This episode begins with Yui walking in on Ritsu who’s looking at a photo album of the school’s last Light Music Club, Ritsu wonders what era it’s from, and Yui wonders if this is how a band should look? A while later, Yui is having a problem with the skin peeling off one of her fingers and this sets Mio off, and of course Ritsu only continues to push Mio’s buttons. The school’s young music teacher sees that Yui is having problems and she treats Yui’s finger, when Yui asks her if she plays the guitar, she says some of her friends did. Mugi sees Yui and the teacher interacting and it looks like she’s taking a interest in, or a liking to the teacher.



       Later, the girls find out from Mugi that their application to use the stage during the cultural festival was turned down because they’re not an official club. So, the girls go to see Nodoka, and they find out that she doesn’t have a copy of their application form in the school’s official club book even though they claim it was turned in. But, in the end, Ritsu screwed up and never turned in the form. So, Nodoka helps them fill out a new application, but they have a small problem, they need an advisor for their club. Yui and the girls immediately think of the school’s young music teacher that helped Yui, Yamanaka Sawako.


       When they go to ask Sawako to be their advisor, she says she can’t do it because she’s already advising the woodwind club, so they resort to blackmail. Sawako was in the old Light Music Club, and that they have pictures of her from her high school days.  Sawako makes a mad dash to get to the photo album before the girls can return to the clubroom, but she finds out that she’s too late because Ritsu has already removed the photo. As Sawako begins to do a Mio-like zone out Yui puts her guitar in Sawako’s hands, and Sawako falls back into her “death devil” mode and rocks the guitar in so many ways that it scares Mio. Then we her Sawako’s story, she became a wild child because a guy who turned her down because she wasn’t wild enough for him, thus the “death devil” was born.






         Well, Sawako listens to them play and she says that they sound messy and she asks who the vocalist is and what the lyrics are? So, that evening Mio sits down and begins song writing, but she at a loss until she gets a text from Mugi about Sawako. Mio gets inspired and begins writing the song when she thinks about the idea of Mugi having a girl crush on Sawako. Well, when Mio brings the song to the club she won’t show them the lyrics until Sawako has to snatch them from her. After hearing the lyrics, Yui likes them, Mugi is too busy girl crushing to notice, and Ritsu doesn’t know if they’ll work. When they asks Sawako what she thinks of the song, she thinks to herself that the lyrics are too light and fluffy, but she also thinks that if she says that she likes these light and upbeat lyrics it’ll raise her standing, so she says she likes them.




       Then it comes down to who will sing them? Mio doesn’t want too, Mugi says her hands are full with the keyboards, Ritsu says she’s too busy with the drums to sing, so it looks like Yui wants to give it a try, but she tries to play it off like she doesn’t want to even though she really does. But, we see that Yui can’t sing and play the guitar at the same time, so Sawako decides to give her some special training. Once all that is taken care of, Nodoka tells them that she’ll schedule their debut at the cultural festival. When Yui returns with Sawako after a week of special training, her guitar sounds great but she lost her voice from practicing too much, and the singing job is given to Mio, oh my. Well, that’s all for this episode.






       Well, I was wondering when the whole issue of who was going to be the singer for the band was going to come up, It seems that the girls were just too busy practicing and eating goodies to worry about a little thing like lyrics and a singer. I was also wondering if the Light Music Club was going to be one of the few clubs in anime to not have an adviser, it just seemed so out of place. But, the real kicker in this episode was Mugi showing a girl crush and maybe some Yuri tendencies towards Sawako, but it shouldn’t have really surprised me that she picked Sawako, who on the exterior is kind of just like Mugi, gentle, refined, and soft spoken. But, Mugi better watch out because Sawako’s slightly Yandere tendencies might be more than our poor innocent Mugi can handle.

       But, I think that Sawako’s main job in the series will be to make the girls get off their asses and spend more time practicing and less time drinking tea. After Sawako spends only one week working with Yui we can see that her guitar skills are greatly improved, her music has more energy and force, plus she sounds much tighter in her guitar playing. What will be interesting is watching Sawako changing between her cute and pure school teacher routine and her inner death metal rocker bitch, yea let the dark side out. I also think that she’ll be the one that will unlock Mio’s inner temptress for her stage persona. Well, at least this episode answered the question of whether this anime would end with the girl’s cultural festival performance, there’s no why that they can drag out the three remaining  days before the festival to take up the rest of the series, so it looks like there’s gonna be more light music after the cultural festival is long over.