This episode begins with the upcoming vacation fast approaching, while the other girls are thinking about relaxing, Mio says that they have to have a training camp for their band. When Mio suggests that they go away to practice, Yui thinks of getting new clothes and the beach, Ritsu also thinks of the ocean and a new swimsuit. When the topic of how much money this trip will cost, Mio asks Mugi, if by any chance her family has a villa? Well, yes. So, it’s decided, they’ll all head to Mugi’s villa to practice for a upcoming performance at the school’s cultural festival. The girls travel by train to Mugi’s ocean-side villa for “training camp”.



       Once the girls arrive at Mugi’s villa they see that it’s huge, Mugi says that this was the smallest one and that she told her parents to keep it simple but it’s seems that they left lots of goodies for Mugi and the girls. While Yui and Ritsu are looking around, Mugi and Mio go to the practice space (the garage) where Mio plays Mugi a tape of the last light music club doing a song. Mugi says that they sound good, Mio says that they sound much better than them, and Mio says that she doesn’t want to lose to them. Mugi tells her not to worry, they can do it. Then, Ritsu and Yui rush into the room already wearing their swimsuits, they urge Mio and Mugi to hurry up and change.



      Down at the beach, they have a good old time swimming and playing in the sand until Mio remembers that they have to practice. After eating, Yui and Ritsu slowly drift off to sleep and won’t wake up until Mio places her speaker amp right by their heads and plays them a little wake up song. 




       Once Ritsu and Yui are awake their hearts just aren’t into practicing right now, and they goof around about what to do for the cultural festival, Ritsu suggests a maid cafe and Yui suggests a haunted house but Ritsu tells them that no one is better suited for a maid’s uniform then Mio. Later, the girls are eating outside when the talk again turns to practicing. As Mugi, Mio, and Ritsu are talking, Yui steps out and plays her guitar with fireworks in the background, Mio is enthralled, Ritsu tells them that they’ll get another chance like this when they play at Budokan like they promised.



      Back inside the garage Yui plays them the song she played earlier, and they all think that she did a good job but Yui can’t figure out how to get a certain sound. Mio picks up her bass and shows Yui how to do it, and soon Yui is able to reproduce the same affect with her guitar. When the girls are in the villa’s onsen Mio continues to show Yui some more finger cords, then Yui thanks Mio for the training camp because music is great and she really enjoyed playing together with them. After their vacation is over, Ritsu stops by Mio’s house and shows her the vacation pictures, needless to say, Mio is not happy about some of the candid shots. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, this was a very relaxing and enjoyable episode, I’ve wondered when the girls were going to get down to practicing, so combining a trip to the beach with band practice kills two birds with one stone. (doesn’t every anime with cute girls have to have at least one beach or onsen episode for our enjoyment?) One surprising thing about this series is how the main driving force is becoming Mio, after the first two episodes I was sure that Yui would be the main organizing character, but now I pretty sure it’ll be Mio. One interesting thing was Yui’s ability to pick up new skills with the guitar very quickly, she’s pretty good for having almost no experience with the instrument. But, the real star of the series is Mio, she’s everything a certain type of anime fan could want, sexy and shy, strong but still vulnerable, and more than a little bit tsundere. I guess that the next major marker or goal for this series will be how the girls deal with the first step on their way to Budokan, the school’s cultural festival. I look forward to moe and music as the girls continue their journey towards light music bliss.