This episode begins with Fujioka asking Kana to give Chiaki a book that she wanted to read after he was finished with it. After thinking about it for a while, Kana just tells Fujioka to stop by and give it to Chiaki himself, he seems happy. All the while, Riko is watching from the other side of the classroom, she wonders aloud how she can get closer to Fujioka? Then Hiroko shows up and starts making observations of Fujioka and makes some comments about the Fujioka/Minami bancho triangle. Soon, Hiroko is giving Riko advice on how to snag Fujioka from Kana, she tells Riko that even though Fujioka only has eyes for Kana, Kana has no intentions with Fujioka, so confess to him, but don’t look weak. Keiko doesn’t think this approach will work, but she holds her tongue.



      So, during break, Hiroko takes Riko and Keiko to see Yuu, she wants Riko to practice confessing to Fujioka, Hiroko has a less than enthusiastic Yuu pretend to be Fujioka. Well, Riko tries her best to practice but when she finally gets out the nerve to see Yuu as Fujioka she freezes up, and Yuu chews Riko out for concentrating on looks vs conversation. Then Kana walks out of the classroom and Yuu rushes over and starts talking with her, telling her how cute she is, and touching her hair. Hiroko who has a girl crush on Yuu gets upset and grabs Yuu away from Kana.



       Later that day Kana asks Riko is she would be interested in coming over her house for a study session with Keiko and, oh-my god Fujioka. Riko is so shocked by the offer that Kana thinks that she might not want Fujioka at the study session, but Riko soon agrees to come over. Once Kana gets home she soon wonders what hospitality is? Warmth.


        The study session seems to go very well, Haruka and Chiaki serve the guests refreshments. After a while the guests are offered a bath, Riko and Keikoseem too embarrassed to go first so Fujioka is offered first use, he says he’s going home soon so he’ll pass. But Kana asks if he’s refusing her offer of hospitality, and even Chiaki offers him some towels, so he can’t refuse. So, when Fujioka enters the bathroom he thinks to himself that this is the bath Kana uses, he doesn’t want to dirty the tub so he takes a shower. After Fujioka is finished, Riko enters the bathroom she thinks that this is the bath that Fujioka used. So, she ends up taking a shower too. Then it’s Keiko’s turn, she thinks to herself that using someone else’s bath is scary, so she takes a shower too. Then after all the guests have used the bath Kana decides to take her turn, she removes the cover and hops in the tub and we see that Kana has added chili peppers to the water to add warmth. After a few minutes in the tub Kana finds out the meaning of warmth, she rushes back into the room and asks the guests how the bath really was?





      The next day, everyone is discussing their test scores, and Riko did very well. When Keiko asks her why she’s happy she tells her that someday Fujioka will ask her for help (Riko then goes onto Hosaka mode). But, Riko finds out that Kana and Fujioka also did very well on the test due to Keiko’s help. So, when Kana asks Riko for further studying help, she feels pressured by Riko to refuse Kana (more Hosaka mode). Then Riko finally agrees to help Kana, but she only helps in a half assed way. When the test results come in Kana managed to outscore Riko with a 99, (poor Riko, the best laid plans of mice and men are often foiled by fools).



        A few day later, Kana, Touma, Mako-chan, and Chiaki are discussing Valentine’s day, Kana just blows it off saying that she’s got no one to give anything to anyways, she just wants to play Othello. Soon, Kana decides to teach Chiaki about the V-day art of making homemade chocolate. But in the end, Mako-chan and Chiaki end up making everything while Kana just plays Othello. Chiaki’s chocolate turns out really tasty, even Mako-chan made some chocolate, and Kana chides her/him about who’s she’s giving it to? No one. Why not Chiaki? Kana then tells Chiaki that she should give anyone within reason some chocolate for experience purposes, Chiaki thinks long and hard about the within reason point. So, the next day Makoto is thinking that Chiaki will be giving her chocolate to someone who doesn’t matter, after all, that chocolate was dropped on the floor. Makoto is really getting his kicks over someone getting her “doesn’t matter chocolate” until he gets Chiaki’s chocolate. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Very nice episode, I really liked how Riko went into Hosaka mode when she was thinking about plans for getting alone time with Fujioka. As the Minami-ke series goes on it seems like whatever brain disorder Hosaka has is very contagious and is quickly spreading. I can’t believe that Kana missed her opportunity to get free food, she should have figured out that if she gave Fujioka some V-day treats he would have to repay many times over on White Day. But, it’s also not surprising that she can’t figure this out since she seems to be the only one who doesn’t notice that Fujioka is seriously crushing on her. Poor Makoto, he thought that his status with Chiaki had improved, he seems to be confusing his relationship with Chiaki as Mako-chan with his real life status.  But, he should take this chance and get Chiaki something really nice for White Day? Could it be that he is getting a little too comfortable as Mako-chan?

       Overall, I’m really enjoying this season of Minami-ke, I could care less about the animation style issues, I watch Minami-ke because I love the comedic interactions between the characters, and it’s outrageous stoylines.