This episode picks up with Rina questioning Touya about his relationship with Yayoi, how did it happen and so forth? Touya tells her it just sort of happened; what does it matter I’m just an obstacle to Yuki’s career? Rina tells him it’s too dangerous, and that Yayoi can’t love anyone but Yuki? Touya tells her that he’s sorry it happened this way, so Rina asks him for a date, but he says he’s already been asked.


         During Touya’s next shift at Echoes, Rina shows up to see Touya but he takes off with Yayoi leaving Rina alone with the master.  When they get to Touya’sapartment, Touya tells Yayoi that she can’t become Yuki’s replacement but she can become something else. Once inside his apartment Yayoi asks him what she can become? Touya embraces Yayoi from behind and he tells her she can become “the goddess of the day” as he maneuvers her on to his bed.



       The next day after a emotional workout session Touya enters a room to find Rina waiting for him. As he’s about to speak, Rina tells him to shut up and listen to Yuki’s words. Rina reads off Yuki’s undelivered letter to Touya from memory, the letter explains to Touya why Yuki didn’t tell him about the concert and why she’s avoided him, and the letter covers all of Yuki’s hopes and fears about her upcoming concert. After hearing Yuki’s words, Touya breaks down in tears, Rina tells him that she can’t stand to be near someone who causing her dear Yuki this much and fires him on the spot.


Then we get a little montage of Touya’s memories of Yuki.



      Later,  we see Touya making a call to Yuki, and he only gets her answering machine. When Yuki gets home she sees her machine flashing and she plays Touya’s message. He tells her he got her message from Rina, and that he’ll be at her concert no matter what, he also says sorry. Yuki wonders why he got her message from Rina, and she struggles with herself resisting the urge to be strong and not call Touya. Then we see Touya failing to find a concert ticket for Yuki’s show, and the next day Mana makes fun of him for not getting his ticket soon enough. Mana also insinuates that if Yuki really was his GF she would have sent him a ticket, or he should have gotten one from Rina, either way she thinks he needs a shrink.




       Later Haruka and Mana meet up and Mana tells Haruka what happened with Touya not having a concert ticket, in the middle of their conversation Haruka gets up and calls Yuki a idiot and rides off. Then Misaki calls Touya and she finds out about Yuki not sending Touya a ticket and she is confused by Yuki’s actions. Touya also refuses to go visit his father with Misaki during the holiday saying it’s better for the both of them this way. Later, we see Mana asking her mother for a favor, then we see Mana giving Touya a ticket to Yuki’s concert, plus she bought him a gift to give Yuki for her birthday.



      When Touya gets back to his apartment he finds that Misaki and Haruka have both left him tickets to Yuki’s concert, now he has three tickets to the main event. The next day we see Akira and Misaki walking down a path when the drama club’s president steps onto the path and he tells them that he’s tried to see Misaki so he can apologize to her but her “boyfriend” is always in the way. So, he begins to apologize to Misaki when he stabs her with one of her prop knives, then he rushes off. When Akira  kneels beside Misaki he finds out that she’s not really hurt because the poetry book that Touya returned to her has broken the knife blade, Akira is angry that Touya manages to save the day when he’s not even here.




       Then, on the night before Yuki’s concert, we see that Yayoi has shown up at Echoes to give Touya a “ride home”, he tells the master that it’s only a ride.  When they get to his apartment, Yayoi begins her usual seduction of  Touya, but he tells her this has to stop. She continues to touch and caress his body, she asks him if he’s fallen for her or if he loves her? He says no. Then why don’t you stop me? Touya says that he only loves Yuki. Yayoi begins to kiss him again and says that she can’t allow that to happen. The next day we see Touya entering the concert hall to see Yuki’s show. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, with only one episode left to go in White Album’s first season almost everyone’s plans and schemes are revealed. Rina now knows about Touya’s sexual trysts with Yayoi, and she also now knows the the full extent of just how far Yayoi will go to protect Yuki’s concert debut. What I found interesting is that Rina gave Touya a chance to stop his affair with Yayoi, she warned him that Yayoi would never be able to love anyone. But when push came to shove, Rina chose to fire Touya instead of also confronting Yayoi about her part in the Touya/Yayoi affair, could it be that she realized if this became a battle her brother would side with Yayoi?

       In this episode Touya also finds out that Yayoi sat there and lied to his face whenever he brought up the issue of Yuki’s not trying to communicate with him, and he also knows that Yayoi threw out Yuki’s important letter. But, whats even more interesting is that even after knowing all of Yayoi’s lies Touya still chooses to continue their affair and have sex with her. Maybe, Touya is just a needy guy, a guy that has to have a woman around him even if he knows she’s lies to him and he’s nothing more than a peice of meat to her?

       I wonder how Yuki is going to deal with Yayoi now that she knows that her manager lied to her and never delivered her letter to Touya. I don’t think that Yuki’s reaction will be very pleasant when she finds out that everyone knew about Yayoi’s and Touya’s affair but her. But, like I’ve said in earlier reviews, Yuki has to take responsibility for quite abit of her relationship problems. Yuki shouldn’t have relied on a third party to communicate her feelings to her boyfriend, if she would have just given in to her desires and slept with Touyaso he wouldn’t be out there trying to nail every piece of warm girl flesh he runs across because he can’t figure out whether on not his GF cares about him.

       I think that the most interesting character in this whole series is still Yayoi. I really would like to know want she really thinks, even though she says she’s just doing her job I wonder if she really wishes that Touya would fall for her? Yayoi has always left me feeling that she’s a deeply lonely person, so I wonder if she would be happy becoming Yuki’s replacement for real, if it would make her happy knowing that her and Touya’s sexual relationship means something more that just sex. I actually think that Yayoi and Touya could make a believable couple, just imagine the lying, cheating, emotional monster they could give birth to, sweet.