This episode begins with Eiji laying out the rules for winning the game between the Sakura-dan group and them to Yayoi, Rina, and Yuki. Basically, they have to sell many more seats (a lot more) than the Sakura group to have a victory, to which Rina responds that she feels that she’s been tricked by her brother. After the meeting Rina confronts Yayoi about the torn up letter, did she do this, and why? Yayoi makes no bones about tearing up the letter saying that it’s her job to remove all obstacles to Yuki’s success. Rina says what about their feelings? Yayoi says she didn’t read the letter and asks if Rina herself has become emotionally involved? Rina says that she’ll do what she can for Yuki, and that for now Yuki needs Yayoi to succeed.


        Then Touya makes a stop at Echoes and asks the master to return the poetry book to Misaki and Akira, because he’s too busy to do it himself. Rina picks him up and they go to the stadium where she’ll be performing. As Rina is doing some preparation on the field, Touya starts thinking of Yuki doing her show. Then Rina goes back to the studio where she and her band works at perfecting her upcoming performance, and after practice Rina has Touya join her for dinner. Touya asks her if he did something wrong, he hasn’t gotten a single message from Yuki? Rina says that they’re in concert mode, and have to shut out all distractions. Touya tells Rina that he hasn’t done anything yet, but she tells him that this is his job.



      Then the scene switches to Yuki, she seems to be having problems with her nerves when she tries to think of herself in front of the concert crowd. We see Yuki holding a phone receiver with it’s cord cut while she’s trying to make a call (to Touya?), in a daydream. It’s seems that all this was occurring in Yuki’s mind while she was riding in Yayoi’s car. Then Yayoi’s phone rings, and she tells Yuki it was from the president, he’s picked out Yuki’s final song (but was the call really from Touya?). Yuki asks Yayoi if she gave Touya her letter, and Yayoi tells her not to worry, Yuki is very thankful.


      Later, at Mana’s house, she finds out that Touya is now Rina’s personal assistant. She asks Touya if it’s OK with Yuki’s concert coming up? He tells her is not about OK, or not OK, Yuki didn’t even tell him any info about the her concert. Mana then tells him to leave. Walking out the door, Touya sees than Haruka has shown up to meet with Mana, as Haruka rides her bike Mana jogs with her. Later, Mana and Haruka talk, Mana tells her that she should give up on the idea that Touya is her boyfriend, she keeps calling her Yuki. Mana tells her it was cute when he insisted that Yuki was his girlfriend, but claiming he works for Rina is too much. Haruka thanks her and then she properly introduces herself to Mana.




       Then we see Yayoi pick Touya up, and they talk about his job as Rina’s manager, he tells her that all he does is stand around and watch. He tells her that he overheard the band calling him Rina’s mascot or pet, and they think that Rina’s changed. Yayoi asks him if he knows why? No idea. He also talks about Mana and Haruka’s new friendship, and Masaki and Akira’s romance.  When Yayoi ask him if not going to talk about Yuki, and Touya breaks down in tears. As he’s crying about not knowing Yuki’s feelings, Yayoi leans over and licks his tears and begins to kiss him. The next morning we see that Touya is still in Yayoi’s car.



        During rehearsal, Rina suddenly stops singing and calls Yuki, she tells her she’s stuck. They talk for a while, Yuki asks if Touya has mentioned her and Rina tells her “no”, do you want me to get him? Then we see Rina waking Touya up, and she tells him it’s time to go home, and she asks him if he free for dinner in a few days? No, he already has plans. With Yuki? No, with Yayoi, Rina seems really shocked. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       After watching the first ten episodes of White Album I’ve become quite annoyed by most of the main characters and somewhat bored by the storyline. But, this episode kind of got me slightly interested in the plot once more. Like I’ve said in previous episode reviews, I really don’t like Yuki or Touya, they do more whining and pouting and anything else, but I’m quite fascinated by Yayoi’s and Rina’s motivations and actions.

        When I first observed Yayoi’s interactions with Touya I thought that she was only spending time with Touya to keep his horny ass away from the virginal Yuki. Then as time went on, I thought that maybe she was getting something out of fooling around with Touya because she really doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside of work. So, I figured that even though Touya is a loser, maybe Yayoi figured that sex with a loser is better than no sex at all. But, now I’m back to thinking that as soon as either Yuki or Touya decides to end their relationship then Yayoi says bye-bye to Touya and she’s back to her lonely lifestyle. But, Yayoi is playing a very dangerous game, if Yuki discovers that Yayoi never delivered her letter, or she’s banging her “boyfriend” then I think that Yayoi’s career as Yuki’s manager is over.

       Rina’s position in the mess is quite interesting and fraught with danger. I think that Rina is really trying to be a friend to Yuki but the whole Yuki/Yayoi/Touya triangle is a no-win situation for her. Rina knows that Yayoi is doing everything in her power to ruin Yuki’s and Touya’s relationship, she’s knows that Touya still cares about Yuki, and that Yuki still cares about Touya, so if she mentions the undelivered letter to either Touya or Yuki it could lead to Yuki finding out everything. Yuki is in such a shaky career and emotional position that the news could possibility destroy her career and personal life. I really don’t envy the position that Rina is in.

      Oh, in closing, Touya is a even bigger wimp than I first thought, the nerve of him to cry about his girlfriend in front the woman he’s cheating with, he doesn’t deserve any of the harem that surrounding his loser ass.