As the current season of current anime comes to a close I’m not really sure what I’ll cover next. In the next few weeks, Minami-ke, White Album, Clannad ~After Story~, Casshern Sins, Jigoku Shoujo, Index, plus many other series I like will be ending, and I’m not really sure what I want to do.

      I have two fairly large posts in my draft bin that I know I want to finish, the first is meta review of Clannad & Clannad ~After Story~, clocking in at over 5000 words it’s becoming quite a difficult beast to manage and edit and the second draft is a overview of how rise in the popularity Moe anime and Lolicon anime is nothing new, and how this trend can be traced back hundreds of years.

     I also know that I want to finish my reviews of Telepathy Shojo Ran, and Emily of New Moon. I also want to continue working on Candy Candy. I think that I might blog the Kawaii Anne series, and maybe I’ll go back and blog a older shojo series from the seventies. I’m also considering blogging the Taiyō no Ko Esuteban (The Mysterious Cities of Gold)  anime, I have a very poor quality VHS fansub copy of the series, but I have a remastered DVD set of the series on order. If anyone out there has any suggestions on what upcoming anime or even older anime they would like to see covered, please let me know.

     Another project I’m considering for the future is a Candy Candy project, I have a complete Candy Candy DVD box set on order, and  I’ve been kicking around the idea of ripping the DAF subs from the first 54 episodes of Candy Candy and putting them to a proper quality release, but that won’t occur until at least July or August at the earliest.

     All I know for now is that I’m tired as hell from working 50-60 hours per week along with my blogging time, and I still have to make time for going out. As much as I enjoy the 2d world of anime, I still prefer the company of 3d girls on the weekends. So, now I’m off to join Nagisa, who’s dreaming of dangos in slumber land.