This episode begins at Flawless with Kisaragi apparently doing battle with a Tayutai, she tries her best but she can’t seem to do it any harm. When the Tayutai has Kisaragi in a helpless position it starts laughing at her and just goes away on it’s own. Then get a skit between Ameri and Mashiro involving panties, it seems that Mashiro never figured out that panties are a integral part of modern girl’s clothing, and Ameri asks Mashiro if it was breezy in her school uniform? Finally, after much stress on Ameri’s part, Mashiro agrees to wear panties, and Ameri will even loan Mashiro a pair of her own. A little while later, Yuuri walks in on Mashiro’s and Ameri’s’ panty session, and he gets the once over from Ameri.  Yuuri gets all hot and bothered from listening to the two girl discuss panties when they get a visitor to the house, Kisaragi.



       Kisaragi takes Mashiro to flawless where she shows her the aftermath of the battle with the Tayutai, Mashiro tells her that it was one of the three strongest and that normal humans can’t beat it. Kisaragi gets even more upset when she finds out from Mashiro that they’ll need Yuuri’s spiritual powers to defeat it because Flawless has always protected itself. Kisaragi doesn’t like the idea that Yuuri’s long linage means something, she isn’t ready to buy the idea that inherited traits and experiences mean more than work (?). Later Kisaragi stops at Yuuri’s house to see him, and she watches him maintain and repair his  motorcycle, Kisaragi makes asks him some rude questions and she gets chewed out by Ameri and Yuuri asks her to leave. Later, as Kisaragi is taking the train back to Flawless, she thinks that she may have judged Yuuri without really knowing anything about him.


       The next night, Flawless is infiltrated by the same Tayutai from before, and it places some spider-like mini-demons around the school and it also looks like it’s been stealing some of the student’s panties. The next day we see that Kisaragi and Yumina are observing Mashiro and Yuuri training, but it seems that she doesn’t ask them for their help. Later, we see Kisaragi standing before Flawless’s student body talking about how they’re going to police the grounds. Then we see that Kisaragi has brought Mashiro and Yuuri (dressed as a girl) to the school’s grounds, while the students are posted all over the campus, Mashiro and Yuuri-ko go inside to do a sweep of the dorms. Mashiro and Yuuri soon encounter Nue (one of the big three), Nue says that they walked right into her trap, and she begins to attack Mashiro. Poor Mashiro is soon getting the tentacle treatment (nothing goes better with panties than tentacles) from Nue, Yuuri wants to help her but Kisaragi asked him to hide his powers until she gives a signal.





      When Kisaragi gives the attack signal, all the girls begin to kill those little spiders that Nue placed all over the school’s grounds, and thoose attacks seem to weaken Nue so Mashiro is released from Nue’s tentacles. Kisaragi shows up and tells Nue that she can sense Tayutai and their powers to some extent, and she tells Nue that she knew it was a trap and setup one of her own traps for Nue. Kisaragi uses the school sprinkles to neutralize Nue’s lighting attacks, Mashiro uses her spiritual power to trap Nue inside the building, Kisaragi uses her sword to wound Nue, and Yuuri uses a punch laced with his powers to finish her of. When Nue vanishes, a small Tayutai that looks like a human girl appears, Mashiro says that’s Nue’s true form. Nue stole the panties from the students because they look cute and she wanted to try them on, and we find out that she took her other form to keep from being bullied by humans or Tayutai. Kisaragi makes her a deal, if Nue follows the rules she’ll protect her if anyone tries to hurt or bully her.



        Nue doesn’t believe that humans will keep their promises, so Kisaragi makes a bet with her, if Kisaragi keeps her promise for three days then they have a deal. Later, at Yuuri’s house, we see Mashiro, Nue, Yumina, and Ameri going through the panty selection process, Nue likes the red lacy ones, Yumina likes a pair that’s white with a bear picture on it (WTH, is that what I think it is?) which Nue calls childish. Soon, Mashiro and Nue are in a shouting match about which panties are more daring, and how she’s gonna show them to Yuuri for his approval. Yuuri’s father magically appears in the room and he begins to give his opinion on which type of panties turn men into animals. The whole time this is going on, Yuuri and Kisaragi are outside the door listening to the whole thing, Yuuri is getting very excited about the panty talk until he figures out that his father is in the room and he goes off. Kisaragi calms him down by talking to him about his motorcycle, and soon Mashiro and Nue are chasing each other around the room like little kids. Well, that’s all for this episode.






        Well, I really enjoyed this episode compared to episode 3, which I felt wasted a lot of time on nothing, but this episode hit all the right harem buttons for me. Firstly, this episode had plenty of ecchi humor, I love how shocked Ameri was over Mashiro’s lack of panty usage, it was to be expected that Yuuri and his father might forget to explain a little detail like panty usage to a teenaged girl, or maybe it’s a secret desire to keep all the female visitors to the Mito household nice and breezy. And speaking of panties, I assume that all those panties are Ameri’s, if so, she sure has hell has a lot of panties. If I was Yuuri, I would make a game out of trying to guess what type of panty she’s wearing that day,  like Kusanagi from Blue Seed does with Momiji. I slso liked how Yuuri got all hot and bothered every time he listened in on all the panty talk, I find this reaction more normal than his reaction to Mashiro’s offers of sex. I also found myself liking Kisaragi more this episode, while she still shows an exterior image of aloofness, she now comes off as more human and likable. One thing I still find annoying is the whole idea of the elite Flawless school, are all those girls students or prisoners, and what’s the point of keeping them locked up like that, are they trying to protect their virginity or turn them into yuri friends? I would love to see a guy stroll naked through the center of their campus, kind of like Akira’s scene in the first episode of Eden of the East, that would raise some interesting questions. This episode also introducted a true loli characther into mix, at first I thought that Yuuri step-sister Yumina was going to fill that role, but it looks like Nue is going to be the lolicon bait (even though she’s very old, she’s still is a loli at heart).

        Well, it looks like the harem collective is now complete; we have the girl next door, the girl of destiny, the imouto girl, the loli girl, and the serious and quiet girl, so all we have to do is sit back and watch as each girl peddles her wares to Yuuri. As long as Tayutama keeps up the humor level and the action level of episode 4 I think that it’ll be alright.