This episode begins with Yuuri being awoken at 5am on Sunday by Mashiroto begin a training session for their upcoming battle with the top three. She smokes his ass for 5 hours then she tells him that she’s sorry for being so tough, and she transfers a small amount of her spiritual to him. He asks her if the big three are really that tough? Well, for Kikurami at full power it would be no problem, but with my current power it’s a fifty-fifty chance. After a while, she asks her husband to not to leave her alone, and just as Marshiro tells Yuurito do as he pleases with her Ameri walks in on them and goes off. Mashiro tells Ameri that it’s a wife duty after all, and Ameri says that Yuuri’s still in school and it’s now the 20th century. Later, Mashiro asks Yuuri’s  father to attend school with Yuuri so she can learn more about modern times.




       Well, Ameri is very opposed to this idea, but Mashiro makes the argument that Ameri is closed minded, and besides, she was the one that suggested that it’s the 20th century. Well, Yuuri’s dad calls Ameri’s father, who’s one of the school’s directors, and basically threatens him to pull some strings to get Mashiro into Yuuri’s school as a scholarship student, Ameri is not happy about this.


       Then Yuuri takes Mashiro to school by motorcycle, and she really seems to enjoy herself, while she riding with him she seems to be semi-transparent. At a road crossing, some little children seem to be able to see her, and Mashiro says that it sometimes happens. When they finally get to school, Yuuri tells Mashiro that her tail is showing, and then Sankuro doesn’t even recognize her from the other day. Sankuro is shocked to find out that Mashiro is the little girl from the other day, Mashiro tells Sankuro that she’s here to build harmony between humans and Tayutai. Mashiro also mentions that she’s Yuuri’s wife to Sankuro who’s shocked and even more confused. Soon, Ameri runs into the group and her and Mashiro talk, Mashiro mentions that if anything happens she can use her powers as a god to erase memories.



      The a a young girl runs up to and hugs Yuuri, it turns out that she’s Yuuri’s younger step-sister, Yumina. Ameri explains to Mashiro that Yumina is different, she’s a Flawless Woman’s School student, and they only have women of high class and very high grades as students. Then as they’re talking, the girl from the other day yells to Yumina to stay away from that guy, it turns out that she’s the Flawless Perfect, Kisaragi Mifuyu. Mashiro tries to stick up for Yuuri but Kisaragi asks if she’s the transfer student? Yes. I’ll be in charge of your transfer exams. Then Yumina asks Mashiro what her relationship with Yuuri is? Mashiro says that she’s now Yuuri’s wife and to please take care of me. Well, this draws a shocking reaction from both Yumina and Kisaragi.


       Ameri storms into her father’s office and goes off on him about Mashiro. He tells her that no matter what happens, if Mashiro can’t pass the entrance exam she’s can’t join this school. Mashiro tells Yuuri that she’s worried about her test results, she only studied for only one day. When her results come in, Ameri and her father are shocked to see that Mashiro got a perfect score, one of the Flawless administrators says that Mashiro was watched the whole time to ensure that she didn’t cheat. Later, Kisaragi takes Mashiro to see the director of Flawless, and she gets invited to join their part of the school, to live in their dorm, and dedicate her life to studying for the future.


       Back at home, Mashiro tells Yuuri and his father about this, and she asks them what she should do? Mashiro is confused about what to do, Flawless is a boarding school, Yuuri tells her that he’ll practice really hard without her. Mashiro says that she could use her goddess powers to slip out and meet with Yuuri when she has to. Well, she agrees to attend the flawless academy to help build up the harmony between humans and Tayutai. Mashiro packs her bags and leaves Yuuri a training schedule and some of her friends to help Yuuri train.



       When Mashiro gets introduced to life at Flawless everything goes well at first, she meets lots of nice and friendly girls who want to meet her and be her friend. But, one of the girls comments about her cute hairstyle, it sort of looks like ears, Mashiro says that they can move, then the girls spot her tail, and Mashiro shows them that it can move too. Well, that scares all the girls, they take off leaving poor Mashiro all by herself. Well, that’s all for this episode.




       Well, I’d hoped that they wouldn’t have taken the series this way, but they did, does Mashiro really have to attend high school, let alone the elite Flawless academy, for kami’s sake, she’s a goddess. Letting Mashiro attend a elite private all girls school will probably ruin her, I recently read a Japanese semi-fictional novel where the writer asserted that the all girls private school she attended was good at making elite income earners but terrible at making good people. The school was a viper’s nest, full of backstabbers and false friends, and the graduates have much higher failure rate at personal matters than normal high schools graduates have.

      Overall, this series is following the classic harem mold, we have our harem master (Yuuri) and his childhood friend (Ameri), they get along well, but nothing romantic ever happens between them then the new girl (Mashiro) comes along and makes a play for Yuuri. The friend starts to get upset that another girl is trying to steal her guy which always confuses me, they’re not sleeping together, or even dating, or let alone promised to each other. Then this episode also introduces two other girls who will fight for our guy’s attention; Yumina, the loli sister type (a step-sister), and Kisaragi, the elite, my shit doesn’t stink girl. So, the number of girls is slowly growing around our guy, and the only question is how many girls will eventually enter the equation.

      The saving grace for this show is that I like Yuuri, so far he’s not the wimpy harem lead that I find so annoying at times. Now to Mashiro, I like how she come off, while she’s a goddess she struggles with a modern world, she’s quite naive about her real odds or trying to get normal humans to accept the idea of friendship with mythological creatures. Well, so far, I find this show entertaining and enjoyable, it’s more harem than anything else, and as long as the series doesn’t start to annoy me too much I think it’ll be a winner.