This episode begins with Kana bringing some oranges to the Kotatsu, and both Chiaki and Touma watch Kana eating, then they both grab for the same orange. At school, Uchida comes running up to Makoto and tells him that Chiaki and Touma are fighting. Uchida pleads with Makoto to stop the hostility, but he tells her that there’s nothing he can do about it. Then Makoto comes up with a Einstein like observation (at least for him), he thinks that the dispute started last night at Chiaki’s house, so they should go ask Kana what happened. While sitting at the Kotatsu with Kana, both Mako-chan and Uchida get whacked by Kana when they tried to grab a orange. As Chiaki and Touma are walking home they both decide that their fight was caused by both of them being too lazy to get up from the Kotatsu and get their own oranges, they quickly makeup and walk in to find Uchida and Mako-chan fighting with Kana.





        The next day, Touma sees Chiaki sewing something and Chiaki tells her that she’s making a giant Christmas stocking. Later, Haruka tells Maki and Atsuko that she confused by Chiaki’s giant stocking, Kana’s already told her what she wants for Christmas but Chiaki won’t say a word. So, Haruka invites Fujioka over to try and figure out what Chiaki wants, Haruka’s placing her faith in Fujioka since his last gift was her favorite. Well, Fujioka really has no idea, but he uses this time to give Haruka and Kana their gifts. When Haruka opens her gift she finds that Fujioka has given her a set of mittens (it looks like Fujioka has gotten all the sisters mittens) Kana decides that Fujioka’s gift would the perfect thing to put inside Chiaki’s stocking, but Fujioka tells Kana that she should get Chiaki some other stuff but Kana says not to worry about it.



       On Christmas morning Kana puts Chiaki’s stocking over her head and wakes Chiaki up, and she has Chiaki check inside the stocking for her gift. Later, the three sisters are outside making a snowman, and it seems that Chiaki is enjoying her gift of mittens. In the end, it seems that Fujioka’s gift of mittens was a very big hit with Minami sisters.




       That very same morning, we see Natsuki getting chewed out by his older brother because it’s was his job to place Touma’s X-mas gift by her pillow, and he forgot to do it. Later, we hear Touma telling Haruka that she’s glad her brothers finally stopped getting her gifts she doesn’t really like, or want. As soon as Touma and Chiaki leave the house Haruka is on the phone chewing Natsuki’s ass about the “no X-mas gift thing”, he tells Haruka that it’s all his fault even though it was partly Touma’s fault. Natsuki couldn’t place the gift by Touma’s pillow because they were gaming in his room and Touma ended up falling asleep with her head on Natsuki’s leg so he couldn’t place the gift properly. He agrees to place the gift in it’s proper place tonight, and he even writes himself a reminder note. When Touma gets home she sees the note and gets pissed off and throws it in the trash. When Touma walks in on Natsuki and Akira she tries to cover their mistake by saying that she just didn’t see the gift by her pillow when she woke up this morning,  Akira plays along but Natsuki screws it up and ends up getting hit on the head by the present.



        The the episodethen  flashes back a few days with Hosaka overhearing the conversation Haruka had with Maki and Atsuko, and after verifying his thoughts with Natsuki he heads off looking for a Santa suit. But, instead, he ends up selling Christmas cakes with the hope that sooner or later a half frozen Haruka will come by and he can give her a free cake, stealing her heart in the process. Poor Hosaka, serendipity almost strikes, Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki are walking by at just the right moment and Kana and Chiaki ask to stop at the cake shop but Haruka tells them she’s already got a cake back at home, so they walk right by Hosaka.





     Once the girls get back to their house they have nice party with Touma, Uchida, Mako-chan, and Yoshino attending. Once the party gets rolling, everyone has a blast, and Haruka seems really happy watching everybody enjoying themselves. Well, that’s all for this episode.





       Well, I’ve really come to enjoy the Minami-ke Christmas episodes. Since Minami-ke is all about family, and friends that become like family, I find these episodes very pleasant and relaxing. I think that part of the reason why I like this anime is that I’ve become accustomed to things not really changing, it’s comforting.

       I really enjoy watching Haruka finding happiness and joy in making her sisters and their friends happy, while it may seem like Haruka might feel burdened by her responsibilities I think that she’s at her happiest when entertaining family and friends.

      No matter what happens, Kana is still Kana, silly, sightly dense, but basically a good girl (maybe a little selfish). When I consider how Kana’s changed from season two to season three it has to be that she’s become a lot less selfish than before. In season two, Kana did some really selfish things that got her in some real trouble with her sisters, but this season she’s really hasn’t screwed up that bad. I kind of feel sorry for Fujioka, he could walk up to Kana, kiss her, and give her a really nice ring or charm and Kana would probably kick him, then she’d try at eat the gift, and then she’d have to ask Chiaki what it all means.

      I feel that no one’s changed more over the course of these three seasons than Chiaki. At the start of season one I found Chiaki to be a not very likable girl, she almost felt like a robot. But, as Chiaki started spending more time with Uchida, Yoshino, Touma, and Mako-chan shes become much more human and friendly. Chiaki actually smiles and seems to enjoy spending time with her friends, and that’s a good thing.

     I just love watching Hosaka go into his private fantasy worlds whenever he tries to think of ways to get Haruka’s attention and affection. If Hosaka could ever work up the nerve to just talk to Haruka, he just might make some progress with her.

      This season of Minami-ke seems to be just flying by, I sure hope that the creators want to add another season of Minami-ke our viewing pleasure. Until next week,   make mine, Kana-chan.