May 2009

Yui's affect on Azusa

        Well, this episode begins with the girls bombarding Azusa with questions when they find out that she wants to join the club. When they find out that she plays a little guitar they hand her Yui’s guitar to play something for them, her guitar skills are way better than Yui’s skills even though Yui’s not ready to concede the point. When Azusa wants Yui to play her something, Yui fakes an back injury to avoid showing her skills to Azusa. Well, the girls accept Azusa club’s application and tell her to start showing up after class.

the new opening animationritsu and yui gretting azusagreeting senpai yuiI'm a senpai now

Yui in senpai bliss

watching azusa playit still needs some workplay something for me yui

        When the next day comes, Azusa is shocked to see that the girls are sitting down for some tea instead of practicing, and she’s even more shocked to see that this is perfectly alright with Sawako. After awhile, Azusa thinks she’s being tested, so she starts to play her guitar while the others are enjoying tea causing Sawako to yell at her. Azusa breaks down in tears, then she starts yelling and screaming at everyone until Yui manages to calm her down.

tea time at the club nowtea time at the clubwhat the hell is thisAzusa yelling at everyone

Yui hugging Azusa 001

       The next day when Azusa returns to the club she’s again shocked to see the girls drinking tea and eating cake, but Azusa is  soon brought over to the dark-side by a cake wielding Yui. Then Sawako pulls out a set of cat ears for Azusa, and at first she refuses to wear them until she sees Mugi wearing them. So, slowly Azusa is coaxed into putting them on, and the other girls are overwhelmed by Azusa’s cuteness, Yui gives Azusa the nickname Azu-nyan.

it's teatime againI bring you cakea taste of cake for youa smiling tsudere Azusa

behold the power of cake

Yui dodging a guitar questioncat ears for Azusawell Mugi's wearing the cat earsAzusa wearing the cat ears

please give us a meowthe power of cat moe

Azusa nyan-nyan power

      After Azusa puts up with the cat ears, Sawako pulls out a maid uniform for her, and Mio thinks to herself that Azusa is now taking the teasing instead of her, but Mio now feels a little lonely. After club is over Mio returns to the room to fetch her cell phone and she sees the cat ears sitting by her phone, Mio can’t resist the temptation so she tries on the ears only to be caught by Ritsu. During a ice cream stop on their way home Mio tries to get a gauge on Azusa’s mood towards the club.

a miad outfit for youmio and the cat earsYui and Azusa meowingthe group taming Azusa

        The next day Mio tells the other girls that they need to come up with a plan of action because she thinks that they might lose Azusa as a member. So, they end up having a picnic at a park and Azusa wonders why Mio joined a carefree club like this one, and she even asks Mio why she doesn’t join another band but Mio is interrupted when she’s about to answer Azusa’s question. Later, Mio ends up yelling at the other girls that they have to stop screwing around and they need to start practicing.

a K-On! picnic partywhy did you join this clubSawako and her bag of trickswe have to stop screwing around

        Once they get down to practicing, they have to decide who’ll play lead guitar, Azusa is clearly better then Yui, and she even asks Azusa for help. Azusa quickly finds out that Yui can learn things by just watching and listening to someone else. Azusa gets disappointed by the girls’ carefree attitude and she goes to a club looking to join another band but she wonders why she doesn’t feel anything for other bands that are clearly better than the K-On! club.

wow Azusa really goodhere's some cake for Azusa

Azusa's own tea cup

Azusa going to the clubAzusa at the clubwatching the bandAzusa's internal struggle

        It seems that Azusa hasn’t been showing up for club lately, and Mio tells the other girls that Azusa might not show back up. Then Azusa shows back up, and the girls asks her if she’s going to quit? Azusa breaks down in tears and tells the girls that she not sure why she joined this club, she felt moved by their performance, she thought she’d understand why, but she just doesn’t get it. So, Ritsu tells the girls to play for Azusa so she can try and get back her feelings. As they’re playing, Azusa thinks of all the faults each girl has, and wonders why they perform well together. Then Mio tells Azusa why she didn’t join another band, because it’s fun to play with them, and that’s why their performance seems so good, and she invites Azusa to play with them.  In the end, Mio tells Azusa that they’ll probably drink tea and screw and around, but they’ll have fun doing it. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Azusa might not be coming backthe return of Azusaare you going to quit the clubI stay here because of fun

How can you not fall for this tsundere face?

Azusa's tsundere look

The girls playing for Azusa.

the girls playing for Azusa

       Well, I felt that this was the most interesting K-On! episode so far. With the introduction of Azusa, Mio sees a kindred spirit of sorts, Azusa like Mio does her best to keep a serious & clam exterior but both girls harbor deep internal emotions and questions that they don’t feel comfortable exposing to others. This whole episode was about what Azusa wants or expects to get out of the club, when Azusa first watched the girls perform on stage something touched her, and when she joined the club she probably thought that practicing hard and being serious would bring her that magic. But, Azusa starts to understand, and Mio tries to tell her that part of the magic of the K-On! clubs performance comes from them truly liking each other and enjoying being together, that’s why they look so fun and energetic on stage.        

       One thing I’ve learned in life is that it’s nice to get payed to do things you like, but that always doesn’t happen and that’s why they call it work. But, when it come to doing things you don’t get payed for, it’s much better to have fun doing them and to do them with friends. So, Azusa just needs to surrender to the sweet silliness and have a good time hanging out and playing music with the other girls.

Oh, one of the funnest examples of a tsundere personality was this quote from a wiki entry.

” Stupid Wiki, i-it’s not like I’m editing you because I like you or anything.”

Riko under the covers  

       This episode starts off with Keita having a dream of him and his sisters having a “nice” visit to the beach. When Keita pulls a small octopus from the water, it’s mother or father begins to have its why with his two sisters as punishment, and just as the dream is getting good Keita is awaken by a kiss from Ako.

Ako and Riko at the beach

look out girls Ako is attackedRiko is attacked

the twin attack

Ako's wet kiss

       After Keita gets over his shock, he chews out Ako for being so physically forward with him. Ako just ignores him and tells him he has to get up or he’ll be late, and when she pulls back his blanket she finds her sister underneath.

Riko under the covers what are you doing thereRiko good morning rub

       As Keita is heading off to school his step-mother tells him that he’s the talk of the neighbor because everybody knows about how his sister’s confessed their love to him at school. She says that she’s not trying to be nosey but she’s just wondering who’s going to be his choice, Ako or Reiko? He says that its not right because they’re siblings, but his father says that step-brothers and step-sisters are just like any other man or woman. His step-mother tells him to hurry up and chose because the whole neighborhood has bets on his choice.

who's your choicecome here lover hurry up and chose

did you go for it

      At school, Keita’s friends notice that he’s been sleeping most of the class and they ask him about his sisters? His friends let their erotic thoughts run wild with all the yummy possibilities his two sisters represent, Keita gets angry at them but they tell him that healthy males should want action with hot girls. The more that Keita tries to put erotic thoughts of his sisters out of his mind the more they creep in, he even injuries his hand by hitting it on a desk to drive those thoughts from his head, and his friends notice this fact.

if we had your sistersdreaming of Akodreaming of Riko

Keita thinking of his sisters

       When Keita returns home he finds his sisters inside his bedroom, they tells him if they waited till he got home to visit him he wouldn’t let them in. When Riko notices that he hurt his hand she grabs his hand and sends him some good healing vibes, and soon Ako jumps on him and gives him a mouthful of love saliva. During Ako’s assault on Keita’s mouth she manages to fall on him further injuring his hand, and later the sisters offer their apologies and their assistance to Keita.

 poor Keita hurt his handI'll make it feel betterthis kiss will make it better

we sorry and we'll take care of youeye catch 01eye catch 02

         Keita heads off to the bath where he finds himself unable to wash himself with just one good hand; he thinks about asking his sisters for help but gives up on that idea.  As Keita is leaving the bath a naked Riko walks in on him, followed by a school swimsuit clad Ako, Riko compliments Ako on her use of such an imouto item. Once Keita has had enough of the girls, he gets up to leave, and the two girls fall on top of him, Ako’s forbidden zone lands on Keita’s face, and Riko’s treasure chest lands on Keita’s hand. The double erotic stimulation seems to bring satisfaction to each girl, but its too much for Keita to handle and the turtle comes out of its shell and Keita has a nosebleed explosion.

Keita in the baththe power of the swimsuitthis is much better

here take a peek

Ako on Keita 001Ako on Keita 002Ako enjoying the action

Riko on Keita's hand

Riko getting some hand actionRiko getting some finger workRiko getting that feeling

Riko having the big O

the turtle is outAko sees the turtlesKeita has nosebleed overload 001-001

      The next morning Keita wakes up in his bed and he finds a letter of apology under his alarm clock from Ako, she says she’s sorry for his injuries and he should let her take care of him. Under Ako’s letter, there’s another letter from Riko telling him that she washed his underwear and that she was probably the cause of his wet dream.

the letter from Akothe letter from Rikochecking for his underwear

      After school, Keita goes to see a doctor and he finds his two sisters waiting in front of the doctor’s office, they figured that he’d go see a doctor and wanted to be there for him. They tell him that they’ll do anything to help him, and Riko he goes as far as showing him that she’ll frap him off. This is too much for Keita, as he turns to leave, Ako grabs his injured hand to stop him, and once she figures this out she lets go and poor Keita falls down the office steps. As poor Keita is in a heap at the bottom of the steps he tells his sisters that he’ll never be able to study at this rate. Well, that’s all for this episode.

we're here to help yououch my handoh shit I'm falling

        Well, Kiss x Sis is back and the fanservice is even higher then in the first OAV. Kiss x Sis is a male dream world come true, living with two smoking hot step-sisters that want to jump your bones, and even your parents are giving you the thumbs up. It can’t get any better than this, right? Wrong, our hero seems to be slightly morally conflicted, even though his parents, friends, neighbors, and sisters are giving him the go for it sign he still tries to think of his horny sisters as regular sisters. But, what I mean by Keita being slightly morally conflicted is that he’s actually getting very turned on by his sisters’ actions and in the bath scene he even seems to go with his sisters’ flow, or at least he helped them flow.

       I know that the purpose of this anime is for us male viewers to say that Keita is an idiot because we’d hit both those sisters, and it’s having the desired affect on me. I would nail both Ako and Riko separately and together, and I would even have them do some yuri action before I jumped in to the fray. But, the whole premise of the series is to keep us saying I’d hit that while the lead refuses to give in to his male urges. So, I’ll give Keita one bit of advice, the only bad sex is having no sex at all.

If you would like to read the manga feel free to follow the links below to read several chapters of Kiss x Sis.

Kiss x Sis Chapters 1-6Kiss x Sis Chapters 7-14, Kiss x Sis Chapters 15-22

I don't want to sing

         This episode begins with Yui finding out that her sister passed her entrance exams and will be attending the same high school this spring. Then we fast forward to the spring where we find out that Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi all got assigned to class 2-2, but Mio ended up in class 2-1, and we get to see Ui wearing  her high school uniform.

Ui looking at the boardgood job Uiwatching the two sisterswho is this twintail

Always look out when a twin-tail girl approaches.


we're in a diffrent classsorry Mio, wrong classUi is now in high schoolUi brushing Yui's hair

         As the class bell rings, Mio has to go to her new classroom by herself, and she tells herself that she feels lonely. Mio is really in despair in the new class until she sees that Yui’s friend Nodoka is in the same class, and the two agree to be friends. Soon the girls have to try and recruit freshman into the K-On! club, the flier that Mio made up is pretty weak, and they’re at a loss as to how to get the new students attention. Sawako comes up with the idea to dress the girls in animal costumes, but this plan seems to do more scaring than recruiting.  Once the girls are back in the clubroom Sawako has them dress up in maid outfits to greet potential new members, Yui’s sister Ui and one of her friends show up to check out the club.

Mio is lonely in classMio and Nadoka will be ffriendsrecuiting new members to the clubscaring off the recuiets

here wear theseRitsu wearing the maid outfitMio as a maid

        After the girls change out of the maid outfits they play a song for Ui and her friend, and we see the twin-tail girl looking in as the girls play (the girl is in Ui’s class and her name is Azusa Nakano). Back at home, Ui asks her sister what’s the best part of being in the K-On! club? Yui tells her that it’s got to be the fun factor, fun things are fun (classic Yui logic). The next day the club is going to give a performance for the incoming freshman, and when the girls look out from behind the curtains they see that it’s packed. When Ritsu brings up the fact that Mio should sing because she was popular last time, she flatly refuses, Sawako tells the girls to just go with the songs that Yui will sing. Before the concert Ui finds out from her friend that she’ll be joining the jazz club instead, so Ui and Azusa make their way to see the concert. After the intro song Yui does the club’s recruitment pitch to the freshman, and when it’s time for her second song to begin Yui forgets to sing and Mio has to step in, soon Mio and Yui are sharing vocal duties.

playing a song for UiTwin-tails going for a lookthe club is a fun thinggetting ready for the show

I'm going to join the jazz clubYui on the mikeMio and Yui singingUi and the other girl watching

        After the concert the girls wait in the clubroom for new members to show up, but no one is beating down their door to join. Slowly the door opens, and we see that the girl (Azusa) who went to the concert with Ui wants to join the club. After she tells them she wants to join the club, Ritsu is so overjoyed that she tackles the girl. Well, that’s all for this episode.

Waiting for new memberssomeone is walking inA new member for the club

Ritsu is very overjoyed

       Well, between episode 6 and 7 we jumped from the cultural festival to the Christmas holidays, and now we jumped to the start a new school year, talk about time leaps. I found this episode to be enjoyable but not very interesting, Yui is still Yui, Mio is still Mio, and the only difference is that they’re now second years instead of first years. What we did get is the introduction of a new member to the K-On! club, I had thought that we would have gotten two new members, Ui being one, and Azusa being the other, but it looks like Azusa will be the main new member and Ui will probably just hang around the club and fill in if necessary. Azusa looks like she’ll be the true tsundere member of the crew, she has all the visual cues, Mio will be the moe princess, and Azusa will be the tsundere princess. I wish that in the final five episodes of K-On! that they’ll spend a little more time showing the girls working on their music skills and performance aspects and a little less time on cake and cosplay. Oh, wait, cosplay is the cake. If cosplay is the cake, then is the cake still cake?

Yui and her K-On! cake 

      Here’s a few new anime & manga motivational posters for the week of 4/27/2009. Feel free to share and enjoy these posters, but please at least give me a link or track back if you’re going to post them to a board or forum, Click on the poster to view at full size, enjoy.

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Waiting for Sawako's reaction

        This episode begins with Yui’s sister Ui having a flashback of a Christmas from their childhood, that Christmas Yui got in trouble for using some stuffing from some of their cushions to make a white Christmas for her. Ui wishes for a fun Christmas this year as she and Yui are putting up this year’s Christmas tree.

Yui putting the star on the treeI hope santa comes for mrwhat's your wish UiI want a white Christmas

I hope Christmas is fun this year

A white Christmas for Ui

        The we get a little skit showing how close Yui and Ui are as sisters, Yui shares her scarf with Ui, and Ui keeps Yui’s ungloved hand warm while they walk home in the cold.

walking home in the coldwhere's your scarf Ui

sharing a scarf

Keeping Yui's hands warm

           Then the scene switches to K-On clubroom, Ritsu wants to hold a Christmas party at Mugi’s house but Mugi says it’s not available, she needs at least one months notice to book her house. Why not have it at Ritsu’s house, to which Mio says that it’s so full of stuff you can’t move around, and Ritsu shoots back that Mio’s has all sorts of clothes laying around her room, like panties. Yui then says it’s OK to have it at her house, her parents will be in Germany for the Holidays, and her sister Ui will handle the cooking. Ritsu suggests a gift exchange for the party, and Mugi loves the idea. Back at home, Ui agrees to do the cooking, but she’s worried that Yui will hurt herself if she helps with the cooking, so she tells Yui to handle the decorations.

the X-mas party flyerMio's room is full of panties 001Mio reaction to pantiesgive me those pictures

Ritsu's gift to MioYui's parents are lovey-doveynadoka will be there too

        Then we get to see the girls doing their shopping for the gift exchange at the local mall where they all sort of bump into each other. Back at home, Ui is deciding what to cook for the party and she’s also figuring out what to do for the party’s talent contest.

what do you think about this Mio

should I buy thishow's this Miomeeting each other at the mallwhat should I do for the show

         Then the scene switches to Yui’s house where Ui’s is finishing the cooking and Yui is making the decorations. Later, the other girls arrive and they sit down for some food and drinks. At first, everyone thinks that Ui’s the responsible younger sister and Yui’s kind of like an airhead, but soon they decide that Yui and Ui make a nice combination together. When the girls decide to do a toast they discover that Sawako used some ninja skills to sneak into the house without anyone noticing, besides how could they forget to invite their advisor. Well, they didn’t forget her, they just thought she’d have a date with a boyfriend, that touches a raw nerve with Sawako. As punishment someone has to wear a Santa outfit, Yui puts it on without a second thought, but Sawako says it’s not quite right and she looks over to Mio.

Ui doing the cookingYui doing the decorationslet's have a toastthe Christmas toast

this is punishment for that comment

Yui dressed as santa

      After some Sawako chasing Mio around the house action, Nodoka shows up at the party and Sawako starts the gift exchange rotation. Sawako gets the Jack-in-the-box present, and she declares that it’s the best Christmas ever. After everyone else opens their gifts, only Yui’s and Ui’s gifts remain unopened, and Yui ends up with gloves from Ui, and Ui ends up with a new scarf from Yui.

let's get this rollingwhat could this bea punch to the faceMio getting death metal

the right gifts

       Now it’s time to get the talent contest rolling, So Ui goes first with a hand puppet show, then Yui and Ritsu do air guitar and drums, Mio models the Santa outfit, Mugi does  a ocean sunfish imitation, and Sawako does a belly slap maple leaf demonstration. After the girls head home, Yui and Ui notices that it’s starting to snow and they’re going to have a white Christmas, and Ui mentions the time that Yui gave her a white Christmas.

the hand puppet showMugi and the ocean sunfishRitsu and the air drumsthe Sawako maple leaf

Mio dressed as santa

         As Ui is in her bed she says that it was a really fun Christmas, then Yui knocks on the door and asks Ui if they can sleep together, so the sisters spend the night together with Yui hogging all the covers. As the days pass, Yui spends her time lounging around the kotatsu while Ui does all the cooking. When the girls meet up for New Years they ask Yui how much weight she gained from sitting around and eating, she tells them she never gains weight no matter how much she eats, this news sends Mugi and Mio into a fit of depression. Then it’s brought up that Mio is wearing her kimono, and she says it’s because Ritsu suggested it but she’s going home to change into normal clothes, but Yui tells her that she looks really cute in her kimono. Then the girls see Sawako leaving a wish at the temple and she doesn’t look happy at seeing so many young adult couples at the shrine. Then girls then make their New Year’s wishes at shrine, and in the end, Ritsu says that they should wish for the success of the K-On! club. Well, that’s all for this episode.

it's snowing outsideYui and Ui togetherI never gain weighthow much weigh did you gain

sheading tears over kilos

You look really cute MioSawako leaving her new years wish

the New Years prayer

        Well, we experienced a pretty large time jump between episodes, K-On! jumped from the cultural festival to right before Christmas eve, and even though this was a large time shift it really didn’t feel too jarring to me. Basically this episode was all about the sisterly love that Yui and Ui have for each other with a good dose girl bonding throw in for good measure. We get to see that the love that Yui and Ui share for each other is very deep, and pretty unconditional. Yui and Ui  have very different personalities, but Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio come to understand that Yui and Ui make a pretty good team. Now for the girl bonding, since none of the girls, or even Sawako have boyfriends, girl bonding is very important this time of the year. See below cultural notes on the Christmas holiday and Sawako’s situation.

      Overall, I found this episode to be a nice and relaxing bit of girl bonding with a good dose of sisterly love thrown in, easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, and easy on the brain. The next episode preview gave some nice hints about the future of K-On!, for one thing the girls are going to be starting their second year of high school, and the club will be getting some new members, one of them most likely being Yui’s sister Ui.

       Cultural notes on Christmas in Japan and the term Christmas cake, (In Japan, Christmas is a pretty big commercial event, and Christmas Eve has become a big night for couples, a lot of marriage proposals and very romantic dates take place. So, on Christmas Eve girls who don’t have boyfriends tend to get together and have a girl party. Also, with Christmas Eve being such a big couples/dating/romantic night in Japan, women who are single/unattached and are over a certain age find this to be a very unsettling period. In Japan  in is a insulting comment to refer to an unmarried woman over a certain age as Christmas cake, or stale cake, looks good on the outside but tastes old or stale on the inside, and this term is often used by women who have husbands/boyfriends to dig at their unlucky coworkers).

In anime such as Lucky Star, and Azumanga Daioh you get to see how depressing this time of the year is for the single teachers Yukari, Minamo, and Nanako.

Dark Ameri is kind of hot 

        This episode begins with Yuuri having a dream about his past where he and Ameri promised each-other that they would always be together. Then in middle school it looks like Ameri started to distance herself from Yuuri, and he wonders what happened to their promise. Later, while Mashiro is giving Yuuri a massage, Nue tells them that they aren’t ready to battle the other monsters yet, they barely managed to beat her and she was the weakest of the bunch. Ameri gets pissed off at Mashiro for giving Yuuri the massage, and because she keeps saying she’s Yuuri’s wife.

Ameri and Yuuri as kidsAmeri and Yuuri as kids 001Stop staying you're his wife

You're not strong enough 

       While Mashiro is out shopping with Yuuri she overhears some women talking about how women in a nearby town are being attacked by some monster. After school, Ameri invites Yuuri and Sankuro to hangout with her, and Yuuri agrees until Mashiro calls him and says she wants to investigate a nearby town. When Sankuro and Ameri are walking home he notices that she’s not happy, he tells her to just tell Yuuri how she really feels, but Ameri says it might be too late. When Mashiro and Yuuri meet outside the school, Yuuri comments that she looks tired so why don’t we forget about the Tayutai and go have some fun. We see that Ameri is watching and listening to their conversation from around a corner. Later, we see that Sankuro has come up with a plan to get Yuuri and Ameri together, he invited Yuuri to go shopping with him and he gives Ameri two tickets to a motorcycle movie and leaves.  When Yuuri shows up, Ameri works up her courage and asks Yuuri to see the movie with her, he turns her down saying that he promised Mashiro that he would take her to a museum. When Mashiro shows up, Yuuri asks her if she wants to go to a movie with him and Ameri? Yes. Ameri gets really upset, she says why does Mashiro have to come with them, and she runs off in tears.

Just tell him how you feelhere's two movie ticketshere's to your victory

why does she have to come along

        Later, Mashiro goes to Yuuri and asks him if Ameri might like him? He asks Mashiro if she means in a romantic way? Yes. Yuuri says there’s no way, they’ve know each other since they were kids, it’s not possible. Mashiro says that Yuuri’s wrong and she wants to have a serious talk with Ameri. When Yuuri tries to call Ameri he finds that she’s blocking his calls, and he gets pissed off at Ameri and jumps on his bike and says he’s going to find out what her problem is, Mashiro tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen and leaves anyway. While riding in the rain, Yuuri spots Ameri and he stops and asks her what is she thinking, they get into a big argument over Mashiro, Ameri calls her a monster and she asks Yuuri if it’s pity. He tells Ameri to take it back now, but she runs off in tears (Yuuri is a blockhead).

does Ameri like youYou're wrong Ameri does like youGoing to see Ameri

         Then we see the Tayutai that has been killing women on the prowl, he complains that people don’t have enough spiritual energy to fill him up. He senses some strong energy and goes to investigate, then he attacks a girl who turns out to be Ameri. As she being attacked by that guy another human looking Tayutai destroys the other one and saves Ameri, he tells her that she’s the one he’s been looking for.

 taking out her angergive me your energythose nasty tentacles

leave her alone

       The next day, Yuuri has cold from searching for Ameri all night, and when Yuuri is talking with Sankuro, Ameri rushes up to him and apologises to him for last night. When Ameri notices that Yuuri has a cold, she again apologises and touches him, and some sort of energy transfer from her to him making him feel better. As dark clouds form above the school, Ameri tells Yuuri that it’ll all be over soon. Yuuri notices that all his friends are frozen so he makes his way outside where he finds Nue, Mashiro, and Kisaragi. Nue says that the dragon got lucky and found someone with high spiritual energy, so they better run away. Kisaragi gets pissed off at Nue for wanting to runaway, and Nue removes her protection from Kisaragi, freezing her in place, she tells them that since she made a friend she doesn’t want to lose her, she grabs Kisaragi and runs off.

I'm sorry about last nightit'll all be over soonyou can't win 

       Mashiro and Yuuri face the dragon alone, Mashiro uses some of her power to attack the dragon and when she calls on Yuuri for his power she finds that he’s unable to do anything, something been done to him. The dragon attacks Mashiro while Yuuri looks on helplessly, finally Yuuri is able to break whatever is binding him and he is able to aid Mashiro. When Yuuri reaches the unconscious Mashiro he looks up and sees a dark winged Ameri hovering above them. Then the scene switches to the school’s nurse’s office where Yuuri wakes up to find that Kisaragi and Ameri are by his side, and a injured Mashiro is in a bed next to him. He asks Ameri about her wings and she tells him that he must have been seeing things because of the blow to his head. Well, that’s all for this episode.

the drangon attacks

Attacking the dragonMashiro is attacksYuuri is unable to help

wake up Mashiro

you're finaly awakeMashiro is next to himit's just the bump on your head

         Well, here we are, it was quite apparent from the beginning of the series that Ameri going to play the role of the girl next door in this harem, but I didn’t figure that Ameri would also be the promise girl from Yuuri’s childhood. Or should I restate this to call Ameri the broken promise girl from Yuuri’s childhood? I know that this is an overused premise in anime, and some bloggers like omisyth  dislike the childhood promise trope, but I’m a sucker for it. Some of my favorite television shows, anime, and movies like Forest Gump, Love Hina, Little House on the Prairie  and many others use some form of the childhood promise/childhood pledge of love to drive the story forward.

        I think the reason why I like the whole premise of the childhood pledge being included in the story is that it raises the level of the storytelling to fairytale levels. I know that most childhood promises/pledges of love are soon forgotten, but when the do come true they become part of family lore that is passed down through the generations. I think that every family has some story about how some relative met their spouse at a very young age and they eventually married and stayed together for 40  or 50 years, but Ameri’s and Yuuri’s childhood story has a little twist to it.

      As we saw in this episode, Ameri and Yuuri made a childhood promise to always be together, and they seemed to keep that promise up until middle school. We saw from Yuuri’s memories that at some point he felt that Ameri slowly started pulling away from him, his memories are probably right but his conclusions were most likely wrong. It seems from his memories that he felt that Ameri was breaking her promise to him, but her pulling back was more likely caused by a difference in maturity levels between them. We all know that girls mature at a some what faster rate than boys, so I assume that Ameri’s pulling away was caused by her becoming romantically/sexually attracted to Yuuri while he still viewed Ameri as a girl friend and not a girlfriend, and because of Ameri’s youth and inexperience she didn’t know how to react to her new feelings so she pulled back. Now a couple of years later, Ameri is still in love with Yuuri and views him as her property, and Yuuri still views Ameri  as a close childhood friend. So, now along comes Mashiro, the new girl who’s not afraid to show some physical affection towards Yuuri, and he responds to her actions. Now, poor Ameri is all angry and flustered because Mashiro has managed to get romantically and emotionally closerto Yuuri in a couple of weeks than she’s managed in about ten years. Well, it’ll be interesting to see whether the magical girl or the promise girl gets the guy in the end. 

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       My next entry in my cute girl/idol category will be Syo Kasahara. Syo is a model for the Girlz-High website, and a very cute girl. Syo’s vital stats are Height 150cm (59”)  B-78 W-59 H-81 (31”-23”-32”)  Age-18. Below are some very cute pictures of Syo, click on picture to view at full size, enjoy.

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