This episode begins with Nodoka asking Yui if she wants to walk home from school together, but Yui declines saying she has club activities today? Nodoka thinks it’s great that Yui finally got something to dedicate herself too, and Yui thinks that her carefree life is ending. We also see that Nodoka and Yui have been friends forever.

Below are pictures of Nodoka and Yui in high school, middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten.


       When Yui goes up to the club’s room, she gives us her impression of each girl and we find out why each girl chose her instrument, Mio is delicate girl and plays bass because lead guitar gets too much attention, Mugi is cute and gentle and plays keyboards because she’s played piano since age four, Ritsu is cheerful and full of energy and she play the drums because they’re cool. Then they talk about Yui buying a guitar this weekend, when she asks how much, Mio tells her about $100 for a cheap one, $500 for a decent one, and over $1000 for good ones. So, they agree to go guitar shopping with Yui this weekend.



       That night Yui’s sister sees her looking depressed and she asks what’s the matter, and Yui explains the guitar issue to her, so her sister asks their mother if Yui can have a advance on her allowance. Yui ends up getting about a $500 dollar advance on her allowance from her mother.  The next day, Yui meets the other girls to do the guitar shopping, but Yui’s easily distracted and the have to keep her focused. After spending most of the day goofing off they finally remember to start the shopping for Yui’s guitar.




       So, they end up in a instrument shop, but Yui has no idea what type of guitar to buy. While Mio is trying to explain the differences between guitars, Yui spots a really “cute” guitar and immediately smitten by a $2500 guitar, and she won’t be pulled away from that model. Mio and Ritsu recall how hard it was for them to choose their instruments and how hard they bargained on price (or at least how hard Ritsu bargained), then Ritsu suggests they get jobs to pay for the guitar. Yui says that’s going too far, but Ritsu insists that it’s part of the club’s activities, Mio wonders what type of jobs they’ll end up with.


       Then next school day, the girls sit around and brainstorm about what kind of jobs they’ll get, and no matter what’s suggested, Mio has terrible visions about how it will turn out, but then she thinks that she’s giving up before she’s even tried. Soon, the girls spot a job posting for traffic counters and decide that’s the job for them. All they have to do is sit in pairs and count the traffic as it passes, Mugi and Yui work as a team, and Mio and Ritsu work as the other team. As the day goes by, they talk and goof off as they go about the traffic counting, then they share a picnic lunch, and then they finish for the day. After a second day of work they get paid $80 per day of work and all the girls give Yui their checks. But, Yui gives them back their checks back and says that she’ll just buy a guitar she can afford, so please come back to the guitar with me.





      So, when they go back to the shop, Yui still looks like she’s in love with the original guitar, so Mugi steps away for a while. She goes back to the salesman and says she wants to bargain for that guitar, after he looks her over, the salesman gets a very shocked expression on his face. When he shows Mugi the price, she says lower. When Yui returns to the girls, she tells them that the store will sell Yui the guitar for $500, it turns out that her family owns the store. Yui thanks Mugi and says she’ll pay her back someday.


        When Yui gets the guitar home, she looks over the guitar and tries out how it feels and looks while she’s holding it. Yui’s so loud she even wakes her sister up. When the next morning comes, Yui’s sister discovers that Yui slept with the guitar. At school, the girls think that Yui looks like a guitarist until she tries to play something for them. Yui tells them that she was afraid to practice with it since it look so new and shiny. But, after a little while, Yui says that she can’t just treat it as a treasure, she has to play it. So the girls plug Yui’s guitar into a amp and she takes her first strum across the strings. Yui declares that it’s cool, and Ritsu says that they should shoot for playing a live concert at Budokan before they graduate high school (1065 days away). But, when Yui tries to play a song she doesn’t do very well and everybody agrees that she needs to practice.  Well, that’s all for this episode.





Some caps from the ending animation.




      Well, this was a pretty sweet episode, even though it was pretty standard stuff for this genre, I still loved it. I feel this is just like Lucky Star, but this time the girls play instruments. Moe and music, what a mix, it’s a  moe otaku’s dream come true. 

        When I describe this as standard fare, I mean that it follows the typical plot paths for this type of series; beginning episodes-relative strangers begin to form a circle to accomplish a task/we get to know a little about them; beginning episodes/ a little later-the group goes through some experiences that bond them together as friends, and we get to know them better; middle episodes-the group struggles with home/school issues while trying to get their act together; later episodes-the group goes all out, pouring their hearts and souls into their efforts; closing episodes-the group puts so much effort into achieving their goal that things almost come apart, but the strong bonds of their friendship holds them together; the final episode-the group will succeed, or experience some satisfaction for their efforts, if only from cherishing the precious joy obtained from their strong friendships.

      So, what makes a standard plot anime series good or better than average is whether or not the viewer comes to identify with/like/ or care for the main characters, and so far I like all of K-On!’s characters. I can identify with each girls motivations, Mio wants to improve herself and not always have such a negative attitude, Mugi wants to be with fun and friendly people, Ritsu wants to be cool and enjoy performing, and Yui wants to do fun things, it’s not quite the lure of sex, drugs, and rock & roll that motivates most guys into forming a band, but for a bunch of cute anime girls it’ll work for me.

Yui’s guitar- A Les Paul Honeyburst Standard.