This episode begins with Kana, Uchida, and Maki having a lot of fun and their noise wakes Chiaki from a nap, Chiaki attacks Kana with Fujioka. Kana asks Chiaki if she wants to fight? Yes. So, Kana pushes Uchida into face off with Chiaki for the first shouting match of the season, if Chiaki loses she has to leave the girls in peace, and if the girls lose they have to be quiet so Chiaki can sleep. Uchida quickly loses to Chiaki and tags off to Maki who also promptly loses. Then Kana has to go forward to battle Chiaki, their match seems to be a draw until Haruka enters the room with food, and Chiaki’s starts to lose her will to stay in place. As Chiaki rushes to the food Kana tackles her and proceeds to hold her down, Maki says that she thought this was a shouting match?






         Then the next skit involves Maki asking Kana to watch her while she’s sleeping to see if anything funny is going on, it seems that back in her middle school days Maki woke up to find some girls laughing at her, so she wants to know whats going on. Soon, Uchida decides that she also wants Kana to watch her sleeping to see what she looks like (maybe a princess?). Once Maki and Uchida are sleeping Mako-chan asks Kana if they can also join the other girls for a nap? Kana says no, and pulls out a marker and proceeds to do some drawing on Uchida’s and Maki’s faces. After she finished, Mako-chan and Kana are laughing so hard that Maki wakes up to find Kana and Maki-chan laughing and says she knew it, and Chiaki notices that someone wrote princess on Uchida’s forehead. Later we see Haruka and Maki looking at a yearbook from their junior HS days and Kana notices that it’s always been easy to draw on Maki’s face.




        The next day Kana and Chiaki are talking about upcoming uniform change day and Kana says that she wants to reinvent herself in a beautiful way with the uniform change. Kana asks Chiaki if she wants to join her in a change? No. Kana can’t believe that there’s not one thing that Chiaki would want to change about herself. While Chiaki is cutting down one of Kana’s shirts she accidentally cuts one of Haruka’s uniform skirts, after arguing about it for a while, Chiaki makes a emergency sewing repair on it. They decide to not tell Haruka about it because in about four days they can take it for a real repair.


       Then we see that the next couple of school days for Haruka seems to go by very quietly, unless you count the appearance of Hosaka carrying a bento (for Haruka) which he is unable to (or scared to) give her. Then on the fourth day at school, Natsuki is thanking Haruka for caring for Touma when Maki notices a thread hanging from Haruka’s skirt. Maki pulls on the thread and Haruka’s uniform skirt goes sliding all the way to the floor, Natsuki’s epic win!



       Then later on, Chiaki calls Kana a dumb-ass again, and Kana gets really pissed off and pushes Chiaki. Then Chiaki punches Kana in the face, and Kana complain that Chiaki’s become so violent. While Kana is the bathroom she decides that she has to save Chiaki before she becomes a delinquent.



       So, Kana decides to be nicer and more caring towards Chiaki, asking her about school, offering her food, volunteering to wash her back. Haruka thinks that it’s quite nice, but Chiaki wonders if Kana is working on a plan to finish her off? When Chiaki leaves the bath she finds Kana waiting in her bed for her, Kana tells Chiaki to come over here and she’ll read her a story. Chiaki gets really scared and goes to Haruka’s bedroom and asks to sleep with her, saying that if she sleeps she’ll be eaten. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, with only one episode of Okaeri left the series seems to be swinging back to it’s roots. The Minami-ke franchise has always been about the relationship and interaction between the three Minami sisters. While we’ve been entertained by the interesting and odd characters that surround the sisters (Mako-chan, Touma, Maki, Hosaka, Fujioka, Uchida (my personal favorite), and others, the series always comes down to the something contentious, always interesting, but mostly loving relationship between Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka. So, it looks like episode 13 will most likely be mostly about Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka even though we may see some of the side characters.

      Poor Hosaka, for all the time he spent following Haruka around, Natsuki got the epic win and not him. I guess he’ll spend all his time chasing and never seeing, but I guess it’s his own damn fault.

      I would really love to see a fourth season of Minami-ke, but I’m really having my doubts, the uneven production quality suggests that not much money or effort is being spent on Minami-ke Okaeri; read here and here for a discussion of the production problems. I await the final episode of Minami-ke Okaeri with anticipation and a little bit of melancholy because this may be the final episode of the franchise.