This episode begins with the children raking leaves from around a dying beech tree when Ran says she thought she heard a voice. When Ran places her hand on the tree a large gust of wind strikes the area and Ran hears a voice stating that a terror is about to descend on everything. Later that night, Ran is awoken from her sleep by her to cats crying at the window, Ran sees birds crashing into her window and Midori uses her abilities to tell Ran the same thing is happening at her place. Then a large earthquake strikes the area and Ran hears a voice saying the crone has awakened.


      The next morning Rin tells Ran that he doesn’t remember the earthquake, and at school only a small percentage of the kids felt the quake. Midori wonders why some kids felt the quake and why most of the other don’t know a thing about it? Then in class the teacher starts picking on Rui for no reason, and when he gets all the questions right the teacher still gets on his case. Then another student comes to Rui’s defense and he and the teacher start arguing with each other. Just as they’re about to throw punches, Ran and Midori intervene, the teachers takes a break, but Ran feels some unnatural anger inside her classmate.




       After class, Midori asks Ran what Rin is making for dinner, and of course she invites herself over and has a Hosaka moment. Ran’s asks Junpei (the anger kid) to walk home from school with them, he accepts. While walking home, Rui suggests that they stop for crepes, poor Midori, she wanted Rin’s cooking. While they’re eating, Junpei displays huge swings of emotions; boredom, normalcy, unnatural anger, and so forth. Then an adult gets into a argument with the old lady who owns the place, and it almost gets out of hand with Junpei jumping into the fray again. Midori uses her powers to defuses the situation.





      Just when we think it’s all over, Junpei pushes his way past Rui saying he’s going to kick that guy’s but, Midori says to let him fight if he wants to fight, but Ran says that he’s not himself. Midori gets left behind with the school bags as Ran and Rui chases after Junpei, Ran has to use her powers to stop him. When they finally catch up with Junpei he says that he became so angry the world went white. Midori catches up with them but forgot (?  if you believe that I’ve got some land for sale) Ran’s bag. Seconds later the old lady shows up bringing Ran her bag, and she says goodbye, until we meet again. Rui points out to the rest of them that while they had to run at full speed to catch Junpei the old lady just sort of appeared there without even being the least bit tired. Later, when they tell Rin what happened he turns on the TV to show them that animals from all over Japan were let out of their zoo’s and are now running wild across the country.



        As they continue to talk, Rin brings up the point that it wasn’t just zoo animals but also people’s pets that ran away. Midori says that they need to be on alert, and Rin says that since he didn’t notice the quake to please tell him if anything strange happens, then he goes off to cook dinner with Midori following close behind. Rui asks Ran if he could please spend the night, when Midori hears this, she’s all over Ran about spending the night too, Ran at first doesn’t want to have them over but soon gives in. When Rui is asked why he needs to spend the night, Rui says he feels that he should be close to Ran tonight.



       While Midori is with Rin, Ran asks Rui why such strange things happen around them? After a rambling answer, Rui tells Ran that he thinks this happens because she and Midori have the power to fix things. Rui tells Ran that he’ll always be there for her. Forever? Yes, and Midori too, you two need each other. At this point, Ran asks Rui why he’s always putting them together? Midori overhears this and says that someday they’ll be related, to which Ran replies that is a worse thought than her mother’s horror novels. They start arguing and bickering and are soon given a vision of someone watching them, Rui breaks their trance by touching their hands. Midori says that they have to be ready to go after whoever is behind this whole thing. Then we see  Momoko (the old homeroom teacher, and bad lady) returning to the town, saying that she never thought she’d come back so soon.




         Later that night, Ran has a vision of someone being attacked by animals, and she tries to wake Midori, no luck. As Ran’s is getting ready to leave the house alone, she gets intercepted by Rui, Rin, and a still sleepy Midori. Ran tells them about the attack, and soon Ran and Midori are leading the rush to find the location of the attack. Well, that’s all for this episode.


      Well, it looks like the final battle/adventure of the TSR series is starting to happen, and this is probably the most dangerous mystery the kids have faced. The beginning of this arc is pretty much standard TSR stuff; Ran hears a voice or something supernatural happens to her to begin the adventure, Midori is the more forceful and be prepared to strike first member; Rui is more attuned people’s emotions and logical team member, and Rin is the member that can use muscle if necessary.

          You know that something really bad is about to happen when you see the total breakdown in Japanese social order starting to happen; teachers and students almost throwing punches, adults yelling at senior citizens, and  “shit that will turn you white…..this city is headed to a disaster of biblical proportions, fire and brimstone…..dogs and cats living together!” Well, who ya gonna call? The Japanese junior high school ghost-busters!

      This episode included all the stuff I’ve come to like about TSR; Ran and Midori’s good natured bickering, Ran and Rui’s nice wholesome romance, Midori’s crush on Rin, and his confusion about how to handle it. Also, I love how Ran’s and Midori’s personalities conflict but also enhance each other. While at times, Ran’s too soft and sweet, she tempers Midori’s more cold and clinical side, it would be really funny watching their relationship if Midori’s wish comes true and she becomes related to Ran by marrying Rin, watching them bicker forever would be sweet.