sleep. Touya rushes off to the school and runs into Akira, he continues to look for Misaki when he overhears a male idol group talk about how popular Yuki is and how glad they were that she didn’t steal the show. Then Touya finally figures out why Yuki asked him what he was doing this Saturday, she tried to arrange a work assignment where she could see him while doing her job. Later, Touya calls Misaki from a phone booth and he tells her that he saw the drama club rehearsing her play, she tells him to please stop by tomorrow to see the real thing.


        That night Yuki again tries to call Touya’s house, but he’s not home, and then we see that Touya has walked over to Yuki’s apartment but he lacks the courage to go up so he walks off. The next day Misaki tries to get tickets to the play for herself and Touya but asshole says that seats are for the audience, if Touya wants a ticket he’ll have to buy it, and Misaki can watch from the side. Misaki gets pissed and storms off with Touya chasing after her. Touya offers to buy two tickets for the show but she points out that he won’t be allowed to buy two tickets, so she asks Touya to just follow her this one time. Misaki gets a key to the spare auditorium and they proceed to sneak into a unused room where they can watch the play together.


       So, Touya and Misaki make their way through the bowels of the theater, trying to reach the location before the play starts. But, as they near the location, the play begins, Touya and Misaki stop and they talk about old times, and Touya tells her he is happy because of all the time he’s spending with her, getting to know her. Touya then brings up the issue of Akira, and he asks her what she thinks of him? She says now is not the time or place for that, and she walks off towards their final destination.


        Touya can clearly tell that he’s upset Misaki, and as he follows her he tries to apologize to her. Misaki trips on something and falls to the floor and a bunch of iron pipes fall onto her. When Touya rushes over to help her, she sort of confesses to him that it would end this way, she never should have been around him this much, she knew how this would end, it’s like a betrayal of Yuki’s and Touya’s feelings. Touya tells Misaki that he loves her and then he kisses her, she tells him that it can’t happen and that she doesn’t love him, and she tells him to leave her. After Touya leaves, Akira soon shows up (did Touya fetch Akira?) and tells Misaki that he loves her, and Misaki is taken away by ambulance. After this incident Touya comments to himself that he never realized that he was surrounded by some many emotions, and he thinks of Yuki. Well, that’s all for this episode.



      Well, Touya’s done it again, he been unfaithful to Yuki for a second time. But, this time I’m not going to put 100% of the blame on him this time, I’ll place about 50% on Touya for him not having the balls to just walk past Yayoi on his way up to Yuki’s apartment. I give Yuki about 40% of the responsibility for their relationship problems, a relationship takes two to make it work, and Yuki spends too much time in her apartment playing the longing virgin, the whole “oh, pooooooor me, here I sit, naked, wrapped in a bedsheets with no boyfriend to hold me” act is getting old. If Rina-chan or Yayoi wanted something, they would just go out and try to get it. I don’t want to hear any of the Yuki has to submit to having her strings constantly pulled by everyone around her comments. Yayoi is Yuki’s manager not her mother or chastity guard, she could easily throw on a disguise like Rina wears and tell Yayoi to drive her to her boyfriend apartment and just wait outside in the car until I’ done.

      I can see why Eiji and Yayoi would like Yuki to breakup with Touya, it’s helps to keep up the illusion that idols are cute, innocent, and virgins. (even if they are many years past high school age). After all, this illusion helps with record sales if the stay at home, frapping fan-boys, really think that they have a chance to make that virgin idol girl (or anime girl)(remember the Kannagi uproar)theirs. While, I find White Album interesting, I really don’t care very much about whether Yuki and Touya can make it as a couple, they just have to many emo issues for me, I tend to enjoy the supporting cast, Rina, Yayoi, Mana, and the rest. So if Touya doesn’t grow a pair of balls, I don’t care, and if Yuki stays a pouting virgin, I don’t care, go out and buy some AA batteries, at least you don’t have to work to make that relationship work, you just flip a switch.

       I place the remaining 10% of Touya’s cheating on Misaki, she knew about Yuki’s and Touya’s troubled relationship. What did she expect would happen when you spend a lot of time around a guy that’s having girlfriend troubles, it just adds to the problems and confusion. If she really cared about Yuki’s and Touya’s problems she would have gotten him to talk about it with her instead for being a convenient replacement for Touya’s unfulfilled sexual feelings for Yuki. OK, that’s enough ranting for one day.