Well, it looks like the Anime Blog Awards 2009 site has disappeared with no reappearance in sight, and I was wondering if anybody gives a damn? I think that every community needs to take a good look at oneself and give some kudos out to the innovators, the up and coming, and to the quality leaders.

      So, if enough members of the anime blogging community are willing to give up a little of their time I would be willing to setup a blog and dedicated email address and try to get something going. I think that we could use many of last years categories with a couple of improvements.

      I think that the toughest part of this whole thing would be building the database of anime blogs and their writers, but once that’s done than the rest would be fairly easy. I found some pretty interesting e-election web software, and once you enter your members contact information the site sends out a registration invitation where the member gets a user name and password, then you can design a custom nomination or election ballots. After all that’s done, you can hold secure, encrypted, and anonymous voting with no over-voting, ballot stuffing and so forth.

     So, if anyone would be interested in trying to get something going please leave a comment with your anime blog’s address and email address. Remember, in the interests of fairness, anyone who helps would have their blog ineligible for any award consideration.