I’m sorry that this review of the promo came after my review of episode one, but I just got my hands on it yesterday.


       Well, this is the promo episode from back in October or November, and it’s an introduction to the character’s and their roles in the series done almost talk show style. The main characters, Marika, Pet, and Gali are sitting on a couch, and they interact with themselves and the TV viewing audience. Marika is a average Gothic Lolita girl who hardly speaks, Gali is an old scientist who hosts a show about science with Marika, and Pet who’s supposed to add tension energy to the show.


       Then Gali explains to the audience, and to Marika that this is a science anime, pet promptly falls asleep while listening to him. After Gali explain his rebel background to Marika, a microphone wheeling MC breaks into their conversation. When Marika asks who this person is, Gali tells her it’s his uninvited buddy John Fleming. The John Fleming of electromagnetic induction fame, to which he replies that he’s really MC J.F.!


        When Marika asks Gali about MC J.F.!, we get a song called love coil that mixes the ideas of romantic love, electromagnetic induction, and the right hand rule. Different parts of the song are sung by Marika, Gali, and MC J.F.!  After the song, Marika admits that she doesn’t know Fleming’s Right Hand Screw Rule, so Marika and the audience gets a quick explanation of the rule, and the FBI  acronym. Well, that’s all for this episode.




     Well, this promo episode was just as weird as the first episode. The idea of using anime to promote science is a pretty interesting one, but the scientific ideas that Gali shows Marika and the audience are either confused, or slightly wrong, or I was just confused?  John Fleming does have two rules credited to him, the first one is his Right Hand Rule for Generators and it uses the FBI  acronym, and his other rule is his Left Hand Rule for Motors. Regardless of whether I was just confused or they actually were confusing the science ideas, I find this anime weirdly amusing.