This episode begins with Mashiro getting chewed out by Kisaragi for her telling lies and getting everyone upset about her claims of coming out of a relic and so forth. She tells Kisaragi that she didn’t lie, and it’s the truth, Kisaragi tells her that she’ll be sending the counselor to see her. After a few days have passed without any contact with Mashiro, Yuuri begins to worry about her, then he finds out from Ameri that Mashiro is locked  up alone inside Flawless. They try to visit Mashiro but get stopped by a guard, and even Ameri’s father doesn’t have enough pull to get them a visit with her.


      Later that night Kisaragi stops by Yuuri’s house to talk about Mashiro, Yuuri tells her she won’t believe him if he told her about Mashiro, and she calls the relic/god thing nonsense. Kisaragi tells them that the counselor thinks that Mashiro might have developed a mental illness, Yuuri and his dad tells her the whole story about Mashiro, but she still thinks it’s fiction. Later, Yumina escorts Mashiro for a appointment with the counselor when she finds out that Yuuri was just informed of her situation. Back at home, Yuuri wonders what to do, and he wonders if Mashiro thought it would be like this?


      The next day, Yuuri and Ameri are talking about Mashiro’s situation when Ameri tells him that humans and Tayutai can’t get along. She also tells him that she doesn’t want him to fight the big three, and that maybe Mashiro should leave. She tells him that Mashiro’s problems are her own problems and that they should go back to their normal situation. He tells Ameri that he can’t leave Mashiro alone and he asks for her help in trying to see Mashiro tonight. Ameri goes off on Yuuri about his caring for Mashiro. Later, we see that Ameri doesn’t show up to help Yuuri, so it’s just him and Sankuro. But, at the last minute, Ameri shows up and gives Yuuri her father’s pass card. Once inside the building, Yuuri meets up with Yumina who shows him the way to the room where Mashiro is being kept.



      When he sees Mashiro, he finds the door locked, and Mashiro refuses to use her powers to open the door. She tells him to go away, she says that if it wasn’t for the Tayutai humans could live their lives without any problems. Mashiro calls herself a monster, and says that even though she told the truth no one believed her, so she’s all alone now, and she shouldn’t have even bothered him. Yuuri finally gets pissed and calls her an idiot, she doesn’t have to be alone, and in his eyes she’s human enough for him. Mashiro starts to cry and uses her power to pass through the locked door to hug Yuuri.



       After a few seconds of hugging, the Flawless security system alarm triggers (wtf, are they trying to keep all those girls prisoners and turn all those girls into yuri fiends) and Yumina tells Yuuri that he has to escape and she’ll try to stall anyone who come along. When Yuuri and Mashiro meet up with Sankuro and Ameri they find themselves trapped, Ameri’s father’s pass card code is locked out. Soon, the four of them are cornered by Kisaragi and her dyke security squad (maybe if he dropped trouser like in East of Eden they would die of shock), Kisaragi yells at Yuuri for using his step-sister and for trying to kidnap Mashiro. Mashiro says that she’s not being kidnapped and she tells them that no one at Flawless believed her, Kisaragi tells her that she’ll believe her but those that caused this trouble have to be punished. Mashiro tells Yuuri that she’s at her limit and she’s want to scare these stubborn people a little bit. Mashiro powers up her spiritual energy, and she summons all the Tayutai that obey her to the Flawless school’s courtyard.




      The next day, Kisaragi tells Yuuri that only she and Yumina seem to remember what happened last night, but she now believes what Mashiro said. She tells Yuuri that she’s now working on getting permission for Mashiro to live at home and commute to Flawless for school for the sake of humans and the Tayutai. Kisaragi tells Yuuri that she’ll also do what she can to aid him and Mashiro in their mission, Yuuri thanks her for the help and he says that he wishes that everything could stay this peaceful. Later that night when Mashiro and Yuuri are alone, Mashiro asks Yuuri how long she’ll have to wait before they sleep together. Yuuri is surprised and speechless, Mashiro takes his silence as a rejection of her and her Tayutai nature and begins to cry. Yuuri apologizes for being this way and he tells her to wait until he feels that he’s earned the right/confidence (?) to call himself her husband (you coward, die a cherry boy), Mashiro settles for holding Yuuri’s hand. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        OK, I have to let out a rant about this episode, but before I begin let me say that I like the series. Now, to the rant. WTF, like I said in my review of episode 2 I thought the whole idea of Mashiro, a goddess, going to school is just plain stupid. I know that most harem anime are targeted towards males of high school age, so therefor the majority a character such as Mashiro must suffer through the high school experience even though it’s pointless and even cruel for her. The very idea of a goddess being basically held prisoner inside a school dormitory stretches even my limit of tolerance towards stupid things inside of an anime series, the idea that a goddess would put up with being called a liar, a crazy, and locked in solitary confinement was about my limit. I don’t care how much a goddess wants to learn about modern society, I don’t think that she would fall into the Japanese behavior pattern of “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”. To me, most of this episode was pointless other than the fact that Yuuri finally goes to Mashiro’s aid.

          Before I get to Yuuri let me say that I dislike wimpy male harem leads, so after the first two episodes I thought he really wasn’t that bad, but in this episode he showed a total lack of a man card. Come on now, Yuuri’s supposed to be the real deal, a young Shinto priest in training with real spiritual powers, but he’s ready to grovel at the feet of Kisaragi when she’s holding his family’s temple goddess a virtual prisoner, I don’t care if Kisaragi is the head virgin at Flawless. I also know that these leads are supposed to make the male viewers feel better about themselves, but how many guys would have really turned down Mashiro’s offer to sleep with Yuuri? Well, then again, if we judge Yuuri’s reaction to Mashiro’s offer and place it in the context of Japan’s zero or even negative population growth it explains a lot of things. I’m still giving this series a few more episodes before I decide if I’ll send it the way of H2o: Footprints in the Sand to my dropped bin.