This episode begins with Yui talking about how scary the guitar strings are, thin and sharp, and Ritsu tells Yui that she has to be careful or she’ll cut herself and bleed all over the place. Mio gets upset over the unhappy talk, but Yui calms her down by telling her that she’s not hurt. Then the conversation switches to Mio showing Yui that her fingers will toughen up after a lot of practice.


       Later, Yui asks the girls how she should go about practicing, Mio hands Yui a guitar instruction book and tells her to learn the cords. As soon as Yui opens the book she has to ask Mio how to read the instructions. On her way home, Yui runs into Nodoka and Yui is reminded about upcoming mid-terms, she’s very worried about trying to do guitar practice and having to study for the mid-terms, but Nodoka tells Yui not to worry because Yui’s nevered studied for mid-terms.


       After the mid-terms are over the girls find out that Yui is the only one who has to take the make up exam. Ritsu tells her to study harder and Yui tells her she didn’t study at all, she spent all her time practicing guitar cords. It gets worse, Yui is suspended from club activities until she passes her make-up exam. This means that if Yui doesn’t pass her exam the club will be left with only three members and the club might have to disband. Well, the make-up is in one week and Yui vows to do her best studying for the exam. Whenever Yui starts to study in her room she gets distracted by cleaning up, practicing her guitar, and so forth. When there are three days left before the exam the other girls begin to wonder how Yui’s studying is going? Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi agree to send Yui a text encouraging to study hard and do well on the exam. With only two days to go before her exam Yui goes back to the girls and begs them for help on the exam. So, Mio agrees to hold special training for Yui.




      So, after school, they all head over to Yui’s house, and the girls wonder what Yui’s younger sister will be like. Well, when they get there they meet Ui, Yui’s younger sister. Ui seems more mature and level headed than Yui, and Ritsu makes the “your sister got all the good genes comment” to Yui. As the special training begins, Ritsu begins to act just the way that she imagined  how Yui would act, and she even gets thrown out of the room by Mio. After a half an hour, Yui begins to lose her focus but the offer of some of Mugi’s cake brings her back to life.



        Then Nodoka shows up to help Yui, she gets introduced to the other club members, and they all share some snacks that Nodoka brought over along with stories of Nodoka and Yui from junior high school. As the studying drags on, Yui falls asleep and goes into dream mode, and has a weird dream of them being trapped in a cabin during a winter storm. When the studying is finally over, and the girls go to leave, they find Ritsu playing video games with Ui.




      As Yui is taking her make-up exam the rest of the girls wait in the club room, everyone except Ritsu is worried about Yui and she gets yelled at by Mio for not worrying enough. Well, when Yui finally shows up with her score,  it ends up that she aced the exam with their help, and they can finally begin to practice again. When Yui goes to show them the cords she learned they find out that she forgot everything  she learned because she studied so hard for the exam. Well, that’s all for this episode.


     Well, compared to the first two episodes I felt that this episode dragged a little bit in parts. What this episode did was give us a little more insight into the girls’ academic abilities and their personalities. Yui learned the hard way the difference between high school and junior high school, as Nodoka pointed out, Yui never studied for mid-terms in junior high, but this time she failed. Yui doesn’t seem to be dumb, she just has a  hard time sticking to one thing for an extended period of time. Ritsu, for all her wild imaginings of Yui, turns out to be the closest in personality and mannerisms to Yui, she could be Yui’s twin sister. Mugi, still acts the most calm, refined, and easy going of the bunch. Mio, dislikes hearing unpleasant things, and when Yui needed help Mio was clearly the one that could be counted on the most. Well, I really look  forward to the next episode, it looks like that episode will be the one where the girls get serious about getting their band together.