So many bloggers seem to be covering series such as East of Eden, Asura Cryin’, Shangri-La, Ristorante Paradiso, I won’t bother adding my voice to those who are shouting into the void. But, I spotted the this strange anime called Marie & Gali who’s episodes are only  five minutes long, so I’ll be covering this series as the episodes come out.


       This series begins with a young girl (aged 13-14) named Marika (Marie) riding on a train. Marika’s dressed in Gothic Lolita style clothing and she carries a living stuffed plush doll with her that she calls Pet. Marika (Marie) explains to us that while searching for understanding in this unknown world she’s traveled to this strange town.


       When Marika gets off the train Pet runs away from her, she soon follow after Pet and is led towards a tower that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa except it’s not leaning. Marika goes inside thinking that Pet went inside where she meets a strange guy who calls himself Gali of Gali’s Hubble. He tells her he’s been waiting for a beautiful girl like her to come along so be can show her something wonderful, he has a one wheeled skateboard, and starts explaining physic lessons to her.



       When she asks who he is? He claim he proved the Earth revolved around the sun, Galileo, (wrong). Marika says she never heard of him and starts walking up the tower with Gali chasing after her. He asks her what’s the hurry? I looking for Pet. When he asks her if it’s a cat or dog, she says a stuffed plush doll. He thinks she’s full of it until he actually sees a moving plush doll, he then transforms his skateboard into a rocket powered skateboard, and he grabs Marika and they chase after Pet.


      Higher and Higher up the tower they chase Pet, until they have him corned at a dead end. When Gali and Marika finally catch Pet, the force of the skateboard crashes all three of them through the tower’s wall. The force of the impact causes the tower to tilt to one side, Gali and his skateboard crash to the ground, and Marika and Pet use her parasol to float to the ground. After she lands a lady walks up to Marika and says that she has to be the new visitor, so the walk off together. At the end of the episode we get the lesson of the day (the rule of falling, all objects fall at the same rate). Well, that’s all for this strange little anime.





       Well, this was a pretty strange anime, a Gothic Lolita girl traveling to a strange land to get physics lessons for a equally strange scientist. Marie & Gali might be a little weird but I liked it. Marika (Marie) the lead character is cute and likable, Pet is  a little weird but I guess any moving stuffed plush would be a little weird, and Gali is your typical half crazy mad scientist. Marie & Gali is nice five minute distraction from everyday anime.