This episode begins with Eliza checking herself out in a mirror then she invites Candy to come along and help her shop for a new dress, Candy agrees to go with her. When the kids get to town, Eliza uses Candy as nothing more than a servant to carry her stuff, then Eliza sends Candy to buy a book for her, and while Candy’s inside the store they leave her behind.


       Candy says that they got her this time, oh well, I’ll just have to walk home. As Candy is walking through town she runs into Archibald’s (Archie) friend Alistair (Stear) he offers Candy a ride home in the car he built. While driving Candy home we come to find out that Stear is related to the Adleys, he’s Archie’s older brother Alistair Cornwell. So, after they properly introduce themselves to each other, one of the wheels falls off Stear’s car and they end up in a lake. They decide to walk and take a shortcut through the woods to get Candy home, and we see that both Candy and Stear like climbing trees and so forth. As Candy dances and swings through the trees, Stear seems a little smitten with Candy, then they part ways and Candy heads home.




      When Candy gets home, Neil and Eliza are very surprised that Candy made it back before nightfall. Then Candy overhears the staff talking about how the head of the Adley household is returning (grand aunt Elroy) and everybody seems worried about this turn of events. Candy figures out that’s why Eliza wanted to buy a new dress, a party in great aunt Elroy’s honor is being planned, Candy gets a vision of her dancing with her prince until she remembers that Neil told her that the special event that Eliza mentioned has nothing to do with her.


      While Candy’s in her room, Dorothy comes by to talk with Candy, she asks if they played another prank on her? Yes, but it doesn’t matter because while I was looking for my prince I found a second prince. Dorothy then tells Candy that Eliza wants to see her, and she also asks Candy not to give in to them.  When Candy enter Eliza’s room, Eliza asks Candy how the dress looks on her, Candy says it’s wonderful, and Eliza tells her to keep her dirty hands off of it. When Eliza leaves the room Candy checks out the dress, and fantasies about dancing with her prince until Eliza catches her, Eliza says that this is too good for a girl from Pony Home. Candy is so filled with anger and rage that she trembles and shakes, back in her room, Candy cries in her bed.



      Later that afternoon the mail arrives at the house, and Eliza & Neil are shocked to find out that Candy has gotten two official invitations to the big party. The father calls Candy down to inform her of the official invites, Eliza says that if Candy’s going she won’t go, but her father says that they can’t turn down the official request. Then Eliza gets told to borrow Candy one of her old dresses, at first she refuses, but then Eliza gets a wicked smile on her face and says yes. Eliza tosses Candy a dress and leaves then room, she tells Neil that she gave Candy a dress that is three years old so it won’t fit her anyways. When they return to the room they see Candy struggling to put on the dress, both Neil & Eliza call Candy fat and they tell her that she’s can’t go to the party looking like that.


     After Candy struggles with zipping up the dress, it rips along the zipper line, Eliza grabs the dress from Candy saying why did you ruin my favorite dress? Candy runs from the room in tears, all the staff wonders why Candy is crying, Candy ends up crying in her room, and she wonders why Stear and Archie bothered to invite her in the first place? Later that night, Dorothy stops by the room to see why Candy is crying, and Candy tells her everything that happened. Dorothy tells Candy to stop crying, the dress doesn’t matter, go to the party with the dress you have, you’re a nice girl and that’s why Stear and Archie invited you, go to the party and smile. Candy agrees with Dorothy and says that she won’t cry anymore, she’ll go to the party and be herself. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, no matter how nice Candy tries to be, it looks like Eliza and Neil can’t stop tormenting the poor girl. Eliza and Neil can torment Candy all the want and they can even get their temporary pleasure out of it, but in the end they’ll just look the uglier for it. I know that in the later episodes Eliza will become totally obsessed with why most guys will choose to spend their time with Candy instead of her. Candy is a free spirit, she moves with moment, when she’s happy she’ll show it, and when she’s sad she’ll express it, she’s free from the pretensions and posturing that both Eliza and Neil feel they have make because of their status. One of Candy’s most endearing traits will also be one of her biggest points of vulnerabilities, she loves freely and easily, and because she expresses her love openly it makes her vulnerable to people who would like to hurt her.

       Overall, this was a great episode, Candy’s friendly and open personality just earned her another fan (prince). For all of Candy’s troubles what better situation could a sweet orphan girl be in;  Having at least three handsome princes just waiting to slip that glass slipper on her dainty foot? Sweet, this shoujo at it’s finest.