This episode begins with Akira visiting Misaki at the hospital, the doctor tells him that it’s just a sprain plus she’s exhausted, they’ll release her tomorrow. When Akira is reading the morning paper we see that Rina-chan has gotten passed up by the Sakura-dan group. Later, we see that Touya’s father has gotten ill at home, he drops his wife’s picture, and struggles to climb up the stairs.


       Then we switch to a meeting between Rina and Eiji and she questioning him about her getting bumped by Sakura-dan, she asks her brother if it was money?No. What then? I always make the right choice. Rina tells her brother to just make sure that Yuki isn’t destroyed in whatever game he’s playing. It seems that Eiji wants Rina to do a small club event instead of the arena concert, and Yuki and the Sakura-dan group will do the arena instead. Then we see Yuki asking Yayoi is she ever visits Echoes, Yayoi tells her that she never goes there unless it’s business. Yuki hands Yayoi a letter and asks her to deliver it to Touya on Wednesday night, she says that the letter tells Touya that she won’t see him until after the upcoming concert, and that’s her decision. Yayoi tells Yuki that she’ll deliver the letter.




       Then we see Touya hanging out at the college, and just as he’s about to have a run in with Misaki’s ex-stalker (the drama club prez) Haruka shows up. After they talk for a while, Haruka leaves, and Rina-chan shows up. Earlier in the episode Rina told her brother that she would go along with his plans as long as she can hire Touya as a assistant, he says fine, as long as Touya says OK. So, Rina-chan and Touya head off to Echoes where he sees Akira and Misaki, he stops to say hello but Akira is very rude to him. In the secret lair, Rina and Touya talk about his new role as her assistant. During their conversation, he explains to Rina how random women (his goddesses) just seems to be around him all the time, and he also explains to Rina how her fans view being close to her.



      So, Touya begins his job as Rina’s assistant, he does stuff like keeping the press from getting too close to her and ushers her from place to place. Things get really crazy as the news of Rina’s demotion and Yuki’s & the Sakura-dan group’s promotion hits the press. During a run in between the Sakura-dan group and Rina, they tell her that they’ll win and she’ll lose, but Rina looks at them and tells them that it’s not about wining or losing. Later, we find out that one of the conditions that Touya demanded from Rina was that he could keep his Thursday Echoes shift and his Friday tutoring session.


       Later in Eiji’s office, Rina asks her brother what kind of numbers she needs to draw to win this game, when Rina sees the number her brother has written (46,701) she seems a little shocked. Later, we see Yayoi looking at a letter addressed to her and she gets a threatening phone call from Rina’s old manager, she tells him she’s not worried and she rips up the letter.


      Rina watches Yuki practice for a while then she leaves to write her a note. While at the desk she notices a ripped up letter addressed to Touya in the trash (did Yayoi rip up the wrong letter, or was it on purpose?), Rina places her note to Yuki in Yuki’s purse then she leaves the studio. Later, we see Yayoi and Touya together and Touya can tell that something is wrong with Yayoi, but she won’t say what.  Then we see Rina at Echoes putting the ripped up letter back together, it seems that Yayoi has torn up Yuki’s letter to Touya and Rina says it’s now too late and she starts crying. Then Yayoi drops off Touya at his apartment (do they ever do anything more than kiss) and she’s about to give him Yuki’s letter but when she sees that she has the wrong letter she holds the letter back. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, this episode further confirms my theory about Eiji and his motivations, the whole Rina/Sakura/Yuki thing is nothing more than a game to him. I don’t think that he really cares who wins or loses as long as he’s entertained, Rina has pretty much figured this out and she tries to point it out to the Sakura-dan girls. Rina also tells Eiji that she hopes that Yuki isn’t destroyed in this game, it seems that Kabitz from Sea Slugs is right about Rina being a true friend to Yuki, and she seems very upset when she thinks that Touya and Yuki’s relationship is destroyed.

      A few additional observations about this episode. Whats up with Akira? He sure was a dick to Touya, all Touya ever did for him was to try and hook him up with Misaki is he threatened by the idea that Misaki could be stolen from him. Yayoi, does she really feel something for Touya, he makes the observation that she returned to the Yayoi he first meet. Does that mean that Yayoi had changed from the lifeless doll to a sweet affectionate woman? I’m coming to the conclusion that Touya is a man whore, he needs a woman around him all the time, if it can’t be Yuki, it can be any available piece of warm girl flesh. But, I still don’t feel sorry for Yuki, put the goddamn pen and paper down and just sleep with your man, it will keep him from finding more random goddesses and it will end your endless virginal emo yearnings.