This episode begins with Touma getting soaking wet while walking to Chiaki’s house. When Haruka see her state she has Chiaki run a bath for her, and Haruka and Kana proceed to fawn over her. Chiaki doesn’t like the attention Touma is getting and feels that she’s not being grateful enough. So, when Chiaki finds out that Fujioka is coming over she refuses to let Touma borrow clothes from her or Kana until the last moment when Touma says “please”.





        Then the next skit takes place between Kana, Chiaki, and Uchida. As Uchida is about to eat a candy Chiaki makes the comment that natural colorings often come from insects. Well, this information causes Uchida to stop with the candy in her mouth and she refuses to finish it. After Uchida spits it out, Kanaasks Chiaki for some trivia that’s not scary. So, Chiaki starts telling the girls about the honeymoon practices of flying black ants, and soon Kana points out that Uchida is plugging her ears. So, Chiaki decides to lie down, and she thinks to herself that a flying honeymoon is romantic.


       Soon, the doorbell rings and Kana tells Uchida that she can tell who’s ringing the bell, Yoshino. But, when she opens the door it’s Fujioka, and she tells Uchida that she said that Fujioka was at the door. As soon as Chiaki sees that Fujioka has stopped by for a visit she rushes over and starts clinging to him, Uchida is worried that Chiaki will scar him with her trivia. But, when Uchida sees that Chiaki’s “normal” trivia is going over well with Fujioka she goes off about why Chiaki only talks about gross stuff with her.



        A while later, Touma also shows up, and while Chiaki sits in Fujioka’s lap Uchida makes the comment that Chiaki really likes Fujioka, this gets Touma thinking. So, when Chiaki has to leave the room Touma takes Chiaki’s place on Fujioka’s lap, look out Touma! Chiaki calls Touma over to her, telling her to properly introduce herself to Fujioka, OK, and she proceeds to plop right back down in is lap. Chiaki calls Touma back over and asks her if she’s let Fujioka know what her gender really is? No. Well, Chiaki asks why Touma acts like a guy around Fujioka, and she tells Touma that Fujioka’s lap is her spot. After Touma tells Chiaki that she’s acting strange, Chiaki pushes her, and soon Touma and Chiaki are fighting. Fujioka jumps up and grabs Touma off of Chiaki and yells at him that boys don’t fight with girls, and that for all his talk about soccer he has extra fat around his chest.




        Fujioka points to Touma’s chest and says it’s time to condition and re-tune his body, she looks to Chiaki for help, but Chiaki doesn’t say anything. So, the next day at school, Chiaki sees that Touma is very tired, and Touma tells her that Fujioka came over first thing in the morning for a round of conditioning. Chiaki gets angry at Touma when she says it’s a pain, she says why bother going if she not using such a good chance, and when Touma asks her what she means by that and she iinvites her to come along, Chiaki gets very quiet. Later, we see that Chiaki is back in her place and enjoying it very much.




       Then the scene switches to the other Minami household, Touma walks in on while Natsuki is getting chewed out by his other two brothers for his demeanor, he’s not polite enough and doesn’t smile enough. Tomoya makes some comments about how Natsuki should avoid neglecting Chiaki and avoid Kana all together if he ever goes over there. So, Natsuki goes and buys a gift for the Minami sisters, and he stops over their house to asks a favor, while giving them the gift he remembers to smile and drops a real creepy smile on them. He asks them if they could speak to Touma about how late she comes home, when Kana tries to speak to him he takes Touma’s advice and just ignores her. Then when Chiaki tries to talk with him he takes Touma’s advice but creeps her out too, and his continual smiles really creeps out Haruka. Finally Haruka agrees to talk with Touma, who happened to be right there the whole time, she never payed any attention or even notice that everyone was talking about her until Haruka speaks to her. Well, that’s all for this episode.






     Well, this was a very enjoyable and funny episode, all the skits were well written, well executed, and very humorous. Uchida had a great point when she jumped on Chiaki about saying gross and scary things when she talks with the girls, but as soon as Fujioka shows up, she talks about the sky and clouds. Kana you better watch out, your sister is growing up, she even considers Touma’s alone time with Fujioka as a “chance”, and she’s spending more time being nice to your “boyfriend” than you ever have.

      What I also found interesting is that while Touma plays a boy around Fujioka, she also seemed like she was enjoying her turn on the Fujioka lap seat, very interesting. Fujioka comes off as quite naive again, give me a break, I don’t believe that he can’t tell the difference between a guy being a little flabby and a sprouting rack on a girl. No guy would have reacted the way Touma did if another guy had pulled them off of someone then made a flabby comment, I’m beginning to wonder if Kana’s stupidity is starting to infect his brain.

      But, the real show stealer in this episode was Natsuki, the combination of taking Touma’s advice and him trying to act against his nature made him quite funny. His forced smiles made him rise to a creep level previously reserved for his sempai Hosaka, maybe when Hosaka graduates at the end of the year Natsuki will take his place. Also, Natsuki’s interaction with the food vendor at the end of the episode was also classic Hosaka.

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but does the series seem to be adding a much higher level of sexual tension? In the first season it seemed that the only hint of sexuality was when the girls watched the Ninomiya-kun & Sensei TV series in the evenings, and even then Haruka changed the channel if things got too steamy. Speaking of steamy, I found a couple of adult Minami-ke dojins, so if you click here  you can find some Minami-ke cake.